Fashionable separate swimwear 2020

Finally, fashionistas have waited for this – fashionable separate swimsuits for the summer 2020 season are on the world catwalks and on sale. This year the motto is – more natural and more beautiful tan. Judging by the number of models presented, you can choose a swimsuit option for any figure and any height.


What did the world catwalks offer

In the upcoming beach season, fashionistas can flicker in a variety of swimsuit models. But the top ones are:

  • Swimsuit with high cutouts on the hips. In this case, the waist of the panties should also be high. Such cutouts visually lengthen the legs. Even if they are devoid of harmony. It is only important to choose the size of the swimsuit so that the swimming trunks do not squeeze the stomach and skin in the hip area. If you have a perfect figure, then there is nothing to worry about at all. Similar models were presented this season by Acacia, Lelloue, Monica Hansen and many other brands. And remember, the longer the legs seem, the more expressive the waist appears.

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  • One-shoulder models are another fashion trend. This is a very stylish option that will suit both fragile and full women. In a one-shoulder top, a beach fashionista will look incredibly fragile. Interesting models with a one-shoulder top were offered this year by Nookie Beach, Chloe Rose and others.

  • Bikini and thong. Despite the fact that retro-style panties have been heavily replacing thongs and bikinis from the catwalks in the past two years, they still remained in their positions. The more naked body, the more tan you are supposed to. Models of swimsuits with thongs or bikinis are ideal for relaxing on hot shores.

  • Panties with shorts. Such a model is ideal for girls with a fragile figure, overweight women or for women over 50. The main thing is that in the second version the fit of the swimming trunks should be high. If you want to hide your stomach, pick up shorts with drapery in this area. For girls and women with a chiseled figure, you can even give up unnecessary details. The swimsuit will fit perfectly.

  • Models with a high waist. And we are not talking about retro panties, but about swimming trunks with a booty like a bikini. These models look incredibly interesting. Especially if the bottom of the swimsuit has a nice decorative trim in the form of lacing.

  • Bandeau swimsuit. Perfectly sits on a small chest. It would seem that a simple strip of fabric on the bust, but how much mystery and sex is in it. The model is perfect for girls and women with a chiseled figure.

  • Swimsuit with top. Outwardly, upwards of such a model may look like a sports top or just a very short top with ties around the neck. The model looks interesting with any panties. But better with a bikini or thong.

  • Swimsuit Angelica. An interesting model that has been on the catwalks of the world for many years. Angelica sits beautifully on both small and large breasts. For the summer of 2020, this model is a great option.

  • Swimsuit with bodice-curtains. This option is such a classic among fashion models. Only the bodice is now embellished with various things – rings, ruffles, laces.

  • Models with long sleeves. If you’re looking for a two-piece swimsuit without cups, then this option is also for you. Stylish bikini panties or thongs, plus an ascetic top – a real dissonance for the imagination of others. You will definitely become the star of the beach on vacation. Especially in such a swimsuit it is comfortable if it is cool on the coast.

  • Knitted patterns. This hit remains at the peak for a year in a row. Yes, swimming in it is not very convenient. But it’s beautiful to sunbathe with a cocktail in your hand – very much so. In addition, if you are a jack of all trades, you can crochet your own model and spend mere pennies on a swimsuit (yarn cost).


As for patterns, drawings and prints, this season is dominated by the following:

  • Strip. Such separate swimsuits are also suitable for obese women, according to the fashion of 2020. The main thing is that the strip is vertical, and even better – diagonal. Remember that the transverse stripe makes the forms more magnificent. As an interesting technique, you can use a diagonal stripe or contrasting stripes with an asymmetrical arrangement relative to each other.

  • Animal prints. All kinds of snakeskin imitations, leopard, zebra and tiger prints are the peak of fashion in the upcoming summer season. Do not miss the chance to be a true Amazon among vacationers on the beach or ocean.

  • Large floral print. But by no means small. Bright tropical flowers, palm leaves and other similar pattern will make your swimsuit fashionable. The main thing is to choose the right contrasting shades of the picture. Your swimsuit will turn the heads of men on the beach. Please note that a large drawing always visually enlarges the figure. Therefore, with the help of such a print, girls and women with a small bust can visually win a little with the size of their breasts.

  • Abstraction. An interesting option for both thin and obese women. It is important that the color scheme of the swimsuit beautifully resonates with each other.

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  • Peas. It is important to consider here – large peas are always fat. The same effect is created by large white peas on a dark background. But small peas arranged vertically, small dark peas on a dark or light background will give harmony to the figure.

  • Contrasting trim along the edge. In this case, the swimsuit model will beautifully emphasize the proportions of the figure. An interesting contrasting trim along the edge of the panties and bodice looks stylish.

fashion chips

Separate models of swimsuits in the coming season are distinguished by their interesting design. Couturiers used the following chips and finishes when creating bathing suits:

  • Bindings. And we are not talking about laces, but about wide ribbons. They can stretch from the top of the swimsuit down to the ribs. Or start from the edge of the panties above to the hips and navel area.

  • Ruffles and frills. Both mega-large frills in the bust or shoulder area, and a small frill on panties or bodice with curtains look stylish. But keep in mind that large decor gives volume to the figure. Therefore, be careful with flounces if you have a large bust or excessively wide hips.

  • Rings and large rings. This season, they are boldly placed in the collarbone area, between the breasts, on the hips, abdomen and even on the lower back. Models of swimsuits with rings make the figure visually fragile, alluring.

  • Net. The presence of finishing in the form of a translucent mesh is a feature of the past and current season. The mesh can be beautifully combined with the main fabric or be the main material of the swimsuit model. What matters here is how brave you are.

  • Knot or bow in the chest area. It beautifully draws attention to the winning parts of the body. Therefore, use this chance to show yourself in all its glory.

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Trendy colors

For the coming summer 2020, two-piece swimsuits are made in rich colors. Couturiers offer to choose models in such shades:

  • mint;
  • pink;
  • indigo;
  • powdery;
  • saffron;

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