Fashionable sheepskin coats – autumn 2019

What are the most fashionable sheepskin coats in the fall 2019 season? We learned about these hot trends and are ready to share with you!


Why a sheepskin coat?

Each season, the sheepskin coat takes its rightful place due to its merits. It provides excellent protection against cold and wind, is affordable, durable, as well as practical and stylish.

Active girls who have a busy pace of life often stop their choice on a sheepskin coat.

The compatibility of such outerwear is on top. Among the most fashionable combinations of this season, one can distinguish images with a midi skirt, jeans of various styles, dresses and culottes.

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The style in which the sheepskin coat fits perfectly is practically unlimited – it can be both business, and sports or romantic.

What length to choose

Designers did not limit themselves to one length and offered fashionistas several current models.

  • Shortened models, although not 100% protected from the cold, still do not give up their positions on the fashionable Olympus. Such sheepskin coats are highly valued by auto-ladies and active girls, for whom criterion No. 1 is convenience.

  • The best option is the average length to the hip. It does not constrain movements, protects from frost and is combined with many things. The most relevant styles in this design are recognized as a parka, aviator, bathrobe and a model with a short sleeve.

  • When the thermometer is rapidly dropping down, the last thing you want to do is choose cold, even if beautiful clothes. But with an elongated sheepskin coat, you don’t have to sacrifice a stylish look – it looks great and also saves you from the cold. Fans of interesting images will surely appreciate the juicy colors of such models.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Girls of short stature should be wary of midi and maxi lengths. It is advisable to combine such models with shoes with heels.[/stextbox]

Deciding on a color

We can definitely say that the acid shades of a sheepskin coat are the bad manners of the new season. The designers decided to rely on classic and natural muted colors.

Color blocks and contrasting inserts are allowed, but they usually do not go beyond the boundaries of the traditional black-white-brown palette.

Of the color options, the favorites were shades of blue, light blue, mint, coral, mustard and burgundy. The metallic silver, so beloved by fashionistas in past seasons, does not give up its positions.

Classic version

Super fashionable sheepskin coats in traditional performance are far from the first season at the peak of popularity. If you are for universal solutions, and not fleeting trends, you can give preference to the classic sheepskin coat. Such an investment in a stylish wardrobe will please you with durability – a sheepskin coat in its usual design is always out of competition among fashion trends.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice of the current model, you should remember about its features this season. This is a short fur familiar to fashionistas, clear longitudinal lines, a noticeable collar and minimalism in decor.

If you do not want to change the classics, but still do not mind adding a twist to your image, choose a sheepskin coat in some unusual color or with a fashionable glossy texture.

With smell

In the 2019 season, not only wrap dresses are relevant, but also outerwear with a similar cut. But if a coat with a smell no longer surprises anyone, then such a sheepskin coat is an interesting novelty. A distinctive feature of such models is the absence of fasteners and the presence of a belt. This style is perfect for both slim and full figures. Asymmetry is additionally able to adjust the silhouette, if necessary.

A wraparound sheepskin coat looks great with beautiful brooches and high-necked clothes. The most daring women of fashion wear it wide open and combine it with a light coat or jacket, embodying the hot trend for layering.

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Biker jacket

Active fashionistas can appreciate a sheepskin coat style leather jacket. Such a daring and stylish cut will give a feeling of freedom and will not allow you to sit at home this fall!

white and short

The trendy version of outerwear for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season is a white cropped sheepskin coat. Its main advantage is in an organic fusion with various styles. Designers clearly demonstrated this versatility and showed that such clothes will suit both young active girls and secular women over 50.

Some of the models presented at the shows were supplemented with a hood or fur sides. Designers could not decide on the length of the sleeves and preferred different options, including models without sleeves at all.

A white sheepskin coat looks especially luxurious in snowy weather, favorably highlighting a fashionista against the background of others dressed in nondescript dark clothes.

With a combination of invoices

Another hot trend that many fashionistas have already taken note of is the original combination of textures. In a trendy sheepskin coat, there was a place for leather, colored fur and lacquer.

The trend is also a combination of different colors (usually black, brown and white).

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With patch pockets

Look at the photo how stylish women’s sheepskin coats with patch pockets look, fashionable in the autumn 2019 season. The practicality of this trend is obvious – it even eliminates the need for some fashionistas to always carry a handbag with them.

Patch pockets are successfully placed on models of classic, elongated or shortened length. They are usually decorated with contrasting fur trim, which gives the sheepskin coat even more originality.


The oversize style is a stylish solution for girls who like to experiment with their image and not be afraid to visually add a couple of kilograms to themselves. For overweight women, a free style is not always suitable – stylists still recommend them to opt for fitted clothes that are perfectly slimming.

Sheepskin coat in oversized format looks a little casual, but this is exactly the idea that the designers pursued. It can be distinguished by large square pockets, a combination of textures, wide shoulders and an outstanding collar. Due to the free cut, such outerwear warms as much as possible and allows you to put on another sweater (so that no frost is terrible!).

From a man’s shoulder

This style is more than just an oversized cut. The voluminous style is complemented by a straight cut, dark colors and other attributes of a brutal masculine mood. Designers have shown how masterfully this style can be combined with feminine dresses and skirts, creating a stunning play of contrasts.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! The main feature of the male style is that it is effectively able to emphasize the fragility and femininity of a fashionista.[/stextbox]


A stylish novelty of this season is a sheepskin coat-cape, which combines practicality and…

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