Fashionable shirt dresses 2021

Fashionable shirt dresses will be a great choice for girls in 2021. Such a product looks stylish on any type of figure. Depending on the model, it can be used for different situations. Therefore, a shirt dress is a must-have for this season.

Shirt dresses 2021: fashion trends and novelties of the season

Stylists offer many options for such a dress. The most relevant among them are the following.

Straight fit

One of the most sought-after styles in 2021 will be a regular straight dress that visually resembles a loose men’s shirt. This cut allows girls to move easily without feeling discomfort. Straight shirt dresses can be complemented with skinny jeans or skirts above the knee. Designers offer models for the office, everyday meetings and even for the beach. Products with small and medium length will be relevant. A simple cut makes it possible to quickly change the image. For example, adding a belt to a shirt.


If you are a lover of feminine images, then this option is for you. Puffy shirt dresses create a romantic, delicate atmosphere. This is a versatile option that is suitable for various events: a work meeting, a walk with friends, a party, a romantic date, etc. The style opens the legs and visually reduces the parameters of the figure.


If you want to create a sophisticated sensual look, a long shirt dress will help you. The style is very concise, without defiant sequins or deep cuts. This makes it possible to use the dress for formal meetings. These trendy shirt dresses can be safely worn in 2021 to look stylish but understated. Chiffon, cotton and denim products will be relevant this season. The strap on the dress visually lengthens the silhouette, makes the figure more elegant. Mid-length shirts are available in fitted and loose versions. Pay attention to models with buttons along the entire length. Such a detail will help to make a cut from below, which is also the trend of this season.


These shirt dresses have a looser fit. It is best to wear them with sports shoes that will complement the atmosphere of the image. Such clothes will be a great solution for an active day. The dress looks quite feminine, while the cut and suitable shoes make the bow comfortable.

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Any cut denim

Designers advise to purchase a trendy denim shirt dress. It remains relevant for a long time. Denim products can be insulated for the cold season, and in the form of a sundress / short sleeve for the summer period.

This dress is the basis for creating different outfits. If you need an outfit for every day, then pick up sneakers, flat sandals or slip-ons for a denim product. Looks stylish and easy to move around.

If you replace such shoes with shoes or sandals with heels, then this will be an amazing bow for an informal party or a romantic meeting. You can also experiment with decorations. Various accessories will help emphasize the solemnity or everyday life of the outfit.

in a cage

Another modern option is a plaid shirt dress. Choose a style depending on the situation and your own preferences. Both long and short options will look stylish. A loose shirt dress over the knee with a thin belt to match will look especially advantageous. Such an accessory will visually create a feminine hourglass silhouette. Stylists advise choosing a belt made of fabric, not leather. Such a bow will look stylish both at work and on a walk in the park.

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How and with what it is fashionable to wear a shirt dress in 2021

The shirt dress is one of the universal fashion trends of the 2021 season. For short pieces, choose flat shoes. And for midi and maxi shirts, you can choose a small heel. Also, stylists advise using a belt to accentuate the waist.

This product combines the characteristics of both a dress and a shirt, so there are many ways to wear it. In addition to the standard options, you can combine such a product with shorts, trousers or denim pants. This extraordinary combination is practical and stylish. If you choose a long shirt with side slits, jeans or shorts at the bottom will be the highlight of the image.

There is also another way to wear dresses with jeans or pants. Button up a long shirt halfway, and let the lower part develop intriguingly. This option is suitable for informal events. Another stylish option is to wear a shirt dress instead of a light cape over a top/tee and pants/jeans. It is especially relevant in the warm season.

An extraordinary option is the combination of such a product, knee-length, with a midi / maxi skirt. Loose dress and flared skirt give lightness and tenderness.

If you want to create a more feminine bow, then use special jewelry, accessories and shoes. For example, a medium-sized bag and sunglasses.

Fashionable shirt dresses in 2021 are diverse, this is confirmed by the presented photos. Choose the right model, and surprise others with your exquisite taste.

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