Fashionable shoes for spring 2020

In this article, we have collected the most fashionable shoe ideas for the spring 2020 season so that you will be the first to know about trendy new products!


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Classic pumps will always find a place not only in the wardrobes of fashionistas, but also on the world’s main catwalks. Designers often turn to the classics and win – it always looks stylish, elegant and modern. Pumps are traditionally one step ahead of fashion trends, so the spring season can be a great excuse to treat yourself to a new pair.

Beige and black pumps are probably already in your wardrobe.

It’s time to dilute the classic palette with trendy pieces of red, pink, gold or another bright color.

Pumps with bows are also in trend – designers have demonstrated how stylishly they are combined with pleated outfits. You can also bet on patent leather shoes that add chic and gloss to any ensemble.


Designers predict a real fashion sensation for sandals. This time they were inspired by the Greek style and presented the world with the most sophisticated and feminine shoe options, which at the same time were distinguished by increased comfort.

These sandals are perfectly combined with flying dresses, skirts and pajama sets.


The mood of the Wild West still excites the minds of designers. As a result – the huge popularity of the Cossacks. Now the trend is different lengths of such boots, but the pointed toe and wide beveled heel remain unchanged.

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Many brands presented Cossacks in classic black or white colors, and models with a combination of colors and textures turned out to be relevant.

Designers said that such stylish shoes are also great for women over 50, releasing mature models on the catwalk.

Ruched boots

Ruched boots are a great idea to start spring. We can safely say that such a model is an absolute must-have for the 2019-2020 season and a completely irreplaceable thing. Boots with an accordion were mainly represented by a leather texture, but there were also lightweight versions made of fabric.

To become the most stylish girl this spring, you should combine ruched boots with mini and midi dresses, flying outfits paired with a jacket, as well as tailored trousers. An interesting novelty was the mix of such shoes with tucked wide pants.


Beauty in shoes can be perfectly combined with comfort, and fashionable mules are actual proof of this. The key differences of this shoe are the open heel, low heel and closed toe. Mules resemble slippers, but at the same time they look very elegant and noble.

Fashionistas all over the world in past seasons were convinced of the versatility of the mules. They combined them with casual and semi-formal styles, paired with jeans, trousers with 7/8 pleats, skirts, blouses, jackets and T-shirts. With mules, you can also create an exquisite evening bow paired with silk culottes or an elegant midi dress. Spring 2020 encourages you to continue these stylish experiments.

Pointed toe ballerinas

Ballet flats have gone into fashion oblivion for several seasons, but in the spring of 2020 their triumphant return is planned. The main expected hit is sophisticated pointed-toe ballet flats, which evoke an association with classic elegant pumps.

You can add originality with the help of mesh material, bright prints, angular soles, a contrasting toe or an original combination of textures.


Modern sports fashion is ruled by eclecticism. Stylish sneakers are complemented by original curly soles, like wedges. The rubber sole is also in trend, which makes the sneakers the most practical footwear of this spring. If you are looking for the most comfortable model, take a look at sock sneakers like Balenciaga.

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The leaders in colors are pastel colors, but they are on a par with a bright palette – red, orange, yellow, blue and pink. A unique design can also be created by combining colors, prints or textures.

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High top sneakers

Today it does not matter how old a girl is – 20 or 40, she can wear sneakers and love them with all her heart. A stylish novelty of the spring season will be high top sneakers, which can become a fashionable alternative to the usual sneakers.

Lightweight and comfortable, these sneakers will easily fit into any outfit. A tandem with a flying dress or skirt will look especially impressive. In such a bow, you should add laconic jewelry and a miniature handbag.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Now it is fashionable to tie high-top sneakers only to the middle and create a slightly sloppy outfit. On cool evenings, socks can be added to them, which are collected at the ankle.[/stextbox]

Platform sandals

This shoe has a great chance of becoming the main hit of the warm season. Practical fashionistas can easily get by with universal black sandals with straps and combine them with absolutely everything. The most daring girls will surely be delighted with models made of combined leather or decorated with sparkling sequins.

Such fashionable shoes are suitable for overweight women. The high rise and sleek design visually elongates the silhouette, slims the figure and makes the image more feminine. Among the win-win combinations of such shoes, one can single out a bow with a miniskirt or an A-line dress. You can also decide on a stylish union with colored tights or socks.

Flat sandals

Along with platform sandals, flat-soled models will also be in demand. The main favorite is sandals with thin long straps that can be wrapped around the ankle or even over trousers. A more elegant and at the same time comfortable version of spring shoes simply cannot be imagined!

Attention to detail

square cape

A distinctive feature of the most fashionable shoes is still considered a square toe. Such a stylish detail has been seen in the design of sandals, sandals, shoes and ankle boots – you will have plenty to choose from! Fashion trendsetters combined such shoes with flying dresses and skirts, denim and voluminous trousers. On my own, I would like to add that it is stylishly combined with a trouser suit or a tweed jacket. An impressive bow can also be made in retro style, but in this case, you should not forget to add a few modern details.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Such specific shoes tend to shorten the legs and the silhouette as a whole, so it is contraindicated for short girls.[/stextbox]


The fashion trends of the spring 2020 season have announced all kinds of straps in the design of current shoes as relevant. The classic move is a decor on sandals that turns ordinary shoes into incredibly romantic ones. In past seasons Naked sandals…

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