Fashionable shoes for summer 2020

What women’s shoes promise to be the most fashionable in the summer 2020 season? We have created a guide to key trends!


fashion palette

The first thing that excites fashionistas when choosing actual shoes is its fashionable color. Designers this time decided to be inspired by the aesthetics of white, cream, beige and pastel colors.

An interesting novelty was golden shoes, which promise to shimmer effectively under the rays of the summer sun. This coloring appeared literally everywhere – from sandals to ballet flats.

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Dark colors also appeared in summer models – preference was given to emerald, wine, blue and burgundy shades.

If you don’t mind standing out from the crowd, bet on a trendy animal print. Such models can create bright provocative images or create a stylish accent in a monochrome bow.

Fashion details

  • Transparent elements in shoe design do not leave fashion catwalks. In the summer season, this is not just a desire to stand out – it is also a tribute to practicality. Transparent elements pleasantly lighten shoes and provide comfort even in hot weather. These on-trend details can show up in the instep, the heel, the front, or the design of the entire shoe.
  • Chains are one of the biggest fashion trends this year and it just couldn’t help but show itself in shoe design. Brands used chains of different thicknesses and sizes and placed trendy decor on shoes, sandals and ballet flats.
  • The fashion of the 2020 season is very partial to all kinds of shoe ties. It is curious that such elements were present not only on sandals in the Greek style, but also in sandals with thin or square heels. Often the strings were so long that they were gracefully wrapped around the ankle several times.

  • Fashion models of women’s shoes in the summer 2020 season may have a square cape. This technique no longer looks too extraordinary – it is the most accurate indicator that the girl is well aware of the leading trends.
  • Another trendy criterion for the relevance of a pair is all kinds of wicker elements in its design. Many girls will recognize in such a novelty the perfect shoes for the holidays.
  • A stylish feature of summer shoes can be a deep V-neckline. It is worth noting that this addition gives any pair of unique elegance. In combination with a sharp nose, it gives another bonus: the effect of long and slender legs.
  • In the summer collections, there were enough models with various volumetric and convex elements. As a rule, they were made of soft leather, so the originality of such pairs was successfully combined with their comfort.


Many shows have seen the return of loafers, only this time they have been presented with the advantage of a stable heel. Many models also had an open heel. The stylists offered to combine the new version of the familiar shoes with the current suits, which can be presented with both trousers and shorts.

Flip flops

If comfort and convenience are above all for you, then you simply won’t find better shoes than flip flops in the 2020 season. But if you have now presented a provincial model to combine with a pareo, then we have to please you – modern flip flops have reached a new level and look very elegant. The main favorite of the season is leather models in pleasant caramel and beige shades.

Ballet shoes

Stylists advise to postpone classic ballet flats until better times. The 2020 season is the period of relevance of pointed shoes. These shoes look elegant, and at the same time boast excellent comfort and convenience.

flip flops

Many designers have presented their vision of flip flops to the world. Some models were on the usual flat course, and selected pairs were complemented by a small elegant heel. In the design of flip flops, one could recognize the characteristic elements of sandals, sandals or mules, but the jumper between the fingers always remained unchanged.


Rope sandals can be recognized as the most fashionable women’s shoes without a heel for the summer of 2020. Such models are decorated with ropes and wicker elements, and due to this they look very extraordinary. If you are looking for comfortable and stylish shoes for beach bows, then you should definitely take a closer look at this new product.

Emphasis on the outsole

In the top collections, it is difficult not to notice the fashionable sole on the shoes – it will be very voluminous and high. This trend manifested itself most clearly in the design of sandals, and they reminded many fashionistas of shoes that experienced crazy popularity in the 90s. But modern models are more aesthetic and comfortable – the designers assure.

The so-called “daddy” sandals are another landmark that indicates the relevance of the pair. Incredibly comfortable shoes are complemented by buckles and the possibility of a perfect fit on the leg. Perfect match for active girls!

The platform, combined with a high stable heel, has been familiar to many girls since the 2000s, and now such models are experiencing a new round of relevance. Such a comfortable and convenient tandem could be observed in summer shoes and sandals.

You should not doubt the aesthetics of such shoes, looking back at its massive platform. Pairs on this instep look extremely stylish and always take the shoe to the next level. Such a novelty is especially interesting to fit into images in the spirit of the 70s; it will also make friends with everyday, romantic and business wardrobe.

[tds_warning]The return of the platform is great news for petite girls. Such an element will allow you to add a few precious centimeters of growth without harm to comfort.[/tds_warning]

Bright sneakers

In the arsenal of almost any modern fashionista there are sneakers. Only if for several seasons in a row almost all the girls preferred white sports shoes, in 2020 the designers offered to be inspired by a bright palette. Any favorite color with neon overtones will do. It’s even cooler if the sneakers display the “color blocking” principle, which involves a combination of at least three contrasting colors.

Always on the top

Even in summer, many girls decide not to give up shoes with heels, besides, modern couples delight with excellent comfort and convenience.


The closest relative of the slap this season is the clog. Such models are also presented in leather and with an open heel. Usually clogs are complemented by a low, stable heel. Fashionistas in such shoes are conquered by versatility, because they can wear it for almost any occasion: going to a cafe, to work or shopping.

[tds_note]Square toe clogs deserve special attention in 2020 season. They look surprisingly elegant and add a stylish touch to any look.[/tds_note]


Mules in the 2020 season have radically changed their character – the designers have deprived them of infantilism, supplemented with a massive heel and the most comfortable expression.

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