Fashionable shoes for summer 2021

Summer is the perfect time to stand out from the crowd, so it’s time to get acquainted not only with fashionable clothes, but also with trendy shoes for the warm season 2021.

What women’s shoes will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

Designers have prepared a wide variety of models that adorn elegant details or conquer with their minimalist style. These shoes will accentuate and give mood to the whole image.

And now let’s take a closer look at fashionable shoes for the summer 2021 season and look at the photo of how and with what to wear them correctly:

  • Flip flops;
  • Loafers with laces;
  • Pointed toe shoes;
  • Wicker shoes;
  • With straps;
  • On the platform;
  • In pink;
  • In white;
  • Slippers
  • kitten heel;
  • Sport;
  • With an unusual heel;
  • With bows;
  • With rocks;
  • Sabo.

flip flops

For the most part, flip flops are known as comfortable beach shoes. But in the new summer season, designers have inspired a new breath in this slightly outdated model. And now the flip flops are made of leather, polyurethane, fabric, lace. Stella McCartney, Tom Ford and Acne Studios showed how these shoes can spruce up an outfit with a dress, long skirt and suits.

Loafers with laces

At +30 Celsius, of course, you can’t wear closed shoes, but if it’s cool, gray and rainy outside, then loafers with laces will be the perfect end to a fashionable look.

Pointed toe shoes

Another option for fashionable shoes for the summer for women is everything that has a pointed toe: ballet flats, winklepickers, mules, grandmothers, especially since in 2021 they were decorated with various stones, laces and showed how to combine with work clothes and look stylish.

Wicker shoes

If you want to add marine lightness and freshness to your image, then we recommend choosing wicker shoes. In addition, such a choice indicates your desire for environmental friendliness and simplicity. But try not to overdo it: stylists recommend using no more than 2 wicker items. For example, a bag and shoes.

With straps

Among the fashionable shoes for the summer of 2021, models with straps of various widths and lengths have taken their place, thus decorating even the most ordinary women’s sandals.

To keep the summer lightness, we recommend choosing sandals with thin elegant straps that emphasize the sophistication of the foot.

On the platform

The shoes that were especially loved by teenagers about 5 years ago are back in fashion – models on a high, rough and wide platform migrated to sandals and became an important element of the summer look for 2021. Only now they are presented in trendy colors, have a fresh and stylish look, so real fashionistas will definitely find the right combination of this model with popular miniskirts and linen shorts.

In pink

The two trendy colors of the summer season are pink and white. All his playfulness and beauty were truly emphasized by Fendi, Balmain, Dion Lee, Jacquemus and others.

Trendy shades of pink:

  • Pastel cotton candy;
  • Bright fuchsia;
  • baby pink.

In white

White is the clear leader. It stood out at the shows of many summer collections, so it is definitely included in the list of trendy shoe shades. For example, CASADEI offers high heels and these ankle boots:


Fashion trends love to give gifts. And one of them was slippers. Home slippers are not only incredibly comfortable, they can perfectly complement different looks and become the completion of a bow with a dress or suit.

kitten heel

Miniature pumps with thin heels can be seen in many designers. Moreover, a similar design can be complemented by a pair of straps or ties. Previously, these shoes were associated only with business style. But thanks to its popularity, such a convenient and comfortable model now complements both trousers and flared jeans, no less fashionable this season.


Among sports shoes, sneakers and sneakers are still fighting among themselves for popularity. To whom it is more convenient – he then chooses. But in 2021, your preference should still be given to the following models:

  • Leopard print in the sole;
  • Futuristic motifs from Yeezy and Nike;
  • Exclusively white;
  • On a thin sole;
  • Bright light green, raspberry, blue, orange.

With an unusual heel

Do you want to surprise with your extraordinary choice? Then buy shoes with an unusual heel. To some, such a choice will seem a little strange, but you will do anything for the sake of fashion!

These are the heels chosen by some stylists:

with bows

Light, romantic and feminine – this is what a girl who chooses shoes with miniature bows looks like. Designers have already shown that this cute element goes well with a wide variety of boots. But now it’s time to put on your shoes and sandals.

With rocks

It is difficult to imagine summer without iridescent stones. Jimmy Choo, DOLCE & GABBANA and others did not hesitate to mention this in their new collections.

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It appears, it disappears. This is how you can describe clogs that have broken into the list of fashion trends again.

The first clogs were wooden. They were worn only by the poor and servants. They were distinguished by special practicality and wear resistance. Later, this model migrated to wealthy families, where clogs were made on special orders with unique carvings.

But we are in the 21st century. And now clogs have become even more comfortable, more beautiful. They are also loved by girls of all ages. And no wonder why: take a look at these models and how fashionistas combine them:

This is the end of the list of fashionable shoes for the summer, although it’s hard to imagine 2021 without completely transparent models, high stilettos and a square toe.

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