Fashionable short dresses for summer 2021

Fashionable short dresses are one of the most popular items in women’s wardrobe for the summer of 2021. They look pretty and allow you to move comfortably without getting tangled in the hem. Every year, designers create models with a new cut, style and color. This year, among the actual dresses, you can find completely different options. For example, a delicate dress with a floral print and a bold version in the form of a fitted leather dress. Jewelry that was used a few years ago is also popular: fringe and voluminous sleeves. For those who love conciseness, slip dresses are provided. The material tells about all the fashionable dresses of this summer.

What short dresses will be fashionable in the summer of 2021

Among the variety of women’s dresses for this season, stylists distinguish the following options.

Dresses with asymmetry or one shoulder. Such models emphasize natural beauty, naturalness. A short dress of this cut is suitable for both special occasions and everyday looks. Models with one shoulder emphasize sophistication and lightness. Such a thing is suitable for girls with different characters. Asymmetry is suitable for rebels, it will add audacity to the outfit. And a one-shoulder dress will look good on romantic girls who are engaged in creativity.

Slip dress. This season, lingerie-style items are considered especially stylish. They are characterized by flowing fabric and thin straps that highlight the collarbones and thin neck. This style is suitable for evening meetings. You can combine this dress with sandals with medium heels or stilettos. To complement the image, it is better to use graceful pendants or textured bracelets.

mini dresses. This year’s fashion trends include such a bold option. Mini creates a daring sexy look. To prevent the outfit from becoming vulgar, it needs to be balanced with other clothes and shoes. In the latter case, you should choose sandals with a flat tractor sole. Wear a simple white T-shirt underneath for a casual look. Or throw a shirt up and tie it in a knot.

Dresses with puffed sleeves. This season will feature voluminous sleeves: puffed sleeves, puffs, mutton ham and bishop sleeves. This style is suitable for holidays and informal meetings. Due to the sleeves, the dress is already elegant, so you should not use bright massive accessories. To complete the look, you can use a scarf as a hair ornament.

Fringed dress. Models with this decor are in demand among fashionistas for more than a year. Fashionable short dresses with this element for the summer of 2021 are suitable even for overweight women. The main thing is to choose a textured fabric that will hide imperfections. Dresses with fringe are present even in the new collections of Christian Dior.

What fabric to choose a trendy dress

This season, designers highlight the most relevant materials for dresses, namely:

  • openwork fabrics. Previously, many grandmothers knitted white napkins to decorate tables, TVs, etc. This trend has carried over to clothing. Famous brands like Chanel and Christian Dior have adopted this style. Therefore, short dresses with different openwork patterns are presented at their shows: crochet, passed and others;

  • transparent material. This season, translucent dresses are considered super stylish. In this case, the style can be absolutely any. Designers suggest wearing such models for festive events. Exquisite material adds luxury and confidence to the owner;

  • leather products. Definitely a bold option that looks appropriate on a cool summer evening. You can choose laconic models without a complex cut and additional decorations. And you can use leather dresses with puffed sleeves or drapery;

  • shiny fabric. Unlike previous seasons, 2021 gives girls the opportunity to stand out as much as possible with bright outfits. Dresses made of this material do not need unusual accessories. It is better to complement them with laconic shoes and a small decoration on the neck / arm.

Actual colors and prints of dresses

The most fashionable print is floral, short dresses with this pattern are an integral part of the wardrobe for the summer of 2021. Flowers can be either painted or embroidered.

In 2021, stylists suggest choosing dresses in the following colors.

  1. Pink.
  2. Gold.
  3. Red.
  4. Yellow.
  5. UV.
  6. Green.
  7. Blue.
  8. Brown.

Among them are shades of pink and a combination of yellow and gold. In the latter case, such a bright combination immediately adds a playful mood and airiness to the image. Visually, these dresses resemble ripe fruits, due to which they fit well into the summer wardrobe. Yellow things can be worn both during the day and in the evening. The golden note makes the outfit festive.

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If we talk about pink, then the most relevant will be saturated colors: fuchsia, rose and bubble gum. This color palette is suitable for girls who want to stand out. It can be an elegant dress with puffy sleeves or a laconic model with a straight cut.

Fashionable short dresses are a universal option for the summer of 2021, photos of different models prove this. Each girl will be able to choose a stylish dress for her figure.

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