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Fashionable short haircuts for summer 2020

Summer is the hottest time of the year. Most people have been preparing for it since spring: girls change their hairstyles and play sports, but young guys also start to train even harder. However, for a well-chosen image, you need not only stylish clothes, a figure, but also a fashionable haircut.

fashionable haircut

The popularity of trendy hairstyles

On hot summer days, short haircuts are in demand. After all, a stylish hairstyle looks not only interesting on a girl, but also well-groomed, even if the representative of the weaker sex did not style her hair.

trendy hairstyle

trendy hairstyles

If a girl has long curly hair, then a pixie will be an ideal choice for her. This type of hair is not only difficult to style, but also naughty in structure. The owners of such a “gift” regularly experience difficulties with them. The way out of this situation will be a stylish haircut.


Owners of thick and heavy hair are recommended to try the “Hat”. Due to its layering, such a hairstyle will look not only interesting, but also stylish.


For those who like to experiment with their appearance, the “boyish pixie” is ideal. The back will be shorter than the front. However, a well-chosen image will emphasize the peculiarity of its mistress. To make the haircut look more spectacular, you can dye your hair pink, which has been popular among fashion connoisseurs since the beginning of spring.

boyish pixie

Kare is a universal haircut. It is suitable for any face shape. In addition, there are different types of this hairstyle: from short to long. But this summer, short bob with bangs will be in fashion.


A haircut with an asymmetrical long bang covers part of the face of its mistress. If the owner of this hairstyle likes to take care of her hair, then she can style a fashionable summer hairstyle in different ways: the main thing in this matter is fantasy.

Haircut with asymmetrical long bangs

The last couple of years, Hollywood waves have been popular among celebrities. You can style them in this way on both long and short hair. But the second option looks more impressive and interesting.

Hollywood waves

Popular American singer Taylor Swift once came to the red carpet with a new haircut. The straight short bob looked so attractive on the singer that most fashionistas wanted to change their usual image.

Straight short bob

“Garcon” is popular among Hollywood celebrities to this day. Michelle Williams, Scarlett Johnsson, Jennifer Lawrence and many others have already tried it on themselves.


Before you run to the hairdresser and ask for one of the trendy summer 2020 hairstyles, you should first consult with a professional. Among the haircutters there are those who are ready to fall on the ears of clients for the sake of money.

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