Fashionable shorts for obese women for the summer of 2021

It will not be difficult for overweight women in 2021 to choose fashionable shorts for the summer. As proof, in the article we have presented a list of trendy models that are ideal for owners of piquant proportions.

What shorts will be in fashion in the summer of 2021 for obese women

In order for your image to turn out not only comfortable, but also stylish, it is very important to choose the right style of summer shorts.

  • On a high landing. This is perfect for plus size beauties. And all because the high waist line makes the figure more feminine and graceful. In addition, these shorts are very versatile. They are easily combined with different tops, which can be either tucked in or left out.

Idea! In order to further emphasize the waist, it is better to wear high-waisted shorts with a belt. It can be the same color or contrasting.

  • Bermuda. Shorts just above the knee this summer will be simply irreplaceable. In them you can go to the beach, walk, party or even to work. As for the models themselves, give up fitted options. Get a straight or flared cut that will visually make your legs look slimmer.

  • Safari style. Loose cut shorts, made of thin linen or cotton, will certainly appeal to puffy beauties. In them you will feel easy and at ease, as a fairly wide leg will not hinder movement. And the khaki color characteristic of this direction will visually make your hips many times smaller.

  • Denim. Fashionable in 2021, denim shorts will be a great option for overweight women for the summer. In addition to the fact that they have slimming properties, they can also be inscribed in bows designed in different styles. As for the models, you can stop your choice on shortened styles that are a few centimeters above the knees. Denim Bermuda shorts are also in trend. But the design should be given special attention. In no case should it be too colorful. Opt for classic solid colors with or without folds. As a decor, only a small fringe on the legs can be present.

  • Skirt-shorts. One of the most versatile models that will suit girls with voluminous figures. After all, it is shorts that imitate a skirt that can hide such flaws as sloping hips and a bulging belly. They stretch the silhouette, making the legs longer and the figure slender.

Important! Shorts with an A-line short skirt are the prerogative of young girls. But older beauties need to pay attention to models of a very wide cut, sewn from light fabrics.

  • Beach. Shorts made of viscose, thin cotton or linen are the best for a hot summer day. They have a fairly wide cut and a bright design. They are often decorated with prints, the theme of which can vary from the usual marine and plant motifs to bold animalism. As a decor, fringe, pompoms, beads and colored ribbons may be present on the legs.

  • Leather. If you are looking for trendy shorts for summer 2021 that are suitable for overweight women, we recommend that you take a closer look at leather models. The main thing is to choose the style of a straight or flared cut. Otherwise, you can safely experiment, preferring discreet black and white models or brighter colored products.
  • Classic straight lines. The peculiarity of the classic shorts lies in the straight cut and the materials used for their manufacture, such as cotton and suiting fabrics. They keep their shape well, but at the same time they do not hinder movements. Classic shorts should be combined with a fitted top that needs to be tucked in. As for shoes, it all depends on your taste and the upcoming event.

  • Short. Ultra-short models have become so popular today that stylists recommend wearing them even full. However, in this case it is very important to take into account the features of your figure. If the stomach is not too bulging, and the legs are slender, then they will suit you. Otherwise, it is better not to take risks and give preference to more versatile styles.

Models that are banned

Unfortunately, there are some styles of shorts that puffy beauties absolutely cannot wear.

  • Despite the fact that low-waisted models are back in fashion, they still need to be avoided. They not only distort the lines of the figure even more, but also emphasize all the existing imperfections of the physique.
  • Excessively tight-fitting styles are also not the best option. The only exception can be sports bike shorts that can be worn to the gym.

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Important! When choosing bike shorts, the focus should be on fabric. It must be dense, not translucent and stretch well.

  • Forget about the trendy shiny shorts. Such models are visually even more complete.
  • Be careful with prints, as the wrong pattern can visually enlarge your hips. These include peas, horizontal stripes and too small drawings.

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We hope that a photo selection of examples of fashionable shorts designed for overweight women for the summer of 2021 will help you choose the style with which you can create many unforgettable looks.

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