Fashionable skirts 2021 for women after 50

Fashionable in 2021, skirts are a must-have wardrobe item for women over 50. However, it is important to choose the right style. Draping a figure into shapeless models and immense folds is not worth it, however, ultramini in adulthood will be extremely inappropriate, even if the figure allows. What trendy models are suitable for women after 50? Next, we will talk in more detail about the most stylish styles that will look fashionable, feminine and elegant.

What skirts for women over 50 are in fashion in 2021

Any self-respecting woman should have several stylish models of skirts in her arsenal. After all, this piece of clothing is the basis of the wardrobe. With the help of a fashionable skirt, you can create many interesting images. Properly selected style will emphasize the dignity of the figure, create a spectacular and sophisticated bow.

Ladies over 50 should not try to keep up with young fashionistas, although some fashion trends are worth spying on.

Stylists recommend that mature women look at restrained and concise styles, complementing them with an unusual top. This approach will allow you to get a harmonious and very stylish image.


Such a model is considered a win-win when compiling images in various styles for women of all ages. At the same time, it is better for mature ladies to abandon tight skirts. The style fits perfectly into business bows, as it is easily combined with blouses and jackets. When combining a pencil skirt with a bright loose-cut top, you get interesting sets for going to a party and a romantic dinner. Daring women can experiment with the material: leather and suede skirts are in trend in 2021.


Loose silhouettes are very popular today. Oversized skirts are voluminous models that, oddly enough, are better for slender women. After all, this style is able to add a few centimeters in the waist and hips.


Among the fashion trends for the summer of 2021 will be pleated skirts, which are perfect for women over 50. You should give preference to models in a discreet palette, light nude shades or, on the contrary, rich tones. As for the length, the best option would be a skirt below the knees. Particular attention should be paid to the top. For pleated models, you should choose a discreet shirt, plain blouse or T-shirt.

It should be noted that pleating perfectly hides the fullness of the hips and flows attractively over the figure.


This is one of the most successful styles that are perfect for women over 50. Preference should be given to contrasting shades that will make the image more vivid and attractive. A-silhouette focuses on the waist and makes it visually narrower.

Best skirt length for women over 50

Mature fashionistas should pay special attention to models:

  • maxi;
  • midi.

Maxi is a universal style that will suit all women without exception. In such skirts, the silhouette seems slimmer, and the growth is larger. The model is perfect for ladies with problem feet. Fashionable long skirts 2021 look very stylish and are ideal for women over 50. Maxi looks bright and impressive in any outfit, both casual and formal.

Another great choice for mature ladies is midi. The average length looks interesting with a pencil skirt, tulip, bell. Particular attention should be paid to the model with a vertical neckline, which makes the image more interesting and emphasizes the slenderness of women’s legs.

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Skirts for fat ladies for 50

It is better for overweight women to give preference to flared models, as well as skirts that expand downwards. Such styles allow you to create a fashionable look and at the same time hide the fullness of the legs and hips.

Full ladies will suit a maxi skirt and a bell. It is also worth taking a closer look at the pleated, especially if the folds start not from the waist, but from the hip line.

At the same time, you need to give preference to a calm and restrained palette (black, gray, burgundy shades), abandoning too bright and acidic tones.

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Fashionable colors and colors of skirts for women over 50

It is not enough to choose a fashionable skirt that fits perfectly on the figure. To create the perfect image, you should pay attention to trendy prints.

In 2021, the most fashionable models for mature women will have the following colors:

  • Cell. Such models will be the best option for autumn. In them, any woman will feel as stylish and confident as possible. Checkered models attract attention, so the top is better to pick up restrained tones.

  • Animal print. This trendy coloring allows you to create interesting and very effective images at any age. The main thing is to choose the right items. A plain shirt, shoes and accessories in discreet colors are best suited for such a skirt.

  • Peas. It’s also a trendy color. These skirts look original. Give preference to models with a contrasting pattern – such an image will certainly attract the admiring glances of others.

  • Contrasting print. Intricate motifs will easily adorn a woman over 50. If black and white is chosen, you should complement it with brighter accessories and shoes, such as yellow shoes. The contrasting combination looks stylish, simple and noble at the same time.

Now you know that skirts for women over 50, fashionable in 2021, should be both restrained, elegant and spectacular, and the photos presented in the article will allow you to make the right choice and choose the best option.

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