Fashionable skirts for autumn 2020

Fashionable skirts for autumn 2020 pleased with the variety of styles, materials and decorative solutions. Choose in which novelty you will be the most feminine and attractive this season!

Actual materials


Autumn skirt should be not only beautiful and stylish, but also warm, right? In this case, you can take note of the relevance of thick tweed products. For the first serious cold weather, this is the most stylish and fashionable idea!

It is curious that a warm tweed skirt can harmoniously fit into almost any fashionable bow. As part of the office style, such a bottom will look great in a duet with a discreet blouse or a classic white shirt. In everyday outfits, you can make a tandem with a turtleneck, jumper and even a sweatshirt.

It is worth noting that the most fashionable tweed skirts were presented in mini length. This cut looks the most elegant and spectacular. The versatility of the short mark is also on top – this quality can be combined with rough boots, sneakers, over the knee boots and high boots.


The unequivocal favorite of fashionistas in the autumn season are also attractive leather skirts. In such models there is everything that modern girls appreciate so much – elegance, femininity, showiness and practicality.

Stylish leather skirts in the autumn season will delight fashionistas not only with a variety of colors, but also with a wide choice of cuts. You can find the option to your liking in the range of products with wrap, buttons, pleats, fringes, slits or belts. An unconditional must-have can also be called a practical straight cut midi length. Lacquered and embossed leather in the design of a fashionable skirt is also recognized as relevant.


It’s too early to discount the incredibly cozy jersey skirts. The main trend in the line of such models has become a straight cut, which is often complemented by a spectacular cut. Now the trend is not only smooth knitting, but also ribbed and braided motifs.

Brands like to embody ready-made knitted sets with a skirt and a button-down jumper or cardigan, which make it much easier to create a stylish look. You can also always change the terms of the bow to expand the range of fashionable combinations.


In the fall of 2020, thick denim products will also remain in demand. The most accurate hits in the trends promise to be skirts with asymmetry or wrap, fringe or frills, as well as inserts of contrasting material. The monolook is still considered relevant, in which several products from practical denim are presented.


Our 2020 fashion trends guide wouldn’t be complete without a quilted skirt that’s perfect for fall. Such an interesting texture not only looks creative, but also perfectly protects the girl from the cold, because most often it is combined with a dense texture.

The direction of the stitch usually performs not only a decorative function. Stylists suggest that lines located in one direction or another can also advantageously correct the silhouette. For example, vertical or diagonal lines in practice contribute to visual harmony.

If you’re afraid to lose out on the versatility of a quilted skirt, you can rely on the classic straight cut. Designers at their top shows made it clear that such a style can be harmoniously fit into a casual or office ensemble. Also, a laconic cut can become an unbanal component of the image for a secular party.

Stylish styles

On the smell

A warm midi-length skirt in the fall 2020 season can be presented in a winning cut with a wrap. Such a highlight is advantageously combined with a pencil style, as well as with a freer A-silhouette. It is noteworthy that most of the modern novelties with a smell were presented with a belt or interesting ties – such a design move made the products more original and spectacular.


Many readers will probably think that they have long been familiar with pleated skirts and are even good friends. But in the fall of 2020, designers presented a new incarnation of the famous model to the attention of fashionistas. So, now pleating can be expressed in the form of ruffles at the hem, combined in width and combined creatively with an asymmetric cut.

Any of the proposed models not only looks trendy, but also effectively slims the silhouette due to the presence of vertical lines. To make the most of this wonderful property, the fashionista can include a skirt in a monochrome ensemble and complete it with heeled shoes.


Fashionable autumn collections 2020 pleased us with the triumphant return of the pencil skirt. In addition to the classic interpretation of the legendary cut, the designers also presented elongated and elegant shiny models.

In autumn, stylists recommend wearing a pencil skirt with voluminous sweaters, knitted vests and jumpers. Such a model will be your faithful ally when compiling office bows – as part of the dress code, it looks cool with a white shirt, knit golf, a blouse with a bow or an elongated jacket.

With drape

As a fresh and original trend for fall 2020, designers have presented drapery in all its glory. Such a creative highlight of the cut, as it turned out, is stylishly combined with various materials – be it leather, silk or velvet. But any reading of a stylish draped skirt usually looks extraordinary, so in addition to such a bottom, you should choose a laconic basic top.

[tds_note]Many designers did not limit themselves to one drapery in skirts. Often, such an original move was combined with asymmetry, large buttons or chains..[/tds_note]

If you fell in love with this model at first sight, do not delay the purchase – creative drapery is just beginning to strengthen its position on the catwalks and does not intend to leave fashion collections for a long time.

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High rise + belt

The fashionable style of the skirt, which hides the belly and visually stretches the silhouette, is presented in the autumn season in a combination of a high waistline and a belt. Such models can deservedly take pride of place in the basic wardrobe, because they easily fit into any bow and are advantageously combined with various types of tops.

Usually, a belt for such skirts is included, but stylish models are not at all against diversity in accessories. For example, a fashionista can replace the basic addition with a stylish leather belt. Such an accent can be matched to the color of the shoes in order to achieve unity and integrity of the outfit.


From past seasons, beautiful A-line skirts have migrated to the list of fall 2020 trends. Woolen, translucent, leather, knitted – in the line of current models, every fashionista will surely be able to find her favorite.

The beauty of this style lies in its excellent versatility. Stylists suggest that this cut will look great in the company of rough boots, high boots or ankle boots. When creating a fashionable bow, you can also …

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