Fashionable spring jacket 2023

French manicure has long been considered a trend beyond fashion and time. Invented by the American Jeff Pink back in 1976, the uncomplicated design in an instant conquered not only ordinary fashionistas, but also the world of show business. Why did French fall in love so quickly and continue to love so far? The answer is simple – it is universal. This type of manicure is easy to fit into any style and image, which greatly facilitates the life of fashionistas. And it is relevant at any time of the weather. In today’s review, we will tell you what spring jacket can be done in the 2023 season.



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Trendy spring shades

Down with the boring and “heavy” winter palette. Spring is coming into its own more and more actively, which means that the time has come for life-affirming, gentle, like the first flowers, and positive shades. Here are the best ones.

  • tomato red. The red palette is always in trend. In the spring of 2023, nail masters recommend taking a closer look at the tomato shade. It is not as eccentric as scarlet, but allows you to create a spectacular design.

  • Light green. Or the color of juicy greens. This is definitely a win-win. This shade will bring a touch of freshness to the image and even on cloudy March days it will remind everyone that spring has come.

  • Light pink. A very beautiful shade, which is considered ideal for spring nail art. Moreover, you can cover the main part of the plate with pale pink, or select only the “smile” line.


  • neon yellow. Do you want to wear a bright, catchy, energetic manicure in spring? Then pay attention to yellow, but not ordinary, but with a neon effect. It works great on long nails.


  • air blue. A cool blue shade will also be a good choice for a spring French manicure. It will emphasize the elegance of the image, equally suitable for business and casual bows.

  • Orange. A positive tone that is sure to lift your spirits. Highlight the smile line in orange to get an extraordinary and trendy nail art for all occasions.


  • Carmine. Or the most fashionable shade of the season – Viva . Choose it for your spring looks and manicure – you won’t regret it. The design will be bright and eye-catching. Just what you need for the coming spring.

  • Lactic. One of the hottest shades of the season. It will look great in a French manicure. Like soft pink, milky can serve as the main base for nail art. Get nice and fresh.


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What other colors of varnishes will harmoniously look on the nails in the spring: menthol (tiffany), lavender, coral, classic green, pale yellow, white, fuchsia. The choice of ladies is huge.

Design Ideas for Spring French 2023

A spectacular manicure is not only a well-chosen color, but also a stylish design. What types of design are advised to pay attention to the coming spring nail masters? Now we’ll tell you.

With flowers

Flowers are the main symbol of the spring-summer season. So why not include them in your French manicure design? We recommend choosing something delicate to exactly match the trends of modern nail trends. You can draw any inflorescences, but avoid additional tasteless ornate patterns. Let there be just flowers on top of the jacket. This is the most successful solution for spring manicure-2023.



This trendy design, which became incredibly popular last season, is back at the top of popularity. And spring 2023 is a great time to resort to it. Show your imagination so that the result is original. For example, you can cover each line of the “smile” with varnish of your own color – this is the easiest option. Or refer to the gradient technique, not new, but win-win. A good solution would be to highlight each “smile” with thin stripes of different colors.



Stylish, catchy, bold French manicure with a pattern in the form of a predatory color is still popular among fashionistas of all ages and social statuses. And yes, leopard spots have long ceased to be considered vulgar and tasteless. Therefore, contact them without fear. There are a lot of design options here. But keep in mind that such a manicure looks best on long or at least medium-length nails.


Classic with a thin line “smile”

The most suitable solution for the spring French manicure-2023, made on short nails. And why reinvent the “bicycle” if time-tested classics are always beautiful?! A thin, graceful “smile” line will visually make a short nail a little longer, helping to refresh the image. If desired, minimalist floral motifs, a pair of rhinestones or silver sparkles can be included in the design.


With a graphic smile

Graphic elements in French design today are a novelty worthy of the closest attention. Such a manicure can be worn both in the office and in the gym. Conciseness, restraint, elegance – this is the leitmotif of this nail art. As for the “smile” line, it can be made at an acute angle, with a gap, obliquely, or even have an unexpected shape. Graphicity will show itself well on the nails of almonds and a square.


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A jacket with a design in the form of decorative metal-like elements is still relevant. For example, with gold and silver thin stripes.

We told you what the spring French 2023 will be like. We hope the photos presented in the review will help you choose the perfect design for a manicure.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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