Fashionable spring jeans: trends of the season 2020

Jeans are the main thing in the wardrobe of any woman, regardless of preferences, age, taste of clothes, and also the season. The convenience and practicality of jeans can be combined in any style, thanks to which the demand for jeans is increasing.

Jeans fashion trends 2020 are varied and shown in original and non-standard ideas. You can find the right jeans for any figure and appearance. It is necessary to choose the right model depending on the image that you want to see in yourself.

Consider all the fashionable jeans models of 2020.

High waist jeans

The main fashion trend of 2020 is high-waisted jeans. The model is famous for popularity is not the first season. They can be of any style. Wearing high-waisted jeans will be elegant with short tops, T-shirts, as well as blouses pulled into jeans.

cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are considered the fashion of 2020. Shown in various 3/4 and 7/8 versions that openly show women’s ankles. But with the choice of a free shortened version, you need to be careful. After all, short jeans are not suitable for girls of small stature. Also, under this model, you need to choose the right shoes. With dark jeans, shoes in red, blue and black colors will be combined. And with light jeans, beige and white shoes are suitable.

Jeans with plaid patches

New spring 2020 model. With these jeans you will definitely stand out from the rest. With such jeans, a fashionable turtleneck and a cap will look, you can also pick up a chic sweater in the color of the patches.


This year there was a fashion for retro mom jeans. This style is perfect for everyday wear. Jeans look best with a sporty option: sweatshirts, sweaters and T-shirts.

Flared and wide jeans

This model comes back from the early 2000s. You won’t see the shoes under flared jeans, so it’s not that important. Accessories such as bows, ruffles, flounces, etc. will be harmoniously combined with this model.

Straight jeans

This is a classic denim. Suitable for different types of clothes and shoes. The length in this model is presented both in an elongated and in a shortened version.

Turned up jeans

New for 2020. The joy is that if there is a desire to tuck jeans, then this can be done on any model. The model is combined with plaid shirts and tops.

boyfriend jeans

Peculiar and original boyfriend jeans. With them it is easy to pick up any desired image. This thing is combined with a sports option. You can also create a romantic look by wearing a lace blouse and stiletto sandals.

Decorated jeans

The female gender is presented with a youth model with decoration – embroidery, appliqué. This version of denim trousers is worn with a belt.

Grunge jeans

Grunge jeans are ripped jeans. An image of impudence and spontaneity is attached. This style has been popular for several years in a row. Fashionable grunge jeans represent large holes with threads sticking out at the edges.

Fashion does not stand still. From year to year there are various novelties. When buying new jeans, do not save on yourself, because style and beauty transform a person

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