Модная одежда к весне

Fashionable spring looks for women over 40 in 2020

“Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she has not become so by the age of 30, she is simply stupid,” said Coco Chanel. At the age of “30+”, true female beauty is just beginning to unfold, and after 40, a real woman blossoms.

Fashionable clothes for spring

Clothing Requirements

In order to feel confident and charming in the eyes of others, you need to wear clothes that meet several requirements. She must be:

  • comfortable;
  • comfortable;
  • stylish;
  • fashionable;
  • suitable woman in character.

In the spring of 2020, designers offer ladies many combinations of coats, dresses and skirts to choose from. Everyone will be able to update the spring wardrobe with some interesting, original little thing that emphasizes mature beauty.

Color spectrum

Spring dictates its own rules: in the winter season, dark, deep colors should be used mainly; by spring, in the soul of every fashionista, a desire to refresh the image wakes up, to bring bright notes to it.

Relevant for the coming spring:

  • red (literally fiery, scarlet);
  • Orange;
  • blue (especially denim);
  • coral pink;
  • saffron (yellow).

Fashion colors in clothes

White and smoky gray do not give up positions. Sometimes you can use black for the mood, but in the spring it should not be too much. It makes the image heavier, makes it more serious, severe. Black has another feature: its excess adds age. However, in combination with white, this effect disappears.

Fashion trends for spring 2020

Interesting bows

Russian spring is cool, you can’t do without coats and jackets. Designers advise to try on outfits that combine spring lightness with classic elegance that adorns women “40+” so much.


  1. Black leather retro jacket, light blue jeans, handbag.

Black leather jacket

  1. Chocolate-colored quilted jacket, light trousers.

Quilted jacket

  1. A red coat is knee-length or a little shorter, a skirt of the same length, black, with a handbag with strict lines.

red coat

  1. Coral coat, black trousers and boots, a soft, rather voluminous bag.

Coral coat

  1. Beige mid-calf coat, light trousers, white blouse, small elegant bag.

Beige coat

  1. Blue coat, light sneakers or boots.

blue coat


Sunglasses are perfect for almost any look. At the age of 40 and older, women should especially carefully monitor the skin of the face, protecting it from harmful solar radiation.

It is important to carefully approach the choice of shoes so that your feet do not get tired during the day. The high heel is not in trend today: it has given way to a small, wide and stable one. Such heels adorn both over the knee boots, and ankle boots, and boots of the usual height to the knee.

It is not forbidden to wear high-top sneakers instead of classic boots – high-tops or sneakers. But it is necessary to take models that are not overloaded with details, multi-color patterns, sequins and other decorations that will look good on teenage girls.

What to wear under a coat or jacket? In addition to classic trousers and jeans, these are skirts and dresses: they perfectly emphasize the femininity of their mistress. In the spring of 2020, the noodle dress is again relevant. It gently hugs the figure, eliminates imperfections and emphasizes the advantages.

Noodle dress

The trend is also a waist-length dress with a flying chiffon hem.

Pleated mid-calf skirts are back in fashion. But this length does not suit everyone: it is good for slender and long-legged. The rest of the ladies are better off staying at the proven knee length.

Pleated skirt

Spring wardrobe for women “40+” is diverse and multicolored. You can choose a slightly “boyish” look with a leather jacket and white sneakers, or you can walk along the city streets in a romantic long coat or raincoat with a wide belt and high boots. The main thing is that the lady should look harmonious, the outfit should correspond to her inner world and self-image. Otherwise, spring fashion 2020 provides complete freedom for creativity.

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