Fashionable spring manicure for short nails in 2023

It does not matter what length of nails the lady prefers – large or minimal. The main thing is that the hands look well-groomed. In today’s review, we’ll talk about what kind of spring manicure can be done on short nails in 2023. We will share trendy design ideas, list the most relevant shades.

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Trendy colors of nail polishes for spring 2023

Spring shades, popular this season, are distinguished by tenderness and brightness. Whichever color from the list below you choose, it will be a great addition to fashionable looks this spring. And you can look at something for yourself from the following options:

  • acid raspberry;
  • refreshing mint;
  • sky blue;
  • calm dairy;
  • energetic light green;
  • juicy melon;
  • gentle lavender;
  • modest beige;
  • trendy carmine;
  • airy pale pink;
  • natural herbal;
  • blue electric;
  • bright tomato.

As you can see, the palette is diverse, extensive, conducive to the most daring nail experiments. It doesn’t matter if you have short nails. This is not an obstacle to creating a stylish manicure that meets all fashionable canons. Moreover, now very bright colors look quite appropriate on short nails. For example, scarlet or fuchsia. Therefore, do not ignore them either, as well as the classics – black and white shades.

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Purple, lilac, orange, turquoise, bright yellow continue to be popular in the nail segment.

Design ideas for spring manicure-2023 for short nails

Now let’s talk about the spring design that is appropriate for the short length of nails. However, here it should immediately be understood that there can be no talk of any landscapes. The trend is conciseness, accuracy, minimalism. They should be followed when creating nail art.

  • With a metallic sheen. Very stylish and elegant solution. Including it would be appropriate to look at the office. Decorate your nails with silver or gold, thin or wide self-adhesive strips. They can be placed along the free edge to simulate a jacket, as well as along or across, obliquely, along the perimeter of the plate. And nothing else is needed – the design will already turn out to be self-sufficient. See for yourself by looking at the photo.

  • With flowers. Floral spring manicure-2023 for short nails of a square or any other fashionable shape is more of a classic than an innovation. Cute flowers fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the warm season, cheer up, give a positive charge. However, you should not “plant” a whole clearing on shortened nails, it will turn out too clumsy. Miniature inflorescences, vine, single buds will look much more harmonious.

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  • With pearl finish. A very delicate design that continues to win the hearts of fashionistas. Such a manicure looks expensive, elegant, spring positive. If you choose a white or milky shade as the basis, then nail art with a pearl rub can also decorate wedding looks. This is one of the most successful solutions for short nails. It is refreshing, fits equally well in both business and romantic styles.

  • microfrench. If you are interested in the novelties of the nail segment, then we advise you to pay attention to the microfrench. This is one of the subspecies of the classic French manicure. Its main difference from the traditional one is very thin lines on the tips of the nails. The result is a modest design that gives the nails a well-groomed look. It also visually lengthens them a little. With such nail art, you can easily fit into any dress code.

  • sweet bloom. Another exciting novelty of the season. It is worth paying attention to fashionistas who prefer a bright design. Sweet bloom is a beautiful manicure with a three-dimensional pattern reminiscent of stained glass, mosaic or mandala. The drawing is done by hand using contrasting shades. You can depict anything in this way, from flowers to fruits, berries, animals, abstraction.

  • With gold accents. A very elegant solution. Such a manicure will look especially advantageous on a short square shape. This is one of the most stylish designs for spring 2023. Gold potal, gilded wire, smooth glossy foil – everything is relevant. When creating a manicure, stick to graphic and minimalist principles. The brilliance of the precious metal will bring a special aesthetics to the image.

  • With “window”. If you want to see a manicure with a design that is original on your short nails, then we advise you to pay attention to this option. In fact, this is the same negative space technique, only in a new interpretation. A frame of gel polish is formed along the perimeter of one or two nails. In the middle of the plate, there remains a symmetrical square or rectangle that looks like a window, covered with a glossy top.

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In the event that you have not decided on the design, try to make a regular light monochromatic manicure. This is a win-win option for short nails. Or decorate the nail art with a minimalistic pattern.

Feel free to wear a manicure for short nails in the spring-summer 2023 season. It is both practical and elegant. Moreover, it will fit perfectly into youth images.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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