Fashionable spring wardrobe for obese women for the season 2020

The spring season is approaching, which means that fashionistas are in a hurry to find out what will be fashionable to wear in the spring of 2020. This question is especially relevant for plus-size women, the selection of things in this case is more difficult. We are in a hurry to share up-to-date information about trendy wardrobe items for obese women. Believe me, following our advice, you will not only look, but also feel perfect!

General trends

Spring 2020 remains committed to oversize models. This cut of clothing is still relevant. Remember, what you want to hide does not need to be tight! Add air between the body and clothes, and you will see how your silhouette is transformed. You need to guess the figure, and you feel light and not constrained in movements.

The palette is multifaceted. For overweight women this spring, stylists advise cornflower blue, mustard, light gray. Focus on your color type, for example, if your skin is naturally pale, then cornflower blue will make your face unhealthy. A deep mustard, on the contrary, will refresh and make facial features softer.

What’s in the closet?

Now let’s take a closer look at a few basic components of any woman’s wardrobe. We advise you to carry out an audit in the closet. It is necessary to consider only spring things, try on each one, try to make several images with one thing. What is already worn is not at all fashionable, we send it to the country.


The most profitable investment is a coat. For obese women, we recommend to abandon fitted models, as well as coat-robe models (with a belt). But a slightly loose cut with a length just below the knee will be an excellent option, both for every day – look, and on weekends. We advise you to pay attention to models with ¾ sleeves. If you have rather tiny wrists, then this option is a win-win. Bare hands will distract attention, excess weight will be reduced by 5 kilograms, at least. But don’t forget the gloves!

If you lead an active lifestyle, it is uncomfortable for you to wear a coat, then get an actual jacket. In the past, the length of “cover the ass” remains. Stop your choice on a shortened model, or on a knee-length model. It is better for overweight women to choose a jacket without a hood, since using a scarf as well will result in excessive layering. The neck and shoulders will look heavy and voluminous. This season, beige and olive tones are in trend.

Blouses and shirts

Your blouse should match both the office dress code and evening coffee with a friend. Do not choose models with frills, edging. Stores introduced models with voluminous sleeves this spring. It’s fashionable. But plus-size women need a part-length sleeve. Avoid tightly buttoned collars. If it’s a shirt, open the first button. If it’s a blouse, choose a V-neck.

Printed shirts and blouses are irrelevant, and add heaviness to the image. Choose monophonic, muted tones. Khaki shirts, brick-colored and nude shades look elegant.


Skinnies are out of fashion. In fashion, medium and high fit, flared cut or straight cut. We advise full girls to choose a medium fit and a straight cut. This visually lengthens the legs, hides the stomach. Narrow straps are not in trend, the trend is a wide soft belt. Models in casual style are what you need to choose. Colors: classic black, deep blue, mustard, emerald green, milky.


Pleated models are still in fashion, but girls in the body need to be careful with this model. This skirt should not be floor length, the ankles should be bare. Color – beige, pale lemon, turquoise, pale blue.

Pencil skirts are a must have. Try to choose a skirt that will have a small chip. For example, a small lace insert or a front lock.

Mini skirts and short denim skirts are not even worth starting to pick up. This is an anti-trend.


That’s what you will be queen in, so it’s in a dress. Midi length, loose or slightly fitted fit. It is better not to choose sheath dresses for spring, stop at a flowing and light look. A small floral print is in fashion, as well as scarlet and blue colors.


Cossacks are still popular, but in a season you will definitely be out of fashion. Plus size women can choose a wide boot with a stable wide heel up to about 7 cm high.

For a freer look – patent leather boots, but without any relief (for example, under a snake).

We throw out suede boots on the platform, over the knee boots with flat soles.

Here are the main directions of the spring wardrobe 2020 for obese women. Do not forget that we are all different personalities, and there is no need to try at all costs to fit the contents of your closet to the latest fashion.

Be stylish, surprise and inspire others with your beauty!

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