модные платья 2020

Fashionable styles of spring dresses of the season 2020

Judging by the dresses that represent the trends of the upcoming season, designers are hoping for a warm spring. The priority is free cut and mini, the absolute favorite among prints is floral, and among fabrics is chiffon. They did not ignore the past decades and even centuries, so the choice of those who are trying to please themselves with new clothes is very large.

fashion dresses 2020

Wide sleeves and mini

This spring, after half a century, mini-dresses will return to fashion again. True, this time the designers provided them with wide sleeves with cuffs. But the A-shaped silhouette of the product was inherited from its predecessors from the late 60s. Due to the additional volume in the form of a wide hem and sleeves, the girls in them look like Thumbelinas, who tried on flowers instead of dresses.

This style is perfectly embodied in models made of flying fabric, which is again at the peak of popularity in 2020. The pattern and colors can be anything, but so far floral ornaments and geometry prevail on the catwalks. In cold weather, you can wear these dresses with jeans.

Spring fashion 2020

Attributes of the Enlightenment

Some couturiers looked even deeper into the darkness of centuries and pulled out silhouettes of the 17th century from there. Already in the first warm months, fashionistas will start to flaunt in chiffon dresses with an abundance of flounces, ruffles and bows. Several fashion houses at once dressed models in similar outfits, risking adding a long-forgotten frill collar to them, which is not suitable for every girl.

As for the length of the hem, it should be large, and the silhouette should be narrow, with a clear emphasis on the waist in the form of a wide belt to balance the variety of elements. Floral patterns take first place here too.

Dress for spring 2020

Asymmetry and drape

Velvet dresses stubbornly do not want to leave the game, so they remain for the spring of 2020. Their difference from last year’s models is in the presence of draperies. In the evening options, designers have resorted to such a technique as asymmetry – another noticeable trend of the upcoming season.

Dresses with one sleeve or with an asymmetrical hem were noted in almost all fashion shows. Perhaps this trend will be combined with the trend of reworking old things, and fashionistas will take up scissors, trying to keep up with designers.

Asymmetry is one of those techniques that allow you to visually adjust the length of the legs. To appear taller, you should choose dresses with a sloping hem. This year it will be possible to find many similar models in stores. They look quite bright due to their cut, but are also suitable for everyday life.

asymmetrical dresses

Bandage dresses

Outfits of this style could still be preserved in the closets of some women – in the 90s, bandage dresses were almost a symbol of the era. Not only those who possessed ideal forms could afford them. If the dress was made of dense material, then it supported the figure and led it to the likeness of an hourglass.

In the spring of 2020, designers decided to play on the texture, making leather products and complementing them with fringe on the cuffs or on the hem.

Bandage dresses

The dresses look very elegant, but they require exceptional occasions – due to excessive fitting, spending at least a couple of hours in this is already a feat.

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