Fashionable summer blouses 2020

Creating a summer look, women need to pay special attention to which fashionable blouses 2020 should be chosen. After all, this wardrobe item is basic, complementing skirts, shorts, blouses, overalls, suits and allowing you to always look stylish and flawless. Moreover, stylists offer a huge selection of models, among which every fashionista will be able to choose an option that will suit her taste and will favorably emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

What style of blouses will be in trend this summer

Photos of celebrities and shows of new fashion collections suggest the features of fashionable summer blouses 2020:

  • open shoulders will become an original addition to any look – while you can use models with completely open shoulders, as well as with various cutouts, cuts or asymmetries in this area;
  • high collar can make a blouse an element of a fashionable business style, and models with a stand-up collar and sleeveless will be comfortable for the heat;
  • wrap blouse – another way to draw attention to the neckline and waist, emphasize your charms and make the bow seductive and exciting;

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  • shirt cut, despite its severity and conciseness, it is suitable not only for a discreet office style dress code, but it will also look appropriate in combination with jeans or trousers, creating excellent bows for relaxing, romantic and business meetings;
  • transparency, presented in the collections of Armani, Saint Laurent, Fendi, not everyone can afford because of the courage and frankness of the outfit. An alternative could be models of translucent fabric and layered cuts from the design houses of Carolina and Nina Ricci, offering the eyes only soft outlines of silhouettes;
  • lace products are offered by Naeem Khan, Chloe, Zimmermann, turning an ordinary blouse into an elegant and sophisticated wardrobe item;
  • tops and cropped length will become the choice of slender girls who can somewhat provocatively and seductively open the perfect tummy for viewing;

  • accent sleeves – all variations on the theme of air volumes will be in fashion – flashlights, bells, ham sleeves, multi-layer solutions. Such free forms of strict cuffs, which are also present in fashion collections, are perfectly emphasized;
  • sleeveless models may be the best choice for hotter weather – blouses with short voluminous sleeves or blouses-shirts will be in trend;
  • loose hoodies suitable for full women – such summer blouses 2020 will not only allow you to hide their problem areas, but will also be at the peak of popularity;
  • asymmetric models will allow you to create daring and extraordinary images: with one sleeve, with an elongated train, different lengths of blouses, etc.

Fashionable decor for summer blouses

When choosing a blouse according to style and style, one should not forget about fashion trends in decor. This summer, the following finishing elements will be especially popular:

  • flounces and ruffles, giving the image of romance and femininity and perfectly complementing bows with strict trousers or jeans;
  • airy pleats will also add elegance and make the bow sophisticated and delicate;

[tds_warning]IMPORTANT! Flowing light fabrics of pleated blouses will look advantageous both on young girls and on beauties 50+. Due to the peculiarities of the texture, such elements gently mask the flaws of the figure and draw attention to the merits, making the image light, lively and dynamic.[/tds_warning]

  • bows and various knots can be present in different areas of the blouse – at the waist, at the neck, on the side of the neckline, on the chest, on the shoulder, etc. This decor will make the overall look lighter and carefree in a summer way;
  • peplums will emphasize the waist and emphasize the hips – this is one of the options when fitted models will be considered in fashion.

Choosing the optimal color and pattern of a blouse for summer 2020

Summer is, first of all, brightness and freedom. This is exactly what fashion stylists were guided by this year, offering a large selection of prints and shades for women’s blouses. The trend will be:

  • monophonic models in juicy summer shades – turquoise, lemon, sky blue, lavender;
  • neon colors (canary yellow, fuchsia, light green), which came from the catwalks of the Roksanda show and Eckhaus Latta. They will look especially impressive in combination with a black bottom or with the same trendy acid colors;
  • intricate ethnic patterns;
  • active leopard and tiger print;

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  • original decorative photo prints with phrases and logos;
  • charming polka dots – from small to large with a pattern inside;
  • geometric motifs, which will be both in cut and in decor and colors (stripes, broken figures, cage, etc.);
  • floral decor – while a large pattern on a plain background will look more bright and stylish;
  • blurry pattern – will help create an original effect of a dynamic silhouette.

As you can see, fashion trends provide a large selection of styles, colors and patterns for women’s summer blouses 2020, allowing you to select models according to individual preferences and at the same time remain a style icon.

What material for blouses will be in fashion 2020

This summer, preference should be given to lightweight materials with a “breathable” texture. The priority will be flowing light fabrics:

  • chiffon, which has a peculiar ebb and excellent air permeability. Blouses from this aesthetic material will look noble and aristocratic;
  • satin with its smooth surface and impeccable shine will allow you to create bright and festive looks, harmoniously complementing classic trousers and skirts;
  • cotton and linen provide comfort to wear and help create a variety of looks for both romantic meetings and office dress code.

What to combine fashionable summer blouses with

When choosing a stylish wardrobe, it is important to know not only trendy styles, decor and prints, but also how and with what to wear a blouse in the summer of 2020. The following combinations will be in fashion:

  • bright contrast of a romantic top and a daring bottom (joggers, cargo);
  • bold experiments of selection for one bow of different textures, shades, styles;
  • walking option with comfortable and elegant shorts;
  • exquisite sets with trousers of different cuts;
  • expressive edges due to a short top and a high-rise skirt or trousers;
  • perfect comfort with your favorite jeans.

Choosing a blouse as the main accent item of the image, you can easily complement it with comfortable and concise models of trousers or skirts. In any case, the trendy blouse models of this summer season will add extravagance to your bow, help you look elegant and spectacular.

We remember anti-trends in choosing blouses

Hide deep in the closet and urgently find a fashionable alternative for the following models:

  • cropped fitted blouses with an emphasis on the waist – this season they can only be with a peplum or you need to choose from options for a looser cut;
  • with a bat sleeve – not the same style and not the same volumes. We are urgently looking for a different cut of the sleeve, especially since the stylists offered a maximum of options for…

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