Fashionable summer blouses 2021

Fashionable summer blouses in 2021 will become the main part of the wardrobe for women. At the present time, with such a piece of clothing, you can create original bows that will differ in presentation and style. For example, fashionistas can combine a blouse with different types of skirts, trousers, jeans or even shorts. Trendy blouse options will bring interesting looks to girls’ wardrobes. This season, completely different colors and styles are relevant, so every woman will be able to choose a new thing for herself.

What blouses will be in fashion in summer 2021

Designers consider the following models of blouses to be the most suitable for the summer period:

puff sleeves. This style is suitable for girls of all ages. It is better to choose options where the flared part starts from the elbow to the hand. These models create an unusual image, while not distorting the figure.

Blouse with ruffles. This year, a variety of frills, ruffles and flounces are trending. They add femininity to girls. Fashionable summer blouses of this type in 2021 are best combined with a skirt or bike shorts, photos from designer shows confirm this. Stocking boots look good with a short skirt. This combination of audacity and romanticism will make the image unique.

Classic shirt. If earlier such a blouse was worn only for work in the office, now it is appropriate to use it for everyday wear. Fashion experts offer girls to wear a shirt in combination with a corset. It can be a product made of leather or linen mesh. Such options look restrained, but with a twist. Therefore, they are suitable even for festive events.

Straight cut blouses. Models of such a neutral style are best chosen from silk. The flowing material makes the image very light and gentle. This style makes summer blouses in 2021 concise, but due to the fabric, feminine elegant notes remain. These blouses are perfect for romantic dates.

Plain loose lace blouses. Exquisite material gives the wearer status and luxury. If earlier women of fashion preferred fitted blouses made of such fabric, now simplicity is in fashion. The elementary cut is compensated by the sophistication of lace. Stylists advise to combine such a top with a lace skirt or pants.

Short sleeves. It is the summer weather that makes it possible to wear models with short sleeves. It is worth remembering that this season, regardless of the length, voluminous sleeves are relevant. Fashionistas can safely choose blouses with puffs, lanterns to the elbow bend or Juliet sleeves.

Blouse with stand-up collar. This model is suitable for discreet bows. The closed neckline gives the girls a little austerity. You can wear such a blouse both to the office and for everyday walks. But this season, bright accents are relevant. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to options with voluminous sleeves, lace, frills or decorative ornaments. Such interesting details will turn a blouse into a wardrobe element for informal meetings.

Fashionable options for full ladies

Summer blouses in 2021 are also relevant for overweight women. A lot of curvaceous girls refuse blouses because they are afraid to look awkward. But this season there are styles for different figures. For such a physique, it is better to choose:

  • simple elongated blouses;
  • smell models;
  • or with a belt.

These options will visually create a waist and successfully hide extra pounds. No need to choose too loose or, conversely, fitted models. They will not highlight the figure in the best light. From the palette of colors, it is better to dwell on calm shades. Bright colors or excessive prints are best avoided. They create additional volume. Also, do not choose a very thin material. Instead, you can choose a dense or flowing fabric.

Fashionable colors and patterns of blouses

This year, in addition to the classic colors: black, white and beige, blouses of bright colors will appear in the women’s wardrobe. The palette should be chosen depending on what to wear with a blouse in summer. Designers recommend choosing blouses in these colors:

  1. Red.
  2. Yellow.
  3. Green.
  4. Blue.
  5. Light pink.

A mandatory part of the summer bow is a white blouse. Such a wardrobe item rejuvenates and makes the face more fresh. You can choose from different patterns and fabrics. If you want to add a bright detail to the image, you can choose an interesting pendant, massive earrings, a belt or a headband in saturated colors.

This season, metallic and gold-colored clothing is in demand among fashionistas. Many designers have released collections in this color scheme. Therefore, for evening events, you can purchase a blouse of this color.

Not only fashionable color plays a role in creating an image. You also need to pay attention to prints. Designers of flight blouses distinguish the following patterns:

  • flowers and embroidery. Dressing with floral patterns creates a delicate look. The main thing is that the pattern is not all over the blouse;
  • abstraction and geometry. Suitable for walks, informal meetings and relaxation;
  • strip. This print visually slims, so it is suitable for women with a tummy;
  • cell. This pattern has been a firm favorite for several seasons;
  • polka dots. It is better to choose to create a retro look.

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Women’s summer blouses 2021 are an integral part of the wardrobe, fashion trends allow you to create an exclusive look. You can wear them with skirts, trousers and shorts of different cuts.

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