Fashionable summer dresses 2020 for every day

Summer dresses for every day in 2020 will never seem boring to you. Each model is an interesting, and sometimes very unexpected solution that will make you brighter and more noticeable even on the most gray days. Do you want to get acquainted with the main trends of the upcoming summer season among dresses? Then all attention to our review.


Fashion trends among dresses for every day

Despite the fact that many models of casual dresses look really luxurious, this does not mean that they will be impractical or uncomfortable. After all, today designers have made sure that fashionistas are as comfortable as possible in any situation. And for this you don’t have to sacrifice in a beautiful way. So catch admiring glances on yourself, choose any style you like, and be sure – every day you are a queen!

  • Dress shirt. This style has been loved by women of various sizes and ages for a very long time. And in the summer of 2020, he will not lose his popularity. The shirt is loved for its laconic, most often free cut, versatility and comfort. You can wear it to the store and to work. It is appropriate that such a dress will look on the beach in tandem with slippers and panama. Also, fashionistas should definitely pay attention to feminine maxi-length shirt dresses, in which it is convenient to walk on summer evenings, and to the novelty of the season – a safari-style shirt.

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  • Trumpet dress. A very popular style today. Its other name is “mermaid”, and most often it was found in evening fashion. But, it was like that before. Now, trendsetters have made sure that the trampet fits well into the everyday wardrobes of fashionistas. At the same time, its cut remained unchanged – a tight-fitting silhouette that perfectly slims, with a slight extension downwards. And still, the difference between the everyday trumpet and the evening is obvious. And if the latter really amaze with their luxury, then the former look very restrained, concise and very cute. Often these dresses are decorated with floral prints.

  • On a coquette. Fashion shows, where famous brands demonstrated their cruise collections, surprised with the abundance of summer outfits on the yoke. But more recently, this detail was considered an anti-trend. But, fashion is cyclical, and today the coquette is again popular. It is not surprising, because it is a bright accent that will decorate and give expression to even the simplest and most restrained dress or sundress. The shape of the insert can be any: triangular, straight, oval or with a cutout. A coquette made of lace will look great this coming summer, as on dresses from the new Luisa Beccaria collection.

[stextbox id=’info’]Trendy colors for summer 2020 for casual dresses: blue, orange, soft pink, blue, peach, sunny, refreshing mint, cream, bright red (hellfire color), saffron, white, reddish brown, muted coral, lilac.[/stextbox]

  • With smell. Summer dress-robes are very comfortable to wear for every day. In addition, this model is a great solution for obese women, and it will be in fashion all 2020. This style has a unique feature to stretch the silhouette. And if the outfit is complemented by a V-neck that emphasizes the neckline, a high waist or a wide belt that hides a bulging belly, the image of a full lady will only benefit from this. A wrap dress will also look good on girls with a standard figure. In addition, they can afford to choose models with interesting decor options – transparent inserts or flounces, which are not available for puffy fashionistas.

  • With puffed sleeves. The emphasis on sleeves is the main trend of the coming season. Beloved by many, lanterns, puffs, lamb hams, bishops and bells – dresses with such catchy additions are worthy of your close attention. And even the most ordinary everyday outfit will look expressive if it is decorated with a voluminous sleeve of some unusual shape.

  • Polo. Great for everyday wear and sporty wear. For example, a light polo dress. This model is characterized by maximum convenience and allows you to create very attractive images. A distinctive feature of this outfit is a slightly fitted cut, short sleeves and a turn-down collar. The length of the polo dress most often reaches the middle of the thigh. But there are also maxi models that are also very comfortable to wear. And the polo does not hinder movement and is really comfortable in it even on the hottest day.

  • Asymmetrical. Dresses with asymmetry also look original and very expressive in everyday fashion. And here you can find not only models where the back of the hem is longer than the front, but also different lengths of sleeves, asymmetry in decor and cut. But the main hit of the coming summer will be exactly the bevel on one shoulder. And do not be afraid, it will look appropriate in absolutely any environment.

[stextbox id=’info’]The most fashionable prints for dresses for every day in the upcoming summer season are: polka dots, flowers, multidirectional stripes, ethnic motifs, abstraction, images of birds, animals and people’s faces.[/stextbox]

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  • Lace. Refined lace outfits look very feminine and cute on girls in the summer. And if earlier they were considered part of the evening or cocktail fashion, today they are successfully used to create everyday looks. Some business ladies who are not indifferent to luxury come in lace dresses even to business meetings. If you think that lace in the office will look out of place, then try combining textures.

  • Natural fabrics. What could be better than a linen summer dress in 2020? Perhaps only a dress made of the softest cotton or delicate silk. In a word, natural fabrics today are a trend in everyday fashion, and you need to remember this when choosing an outfit for the hot season. Practical and comfortable denim is also in great demand among fashionistas of all ages. After all, it is comfortable to travel in it, walk around the city, and go to work.

  • A-silhouette. A slightly flared cut, or as it is called A-silhouette, is good for both young girls and women over 50. It has a smooth expansion from the bust line or waist, and looks very feminine. Ladies of the age should definitely purchase such a model in their collection, because it will allow you to create a truly organic and relevant image for your age. Yes, and you can combine such an outfit with any shoes from shoes with a small heel, to wedge sandals, or soft sleepers.

  • With decor. Who said casual dresses have to be boring? Of course it is not. Shiny fabrics, sequins, rhinestones, pearls and other decorative elements inherent in evening dresses also look appropriate here. However, do not forget that their concentration in daytime fashion should be many times less. AND…

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