Fashionable summer dresses 2021

The main principle that designers were guided by when setting the tone for fashionable summer dresses in 2021 is layering and loose fit. Oversized, which prioritizes comfort and versatility, has not left the catwalks for many years. He did not bypass summer clothes either.

The best examples of summer looks this year

In the season of the baking sun, it is impossible to come up with clothes that are more comfortable and relaxed than a light summer dress. It is very easy to create a trendy image from an airy sundress, a loose tunic, a short or a long flowing dress. You just need to pick up a couple of accessories for them.

Despite their “common denominator”, free cut, each of the trendy models is unique in its own way. A variety of romantic and feminine, mysterious and elegant, magnificent evening dresses will please even the most sophisticated fashionista.

Let’s conduct a short review of fashionable dresses 2021 with a photo, for clarity.

Dress shirt. A-line cut, long or short sleeves, dropped shoulder line are the main fashion features of such a dress in 2021. A similar style looks chic on any figure, the main thing is to choose the right size and material of the thing.

Pt-shirt. Short length, loose fit, round neckline. In general, all the attributes of a T-shirt, only its elongated version. A great everyday option, well suited for sneakers or sneakers.

Open shoulders and flounces in one bottle. The duo of bare shoulders and frills in this season’s summer dress is a real hit. If you have not had time to purchase such a model, we advise you to definitely take a closer look at it!

Long summer dresses. For maxi-length dresses, flowing materials are suitable. The style is better to choose asymmetrical. So your image will look as original and gentle as possible.

oversized models. Free-cut outfits are needed not only to hide body flaws. This style is suitable for anyone who wants to shine with style, but feel as free as possible. Short summer dresses in oversized format will look trendy.

Dresses with lace. The tenderness and femininity of such outfits is difficult to overestimate. You can not get around this element of decor in the summer wardrobe.

In a double dress, lace or embroidered elements look charming, almost fabulous. Love to be the center of attention? Then this is exactly your model. In a white dress made of light airy material, embroidery will add incredible femininity.

Denim sundress. Denim for such things is selected thin, so that if it is on the street, even under the scorching sun, it will not be hot at all. In addition, the lightness of the material allows you to create a variety of styles. The most trendy of all will be a fitted sundress with thin straps and, of course, models with bare shoulders.

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Patterns, ornaments and colors. What’s in trend?

  • Strip. It doesn’t have to be black and white or vertical. This is a classic, but this season it is better to choose original print types. For example, stripes that are located at different angles, or those that form a certain pattern with their non-standard arrangement.

The main thing when choosing this is to remember that vertical stripes are slimming, and horizontal ones are expanding. First of all, focus on your body type.

  • Flower. You can’t even remember a season where floral prints weren’t in trend. In 2021, small minimalist flowers will be fashionable summer patterns. The print is universal, so it will be possible to meet it on dresses and sundresses of various styles.

  • Polka dots. Dresses with this print always have charming femininity and romance. Black chiffon, white polka dots, especially not very large ones, frills – all this guarantees the creation of a cute original look. Again, black and white is a classic, but it is not necessary to follow it flawlessly. Pay attention to colored polka dots with a white background or bright bases with a white print.

  • A tropical print with all sorts of green shades or oriental ornaments and patterns in boho-style dresses and sundresses will look bright, attractive and unusual.

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Tandem of tenderness, freedom and comfort

Fashion for the summer of 2021 is a bet on the convenience of layering and loose fit. The originality of the hot season dresses this year lies in the combination of originality, femininity and romance. To do this, designers use flounces, lace elements and an asymmetric cut along with oversized. Modern life, filled with movement and activity, requires comfortable clothing!

Catwalks, shops and boutiques are full of delicate polka dots, tropical patterns and ornaments. The fitted silhouette “on the figure” can be found only in the case of evening dresses and strict office bows. An exception in casual wear is mini denim dresses.

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Versatility is another “credo” of fashionable summer dresses of the 2021 season. Properly and painstakingly approach the choice of a model, and the look for a party, date and everyday wear is ready! It remains only to choose the right shoes, bag and jewelry.

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