Fashionable summer flat shoes 2021

Fashionable summer shoes without a heel in 2021 are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. In hot weather, you want not only to be beautiful, but also to feel comfortable. For such cases, stylists have provided flat-soled models.

What shoes without a heel will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

This year there will be many stylish and comfortable shoe options. Designers even made house slippers for going out. The material presents the most relevant shoes for the summer.

Clogs and clogs

Clogs are an ambiguous trend. Such a model is either at the peak of popularity, or it goes into the category of obsolete shoes. Clogs were first used in France. The poor and workers wore such shoes made of wood to protect them from mud and water. Later it began to be used as a style item. Fashion for the summer of 2021 brings back the old trends, so you can safely choose clogs to create a beautiful look.

Clogs are a variation of wooden slippers with wooden soles and leather tops, which were attached with decorative nails. These shoes were worn in the UK. This model is perfect for hot days. Wooden products can be combined with dresses and trousers made of light chiffon fabric.

Platform sandals

If you are uncomfortable in heels, but you need shoes for the event that will add a couple of centimeters to your height, then take a closer look at the platform. Modern designers advise to pay attention to espadrilles and 5-7 cm platform sandals. These models go well with dresses of different lengths.


Last year, underwear style was relevant, now designers have come up with a similar shoe trend. The emergence of such a trend is due to a long quarantine. Home shoes without heels fit wide and narrow feet, fashion trends for the summer of 2021 allow every girl to feel comfortable. Experts suggest choosing fur slippers or rubber slippers. The latter can be worn for relaxing near the water or working with the earth. Fur options are suitable for everyday looks, they will add zest.


This year, you can choose any of the models: gladiatorial, with interlaced ropes or silk ribbons, with Velcro / rivets, with decorative elements. Designers advise wearing them with overalls and Bermuda shorts. Depending on the destination, you can choose minimalist shoes in neutral colors or shiny sandals with additional embellishments.

flip flops

Such shoes became trendy in the year before last. This is due to the fact that convenience and practicality are important for girls, and this model has it. On the catwalks, experts presented different variations: on a flat run / on a platform, with silk ribbons, rubber elements, etc. Fashionable flat shoes of this model are suitable for informal meetings for the summer of 2021.

Square toe shoes

In many stores now you can find models with a square cape. Such shoes became popular back in the 90s, so you can find actual shoes or sandals in an old wardrobe. This option is combined with a formal style, and is perfect for creating office bows.

Ballet shoes

Another practical option. Ballet flats are in demand among girls for several years. This versatile model is perfect for cool summer days. For every day, it is better to choose a neutral option without unnecessary decor. You can wear them with both dresses and trousers.


Such stylish shoes are present in the wardrobe of every girl who leads an active lifestyle. After all, sneakers are the most practical and comfortable option. Even famous designers began to use them in their collections.

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Wicker and woven shoes

Another option that is associated with naturalness, lightness and environmental friendliness. This season, wicker hats, bags and shoes are considered trendy. But you should not use them at the same time, a maximum of two elements together. Designers suggest paying attention to weaving sandals.

Models with ankle straps

Shoes and sandals with straps on the leg look very feminine and neat even without a heel. This model is versatile. It can be combined with jeans or trousers, dresses and midi skirts. The strap makes everyday look more interesting. But you should carefully consider the choice. If you have a large ankle or want to visually lengthen your legs, then strappy sandals are not worth buying. They shorten the leg and visually make it bigger.

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What decor and color will be fashionable in 2021

This season, white shoes will be the most relevant. Also for summer, models of beige, blue, light green and brown shades are suitable. Black remains the universal option. Sandals with floral decor, with chains, ribbons, stones, pearls and rivets will be considered trendy. Designers in 2021 prefer contrasts: rubber soles with thin rhinestone straps, elegant sandals with massive elements. Also fashionable models are shoes with cutouts and a graphic shape.

Fashionable summer shoes without a heel are a must for women in 2021, photos confirm that such models are not only comfortable, but also stylish. A suitable option can be found for sports, and for walks, and for business events.

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