Fashionable summer looks 2020 for short women

Summer looks 2020 seasons offer many trendy solutions for petite women. The most inspiring ideas are already collected in this article!


Main Rules

Girls of short stature have their own tricks that help not only look taller, but also create stylish and spectacular images.

Adjusting the proportions

To look like visually higher allow proper proportioning. With miniature parameters, the surest move is to create such proportions with the help of clothes, which imply that the torso is shorter than the legs.

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The most common and fashionable way to achieve the right balance is not to ignore the trendy cropped tops paired with high bottoms.

high fit

The high landing is not only an unconditional trend, but also an effective way to regulate growth. The main task of a petite fashionista is not to visually shorten the length of the legs and highlight the waist. The easiest way to do this is with the actual high landing.

Effective verticals

There are several effective ways to slim and draw out the silhouette. Fortunately, all of the above methods summer fashion trends 2020.

  • A vertical row of buttons or a zipper with a similar direction can be placed on a dress or skirt. These tricks are especially effective when it comes to visually increasing height.
  • Can be adopted and print with favorable direction. The classics of the summer time are marine vertical stripes. However, topical flowers or animalistic motifs can also create a vertical.
  • Vertical cuts, stripes, contrasting inserts are also distinguished by excellent efficiency.

  • Monochrome images also work great, which in hot weather are made up mainly in a light or pastel palette. Similar fashion images are good with solid color suits and fit great for obese women of short stature in season summer 2020.
  • The necessary verticals in the image can also be created using the unbuttoned top layer. This technique can be taken into account – it will definitely come in handy with a slight cold snap.
  • Things in the style of boho and hippies usually have an elongated silhouette line, and due to this they are great for fashionistas of short stature.

Body shoes

A definite must-have for petite girls is flesh-colored shoes. Such a pair practically merges with the color of the legs, which means that it visually lengthens the silhouette. You can even decide on a model with trendy transparent inserts. But dark and contrasting shoes with straps in the ankle area undesirably “cuts” the figure and lands the silhouette.

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If the choice falls on a bright pair, it is better if it consists of thin elegant straps.

Short Look Ideas

When choosing shorts for the summer, low-rise models should be ignored. Another forbidden technique is straightening the top and masking the waist line as such. A completely different effect is guaranteed by the fashionable style of a comfortably short length with a high waist and not too voluminous cut. The top in such bows should be no longer than waist level or tucked into shorts. What successful outfits look like, you can look at a photo below.

It is worth noting a wide variety of materials for fashionable shorts in the 2020 season – linen, leather, lace, denim and cotton.

With a mini skirt

Small ladies with slender legs should definitely not ignore the relevance of mini skirts. The most fashionable styles are mainly represented by a trapeze or a straight cut. A winning solution would be a skirt with a fit at the waist and a minimal contrast in the color of the product with the color of the legs. A stylish beige, nude and pastel palette is the secret to long legs in summer looks.

The top in these outfits can be tucked in or create a diagonal. If you leave a long T-shirt or sweater to fall, it will treacherously steal about 20 cm from the length of your legs!

With midi skirt

The length just below the knee at the site of the narrowing of the lower leg is not a strict prohibition for girls of short stature. An excellent choice would be such a plain A-line skirt with a fit at the waist and a vertical row of buttons. Pencil, wraparound or pleating are also among the best solutions. A belt or belt to accentuate the waist will also come in handy.

With trousers

In a fashionable summer wardrobe, you should definitely include trousers made of lightweight material. Fashion The 2020 season suggests focusing on a straight or slightly flared cut and fit at the waist. In business sets, arrows are welcome that visually lengthen the legs. Casual relaxed looks will not mind fashionable slits on trousers and vertical prints.

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[tds_warning]But it is better to ignore the shortened length of the legs – it will only violate the proportions of a miniature beauty.[/tds_warning]

With a dress

If a short girl, even in summer, has to stick to a business style, she can take a closer look at the relevance of a double-breasted jacket dress. This cut creates an accent on a beautiful waist and slender legs, and also visually lengthens the silhouette.

Everyday feminine bows are unthinkable without free dresses, fitted styles, shirt cuts, trendy models with frills or transparent inserts. For a special occasion, it is better to choose the style of the case. In any case, excessively voluminous decor and cut should be abandoned – they will only land.

With overalls

Jumpsuit is a priori a good choice of outfit for a petite lady. The monophonic model promises to look the most advantageous, but concise prints are also welcome. Only dark colors are best avoided, because they visually land the silhouette.

We take into account trends

  • Fragile girls should use graceful parameters to their advantage. For example, they can open the shoulder line. Styles that allow you to do this are the most trendy in the 2020 season. Stylists emphasize that this flirty top combine correctly with a more restrained bottom.
  • Patch pockets look fresh and stylish, which in 2020 are present in new items that resemble workers’ clothes or belong to the safari style. Such elements are not contraindicated for short stature, but they should not be too large.
  • Various asymmetric solutions are also acceptable in the clothes of a petite girl.

  • Romantic frills and ruffles are one of the hottest trends. summer 2020 season. Such elegant details in a metered amount are appropriate even in fashionable image for short women over 50.
  • Deep V-neck – this trend seems to be specially invented for short girls.
  • To make summer bows more interesting and stylish, current prints should be taken into account. In 2020, peas, flowers, tie-dye, ethnic, tropical and animal motifs won the championship.

  • Modern fashion strives for individuality. Today you can not blindly follow …

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