Fashionable summer looks 2020 without heels

Fashionable summer looks with shoes without heels have become almost the main trend of 2020. They allow you to move away from the usual canons and feel as comfortable as possible in any situation. Let’s talk today about how to learn how to properly create such stylish and comfortable bows.

Rules for creating a harmonious look without a heel

Many ladies have learned from childhood that it is possible to look feminine, sophisticated and attractive only in shoes with heels. However, we dare to assure you, this stereotype has long been outdated. Today, you don’t have to wear high heels to show off your style. It’s time for flat shoes. Indeed, in addition to convenience, it allows you to create very interesting and non-trivial bows. And thanks to our review, you will soon see this. In the meantime, let’s study the general rules that will help in any situation to create a harmonious image at low speed.

  • Heels make legs longer and slimmer, and this is a well-known fact. But few people know that you can achieve a similar effect by wearing flat shoes. To do this, it is enough to bring more vertical elements into your fashionable bow. For example, a stripe as a print, long zippers, buttons in a row, a long cardigan, fringe, etc. All this will visually stretch the silhouette and make it slimmer.

  • Resort to Total look as often as possible. After all, an image made in white, black, dark blue, beige or other classic colors will not only emphasize your elegance, but also make you look more fit. Therefore, even dressed in shoes without a heel, you will still seem slim. Do not forget that monochrome is the leading fashion trend of the current season, so you definitely should not refuse it.

  • Complete your wardrobe with patent leather flats. This is another trick that will allow you to get a stylish and fashionable look without a heel. The shiny surface looks very catchy and expressive, which makes shoes or boots self-sufficient. Such a model will ideally complement any bow and become its main highlight.

  • Choose things based on the type of your figure. Of course, this rule is universal, but it is especially important to keep it in mind if you choose low-cut shoes. So, tall girls can afford trousers with absolutely any fit, since in any case their image will turn out to be harmonious due to long legs. But fashionistas of short stature should choose a bottom with a high or at least medium fit to look slimmer. And do not forget about the open ankles – they fit perfectly with flat shoes.

  • If you want to create a really fashionable look for the summer of 2020 without heels, then we advise you to pay attention to shoes with a pointed toe. After all, they actually give the same effect as heels – they visually stretch the leg. The bow, in which there are shoes with a pointed toe, is more elegant and sophisticated. However, this does not mean that wearing a rounded toe is completely forbidden. It’s just that it’s not in trend now, so it’s worth resorting to it in the most extreme cases.

[stextbox id=’info’]Additional accessories will help to make the image without a heel much more interesting – massive jewelry, a scarf in playful colors, sunglasses, bright handbags. Therefore, it is definitely not worth giving up on them.[/stextbox]

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Fashionable flat shoes and what to wear them with

Sandals, ballet flats, loafers and other low running shoes are the perfect solution for a hot summer. They give comfort and a feeling of lightness, and, more importantly, allow our legs to remain healthy. However, as you already understood, you need to create a fashionable bow with them with skill, otherwise the result will disappoint you. Therefore, take note of our detailed guide, which will tell you about fashion models of shoes without a heel, and about what to wear them with correctly.


A summer wardrobe without sandals is definitely not complete, because these comfortable shoes are perfect for hot days. This model is good for everyday wear and for going to the beach, and the flat sole and soft fixing straps will provide your foot with maximum comfort.

Sandals should be combined with dresses or maxi-length skirts made of light flying fabrics, complemented by a slit that will show others the beautiful lacing at the ankle. Ethnic style outfits will also look great here. And those girls who prefer both a shorter length and a more modest look can choose a dress in a minimalist style for sandals. If you prefer pants, then they must be shortened to reveal the straps.


These summer shoes are very much in demand today, and there are several reasons for this. First, it is incredibly comfortable and versatile. In it you can go on a trip, and on a date, and for a long walk. And thanks to the lightness and softness of the textures, the legs will be easy and comfortable. Secondly, espadrilles are sewn exclusively from natural fabrics (linen and cotton), which corresponds to the desire of many fashionistas for environmental friendliness.

Like any other footwear, espadrilles are available in different versions. First: open with ties around the ankles. They are ideally combined with beach outfits, hats and other marine paraphernalia. And the latter, having a closed textile nose, are good for creating everyday looks. For example, such espadrilles can be confidently combined with a shirt dress, absolutely any denim, overalls, as well as short shorts and miniskirts. But in a business or evening bow, these shoes in casual style are definitely not worth entering.

Ballet shoes

A fashionable look without heels for every day is absolutely impossible to imagine without ballet flats. And in the summer of 2020, they will be in demand more than ever. After all, these are very comfortable and versatile shoes that easily fit into any style. And such noble textures as satin, suede or genuine leather make it more interesting. What can you wear them with?

Let’s start with the fact that ballet flats are the perfect solution for the office. They will easily fit even the strictest dress code and will be successfully combined with business suits, blouses, jackets and laconic dresses. No less successfully, you can fit ballet flats into a casual or romantic look. Shorts, skinny jeans, midi-length A-line dresses, short puffy skirts and even cocktail dresses – all these things that can safely be called basic will be ideally combined with ballet flats. So be sure to try to create a fashionable look with these flat shoes and you.


Low running mules are another good option for summer casual shoes. New for the season, they allow you to create a stylish and fresh look that will definitely attract the attention of others. In simple terms, mules are shoes without a back. From the outside, they are somewhat reminiscent of flip-flops, only with a completely …

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