Fashionable summer looks for women 40+

Women 40 years old are especially looking forward to the summer season to create stylish looks, because 2019 has prepared a lot of interesting new products for them. What? Now you will know everything!


Color spectrum

Everyday bows for an adult woman should not be boring and gloomy at all. A win-win color palette for a stylish bow will be exquisite pastel colors. Stylists recommend betting on shades of ivory, beige, pink, lemon, pale blue and cream tones. This whole palette has wonderful rejuvenating and refreshing properties.

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Do not discount the bright shades that look incredibly harmonious in summer looks for every day. Add juicy tones as accents, but don’t forget about the “rule of 3 colors” in a stylish look.

The only thing to be careful with is the predominance of “dangerous” colors in the image – purple, dark green, gray and black. This insidious palette is able to emphasize age-related skin changes. You should also not experiment with an abundance of hot pink because of the risk of looking stupid. A definite “Yes!” checkered prints, polka dots, delicate flowers, vertical stripes and unpretentious abstraction should be mentioned. But all possible pineapples, animals, berries and youth drawings should be deleted from your wardrobe.

Images with dresses

At 40, not only should you not give up dresses, on the contrary, it makes sense to make them the main component of your summer wardrobe. The reason for this privilege is the femininity, elegance and light romantic mood of images with dresses. In order for everything to match 100% in a fashionable bow, it is worth considering the features of the figure and the latest trends of the season.

Fashionable bows for the summer may include the following current models of dresses:

  • vertical striped dresses;
  • in playful polka dots;
  • with smell;

Wrap dresses will help shape your figure

  • A-silhouette;
  • red, blue or pastel dresses;
  • shirt dresses;

  • romantic models with moderate flounces and ruffles;
  • options with a charming floral pattern;
  • sundresses.

The most suitable length for this age category is just above or below the knee. In beach or romantic images, exquisite floor-length dresses are appropriate.

[stextbox id=’info’]Among the unsuccessful styles, one can single out models with bare shoulders or a deep neckline, mini lengths and dresses with puffy skirts, bows and ruffles.[/stextbox]

What to choose as a top

Fashionable t-shirts will be a winning solution for the summer season. Today, semi-free models with inscriptions, portraits or animal prints are in trend.

Shirts and blouses should also not have a tight-fitting silhouette. Linen and knitted tops are still appropriate at the age of 40.

The cutout at the top is important. At the age of 40, you can change the deep V-shape to an elegant round “boat”.

Pants and skirts

Pants are an integral part of the basic summer wardrobe. Slender women can safely choose shortened “pipes” and any models with a high waist, bananas are suitable for owners of an “apple” figure, and classic straight models are recommended for a “pear” figure.

In addition to the classic pencil or A-line skirts, we advise you to take a closer look at the current pleated models. The trend is such skirts with a high waist and knee length. If you want to add some color to your summer wardrobe, choose a pleated skirt in red, lavender, orange or blue. As a top, you can always choose a plain shirt or a T-shirt with an inscription.

No stylish jeans

Stylish summer looks 2019 for women 40+ can include trendy jeans. This bottom refreshes the bow, making it more modern and stylish. The main thing is not to make a mistake in style!

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Stylists note that in the wardrobe of a 40-year-old fashionista, classic straight jeans, flared style, skinny or boyfriends are appropriate. All these options will work wonderfully paired with trendy t-shirts, blouses and shirts. To warm up the image, you can add a stylish jacket to it, thereby creating an actual layering effect.

As colors, it is better to choose typical summer shades – white, beige and light blue. The list of taboos for a 40-year-old woman can include jeggings, ripped jeans, low-rise models and a lot of scuffs. We also include decor in the form of rhinestones and beads, buttons and embroidery.


A trouser suit will be a mega-actual find for an adult woman. Now he is not an attribute of office style, but gets along well in an everyday look with sneakers. You can choose a stylish T-shirt with an inscription or print or a linen-style top to create a modern stylish bow.

At the age of 40, it is already unacceptable to exchange for cheap low-quality things. A stylish trouser suit is especially demanding on the quality of the material and the perfect fit.

Shoes matter

Stylists are categorical that the shoe wardrobe of an adult woman should not consist of only classic black pairs. Moreover, dark shoes are generally contraindicated by stylists in the heat, because they age the image.

The summer season is a great opportunity to please yourself with stylish pairs of interesting colors and styles. Fashion trends have prepared many surprises – mules, sandals, shoes, stylish sandals.

Details are everything

It is difficult to overestimate the role of a women’s handbag in a stylish look. In the summer season, we propose to forget about the gloomy overall models of dark colors and let more elegant and light options into your images. An excellent completion of the image will be a small clutch with a clear fixed shape. We also advise you to look at trendy woven bags and models with transparent inserts.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A silk scarf coquettishly tied on the handle of the bag will be a stylish accent.[/stextbox]

The summer collection of accessories can also be replenished with brooches, silk scarves, stoles, sunglasses and laconic chains. It is important that the accessories looked (but did not necessarily cost) expensive and of high quality – it is better to leave cheap jewelry for young people.

Stylish hats will also be in favor of style. In the summer of 2019, straw and wide-brimmed hats and various hair bands are especially relevant.

Plus-size is not a hindrance to style

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We present you stylish summer looks 2019 for overweight women 40 years old. They clearly demonstrate that you can take the best from fashion with any figure complexion.

Some more valuable tips

  • One has only to tuck a shirt or T-shirt into trousers or a skirt, as the image immediately takes on a completely different mood – more feminine and stylish. Such a simple technique highlights the waist, adds to the figure of harmony and makes the legs visually longer. Of course, it is better to carry out such experiments with the bottom of the high …

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