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Fashionable summer looks for women over 40 in 2020

The biggest mistake that ladies make when choosing clothes is its impersonality. If a woman is over forty years old, this does not mean at all that now she can only wear basic things. Summer 2020 trends can also be reflected in your wardrobe.

summer fashion

What colors are in fashion now

Blue is the hottest color this season. Choose an electric shade or opt for calm tones.

trendy color

In the warm season, look at pastel shades of pink, green and blue. They never go out of fashion. The most daring can afford a fuchsia dress – one of the most trendy in the summer of 2020.

fashion dress

White top, colored bottom

An example of a successful summer look for a woman over 40 is a combination of a light blouse and a long printed skirt. Choose lightweight materials so you don’t overheat in the sun. Refreshes an outfit that combines a neutral top and a bright bottom. This combination is eye-catching and is at the height of fashion. A great choice is large stripes, geometric or floral prints.

A white blouse

Asymmetric blouses

Conversely, an asymmetrical top can bring brightness even to an image with jeans. A non-standard silhouette is able to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages. A white blouse with an unusual cut will successfully fit into a work dress code and diversify everyday life in the office.

asymmetrical blouse

Oversized things

After a measured rest at sea, many gain weight. Then you want to wear clothes one size larger to hide the imperfections of the figure. Remember that you can not combine two baggy things at the same time. If you wear loose trousers, then you should choose a fitted top, and vice versa. Otherwise, your image runs the risk of becoming clumsy or even comical.

tight pants

Black and white

Fashion experts advise women to turn to monochrome combinations this summer. For an up-to-date look, both a classic cage and large prints are suitable. A combination of black and white garments is possible.

black and white suit


This season, vests are no longer part of the work uniform. This stylish piece will complement both a casual office look and a weekend outfit. Play with shades – the vest can be not only black or gray.


Solid colored suit

Regardless of the season and fashion, such a suit should be in the wardrobe of every woman. It can be worn anywhere – at a business meeting or at the movies. The manifestation of chic will be an image with a fuchsia or electric blue suit, but it will be enough just to buy trousers and a jacket of the same shade.

color suit

Graceful hats

If you’re not ready for some serious experimentation with your style, start small with accessories. Sometimes a colorful scarf tied to a bag can revive even an everyday look. Remember not to choose baggy “family woman bags”. They not only do not paint anyone, but also add age.


A headdress becomes a particularly relevant piece of clothing. The right hat will not only protect you from the summer sun, but will also highlight your natural beauty. With this accessory you will feel like a real lady.

Remember, your age is your dignity. Now you have access to images that in your youth looked unconvincing on you. A truly spectacular woman becomes only over the years.

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