Fashionable summer looks for women over 40

In this article, we will look at fashionable images for women 40 years oldrelevant in the season summer 2020. Something tells us that many inspiring examples you will want to take on board!


White dress

A classic summer wardrobe is a snow-white dress. In the 2020 season, this is not only a practical and versatile thing, but also an unconditional trend. Moreover, women of fashion are free to choose any style – free, fitted, with a smell, with bare shoulders, with a slit or voluminous sleeves.

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[tds_warning]Many girls will surely appreciate the relevance of a white dress with knitted or lace elements. This decor gives along with originality and eccentricity to a stylish image.[/tds_warning]

Printed dress

Small floral prints, charming polka dots, tropical motifs, stylish geometry – all these fashion trends of the 2020 season can be adopted at any age. The only thing to consider is the minimum color and print size. If the motive looks restrained, then it looks great at an elegant age.

In everyday life combine correctly dress with sportswear shoes – so you get a fresh and modern look that embodies comfort. There is another idea that exudes French charm – this is a combination of printed outfit with a button-down cardigan.

Separately, I would like to note the huge popularity of rich colors in the summer season. At least one bright dress is definitely worthy to be in your wardrobe. Choose your favorite color from a trendy palette of canary, pink, carrot, teal, green and coral hues.

natural fabrics

The need for natural fabrics with the passage of age is not a luxury, but a necessity. In the hot season, stylists recommend not to ignore the relevance of the same flax – the skin in such outfits breathes and feels comfortable.


Ladies at an elegant age can take note of the relevance of elegant silk texture. Dresses and skirts made of this fabric have become a real hit of the summer season. Moreover, such trends are distinguished by a magnificent palette – pastel, milky, blue, beige and lemon tones.

We draw your attention to the fact that delicate silk is perfect paired with coarse knit or knitwear. Such a game of contrasts will make the image interesting and expressive. The most famous tandem is a silk slip skirt and a sweater, or a voluminous buttoned cardigan.

Another fashionable idea is a silk vest or cape. Such a finishing touch will give the image a bohemian and feminine sound. In addition, when unbuttoned, elongated things are wonderful slim by creating vertical lines.


You can get inspired by the current looks with jumpsuits. For example, the leading trend is the belt of elegant sandals that are wrapped around long legs.

T-shirt + printed skirt

This is a fashionable combination that perfectly refreshes and rejuvenates the image.

Wide pants

Today, more and more women of fashion refuse uncomfortable tight trousers and prefer comfortable wide trousers. For the summer season, it is better to prefer light models made of natural texture. If the type of figure allows, it is permissible to choose a style with an oversized fit – this way you can accentuate the waist and guarantee many combinations with various top options.

Most trendy color for wide trousers – it is certainly white. But a muted natural palette of mustard, olive, blue and brown hues is also welcome.


The most trendy decor of the 2020 season is, of course, frills. Such romantic details today have no age restrictions, and look appropriate even in the image of a 40+ fashionista. At this age, large and voluminous drapery looks more advantageous, which acts as a key accent in the outfit.

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Fancy top

Fashionable summer looks for obese women 40 years old absolutely not against creative experiments with the cut of actual clothes. Stylish asymmetry or a non-standard silhouette, placed not in problem areas, perfectly distract attention from shortcomings.

So, in 2020, at the peak of popularity, the “wrong fastener”, open shoulders, accent shoulders, various draperies and assemblies are at the peak of popularity. You can choose the trend of your choice and integrate it into your outfits in combination with basic laconic bottoms, for example, with jeans.


It is very easy to look young and stylish if you rely on a light monochrome look. It is very simple to make it – you just need to choose a personal color favorite and choose clothes in the right shade. The game of textures and stylish accessories are only welcome!


A woman at any age should follow fashion trends, because this allows her to create relevant and stylish images. So, the long-playing trend for many seasons is the oversized cut. After 40 years, loose styles are also appropriate – if necessary, they can mask the imperfections of the figure.

Stylists have one secret that guarantees the creation of harmonious outfits. They offer to balance the loose fit with more fitted and tight clothes. For example, an oversized shirt looks great in the company of skinny trousers.

Safari style

After 40 years, you can look at the current style of safari. This direction is characterized by a natural palette, patch pockets, practical fabrics and versatility of looks. In the 2020 season, lightweight safari-style windbreakers are especially in demand. Some designers presented their vision of such models in unusual colors – mint and white.

beach mood

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is the first priority when it comes to preparing for the summer season. Now the trend is sports models, high-waisted swimming trunks, frills, lacing, inscriptions and gold buckles in the design of the swimsuit.

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A beach bow can be complemented with a stylish cape, which will give the image a bohemian and luxurious mood – this is a relevant alternative to the usual pareo.

Fashion season summer 2020 offers in such image for short women over 40 use a vertical stripe print that expertly elongates the silhouette.

Stylish Chips

Sometimes just one beautiful detail is missing to complete a bow. If you want your looks to look stylish and harmonious, make up a cheat sheet of trendy accessories and details of the 2020 season.

This list may include a satin ribbon. The stylists suggested using the elegant detail in the hairstyle, on a blouse or shirt, in the form of a choker or as a hat tie.

Women over 40 go wonderfully with elegant hats. Such an accessory makes the image more expensive and luxurious. We must not forget about practicality – a stylish headdress will protect your head and hair from the sun.

The real must-have of the 2020 season is knitted accessories….

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