Fashionable summer looks with shorts

In this article, we will tell and show how to wear shorts in summer 2020. Memorize the most stylish ideas and fantasize how you will put them into practice!


With a T-shirt

In the summer season, many fashionistas rely on comfortable and practical combinations, which is why they love to pick up their favorite T-shirt in the company of shorts. Fashion 2020 of the season draws attention to the fact that now in the top are products with flowers, inscriptions, logos, animalistic motifs and a colorful tie-dye print.

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The polo shirts that have come back into fashion deserve special mention. The most fashionable tandem of the specified top will be paired with free Bermuda shorts.

With a button up top

Many fashionistas have become fans of elegant tops with thin straps with buttons. This top goes great with high-rise shorts – take it into service!

With a jacket

The combination of shorts and a jacket has been in trend for more than a season, but, apparently, it is not going to lose momentum in 2020 either. It is understandable – there are so many ideas for the embodiment of this stylish tandem. Now we’ll tell you everything!

A classic of the genre is an addition to such a bow as the base layer of a plain T-shirt. In such an outfit, both suit and denim shorts will organically look.

If you want not only summer to be hot in 2020, but also your looks, embody the combination with a crop top. Fashion trends from the shows were categorical and approved the most piquant and seductive versions of such products. For example, in the top there is literally a rectangular strip of fabric or products that, in their design, are more reminiscent of bras than classic crop tops. If this is too much for you, prefer a plain cropped T-shirt – hitting the trends is definitely guaranteed!

You can also choose a plain shirt as a base layer – this approach will set fashionable image in a more businesslike way.

As part of a costume

Business looks with Bermuda shorts are gaining more and more popularity in alliance with an elongated double-breasted jacket to match. Ensembles in which both elements are designed in a free cut look especially stylish.

[tds_warning]You can experiment with the base layer for such a suit. A fashionista has the right to choose a crop top, a T-shirt, a feminine blouse, a silk or leather shirt.[/tds_warning]

With a shirt

Do you think that the image with a shirt runs the risk of being too strict and conservative? But the mood of the bow can be drastically changed if you prefer a loose shirt, unbutton a few top buttons and create a one-shoulder asymmetry. The created outfit will not be devoid of coquetry, but at the same time it will turn out to be quite restrained.

A relaxed mood can also be created with a shirt tied at the waist. In this image, the girl can go to the beach, taking a straw bag and a bandana on her head.

Another trendy idea for this summer is a loose collared or low-cut shirt with short sleeves.

With a tank top with thin straps

Girls with a slim figure can afford bodysuits or tank tops with thin straps – this is a real must-have for the summer season 2020. Tuck such products into the bottom with an oversized fit to accentuate the waist and your gracefulness. If desired, the created bow can be supplemented with a topical leather belt.

A straw hat, hoop earrings and thin chains, combined according to the principle of layering, can also become a stylish final touch of the created bow.

With accent sleeves

The real hit of the 2020 season is blouses with accent sleeves. It can be the famous “bishop” cut, classic lanterns, flared variations and all kinds of puffs. Such top options will perfectly transform the usual shorts and allow you to create fashionable and feminine bows.

Choosing this top will allow you to choose the most elegant and beautiful shoes. For example, it can be fashionable platform sandals or heels.

With sports top

On everyday ensembles with sports tops are great, whether it’s a sweatshirt, hoodie or sweatshirt. You can complement such a bow with a cool baseball cap, and choose sneakers or platform sandals in a sporty style as shoes.

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With knitted top

In the 2020 season, knitted and knitted tops are experiencing a new round of popularity, which, by the way, look great paired with women’s summer shorts.

With short top

A few years ago, stylists were categorically against the combination of mini shorts with a cropped top. But today such a combination is acceptable, but it looks best as part of a vacation look. In the role of the top, you can choose a T-shirt, top, sweatshirt or turtleneck with a flirty length.

[tds_note]If you choose cropped shorts, it is better to bet on a high rise – this choice will literally make your legs endless. But it should be borne in mind that this bottom is best combined with sports shoes or with a low-heeled model.[/tds_note]

With floral print

The relevance of floral prints in the summer season is, frankly, a predictable phenomenon. But it is worth recognizing that many girls are only happy with such stability, because flowers are the most elegant and beautiful pattern. If the print is located on the entire product, it will look most harmonious in a company with plain shorts.

Off Shoulder

Summer 2020 can wear shorts with off-the-shoulder tops and create feminine and fashion images. T-shirts, tops and blouses are presented in such an up-to-date cut – choose what you like best.

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In 2020, the asymmetric cut, which opens only one shoulder, is also relevant.

With transparent top

The splendor of transparent textures inspires designers to create new solutions with the active participation of this trend. Blouses and T-shirts made of a completely transparent texture (sometimes combined with lace or print), as well as products with such sensual inserts, are in demand now. All of these models are an excellent company for shorts made of dense solid material.

With a cardigan

In case of a cold snap, you can connect an actual loose-cut button-down cardigan to the created image. One lowered edge of such a product will look very stylish.

With an airy blouse

If you want images with shorts to find true femininity and elegance, choose a blouse made of airy material as a top. A double hit on the trends will be the choice of a model with a bow at the neck. According to the principles of combinations in the 2020 season, a delicate translucent texture will look most advantageous in combination with rough leather or denim.

Denim total bow

Wear shorts in summer in a denim total bow is allowed and overweight women, because denim, due to its density, perfectly masks the imperfections of the figure, and the unity of color stretches the silhouette. In addition to denim shorts, you can choose a top, …

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