Fashionable summer men’s shoes 2021

Fashionable summer men’s shoes in 2021 are an important part of both formal and informal looks. It is high-quality stylish shoes that emphasize the status of a man. This season, stylists presented a large number of models for different occasions.

What summer men’s shoes are in fashion in 2021

The most popular this summer will be the following options.


This is one of the most comfortable models for the summer. Initially, they were used by the Indians, and in the 20th century, wealthy Italians began to wear moccasins. Now men wear such shoes because of its versatility. For summer, standard white moccasins will be relevant. They are suitable for walks, informal events. For a holiday, you can choose bright red shoes with dark jeans and a light jacket. The image will add freshness and elegance.


This model is suitable for men who spend a lot of time at work or official meetings. Compared to the previous version, this is a more restrained model. For classic suits, black or brown loafers are suitable. You can choose products with a small pattern. Feel free to wear blue or burgundy loafers under light trousers or jeans. Models with small tassels on the rise look relevant.

Sport shoes

Sport is an important part of the life of a modern man. This season, designers offer to choose sports shoes or sneakers. Both standard laconic white / black options and bright models with interesting decor look stylish. A very fashionable solution will be orange-blue sneakers with black and white soles with orange accents. Another fashionable men’s shoe for the summer of 2021 is leather sports shoes. It can be an imitation of a crocodile or a snake. This option looks beautiful in black and brown.


This model began to be used by many famous designers. It allows you to move comfortably in any conditions. Slip-ons can complement different images. Models in white and black are considered a universal option. In 2021, stylists recommend paying attention to suede products. The classic option is a white sole, but now black or colored rubber looks relevant. You can wear them with jeans or chinos. For an informal get-together, choose white jeans, a denim shirt, and brown tassel slip-on slip-ons.


In hot weather it is not always convenient to walk in closed shoes. To feel comfortable, you can wear sandals. This stylish option does not soar the foot and allows you to move freely. This year, Roman sandals and options that look like regular shoes with cutouts in different places will be popular. It is better to choose leather or suede models. Standard sandals are suitable for holidays, walks with friends and outdoor recreation. Variants that resemble shoes will be a great addition to business suits, jeans or loose shorts with shirts.


This type of footwear is especially relevant in the summer. But it is better to use it for informal events. The combination of a jacket and tailored trousers with espadrilles can look comical. And so they are easy to combine with shorts, jeans and other pants. Don’t forget to roll up the legs to expose the boning. A versatile option is black espadrilles and brown pants.

Flip flops

Another popular men’s shoe that fashion offers to wear for the summer of 2021. In this version, the designers presented classic and unusual options. For everyday wear on vacation, flip-flops with a cross of two wide stripes on top are suitable. This model keeps well on the leg and does not interfere with movement. For brave men, stylists have prepared slates for one finger. This option looks very original and is suitable even for a walk around the city. Of the colors, black, brown, dark green will be relevant.

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Men’s shoes: how fashionable to wear in 2021

First of all, it must be said that you should not wear socks under sandals and slippers. This combination has long gone out of fashion, and is considered bad form. Therefore, such models are worn on bare feet in suitable weather.

It is also better to wear slip-ons without socks and make turn-ups on trousers to expose the ankle. Sports shoes and sneakers should be worn with short socks that will not be visible. Such models are best worn with joggers or skinny jeans. In hot weather, you can wear sneakers with loose shorts above the knee.

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Loafers and moccasins are also best worn so that the socks are hidden under the shoes. Remember that loafers can be worn with business suits for the office or evening celebrations. And moccasins look good in casual looks. For example, with a white polo and gray trousers.

If you are going to a formal event, then under a gray suit, choose closed shoes in black, brown or navy blue. For black, it is better to leave classic black shoes. And complement the brown outfit with brown or burgundy loafers. For light-colored clothes, choose shoes of the same color. For example, white sneakers with a white shirt and pastel shorts.

Fashionable summer men’s shoes in 2021 make it possible to create a variety of bows, this can be seen in the photo. Choose and experiment.

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