Летний педикюр 2020

Fashionable summer pedicure 2020

Summer pedicure 2020 showcases new designs and techniques. The novelties of the season will be bright, but at the same time muted shades. Multi-colored mosaics, drawings, sequins, ornate figures will help you enter the summer with a good mood.

Summer pedicure 2020

Trendy colors and shades


White is a bold and elegant color that will beautifully shade tanned skin and add zest to the image. It can be used both as a main cover and with the addition of an interesting ornament.

White pedicure

The black

Black, just like white, is a universal color that is in demand among the fair sex of any age. This season it is stylish to combine it with diametrically opposite colors.

Black pedicure


Orange is a bright, capricious and unpredictable shade. You need to use this color carefully, as it requires a competent selection of clothes. Orange visually expands the nail, so it is ideal for girls with a small plate.

orange pedicure


Delicate pink is perfect for lovers of femininity. This season, pedicures in pastel pink tones and a shade of fuchsia will be fashionable.

pink pedicure

The trends of 2020 once again prove that there are no boundaries in the choice of color and design. The main thing is to listen to your desires and feelings.

Trends in pedicure


Matte pedicure is ideal for girls who like colorful and muted colors at the same time. The matte top gently and gently removes excess saturation. When working with such a top, one should take into account its main feature – it highlights all the imperfections of the coating. For a quality pedicure, it is better to use professional materials that will gently lie on the nail plate.

Matte pedicure


Minimalism is a nail design technique that involves the use of small decoration elements. To embody all the ideas of their clients, nail masters use tools such as brushes, flexible ribbons, rhinestones.

Minimalistic pedicure

pastel shades

The use of these shades will add tenderness to any design. Also, beige or milky color can be used as the main coating.

animal print

Animal print has been in fashion for a long time and still continues to arouse interest among the fair sex. Now the trend is to print the tiger, leopard and zebra not only on a black and white background, but also on colorful colors. The design should be used if you want to make a small accent on one nail.

The latest trends in the field of nail service offer to decorate the legs with unusual ornaments, giving them a luxurious sophistication.

New Trendy Designs


Kamifubuki is one of the types of sequins that are distinguished by their large size. They are used to create a variety of designs and patterns. This decoration looks soft and bright.


Kamifubuki photo


Juicy and bright twigs, floral prints are another trend of 2020. In the new season, the use of green twigs and leaves as a decor will come into fashion. It is important that the focus is on only one nail, otherwise the design will look overloaded and sloppy.

Floristry in pedicure


Geometry is the latest fashion in the nail service. Many girls choose this design because of the ease of execution and the beautiful result. Simple lines and shapes can be made even at home.

Plant motifs



In the hot season, fruits will look more appropriate than ever. Cherries, apples, watermelons are depicted as slices or whole fruits. A pedicure will add playfulness and good mood.


fruit print


Foil gives the pedicure shine and charm. The design perfectly complements the image, making it concise and interesting.


foil print

A neat pedicure will always be in fashion, regardless of the season and trends. Healthy nails look aesthetically pleasing and seductive, and the right design will help to fully reveal tenderness and sophistication.

In summer, it is especially important that the legs are well-groomed and tidy, because the scorching sun, dust and water can harm the beauty of the nails. Pedicure is a normal desire of every girl to be on top in everything!

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