Fashionable summer shoes 2021 for a wide foot

Summer shoes for people with wide feet or bones should not only be fashionable in 2021, but also practical. Very rarely, people with such a problem pick up special shoes. As a result, they suffer from discomfort or pain, and quickly tire. Our goal is to help people with such a problem in choosing not only comfortable, but also stylish shoes.

Features of shoes for a wide foot

First, we want to tell you what properties shoes should have for people with a wide foot and a bone:

  • quality material. It is ideal if the shoes are made from natural materials such as leather or suede. Such products are quickly worn out, and the legs in them are free and comfortable. Patent leather shoes should be avoided as they restrict movement.
  • Comfortable heel. If you have a wide, boned foot, then you need to ditch high heels, stilettos, and completely flat soles. It is better to choose shoes with a wedge heel 3-4 cm high.
  • Freedom for fingers. It is especially important that the toes are located in the shoes correctly, and not squeezed. Especially, it concerns the little finger, which suffers most often.
  • Insole. The shoes should have an orthopedic insole, which distributes the load on the foot. The insole is selected individually for each person, because each of us has its own structural features of the foot.

Banal at first glance, but a very important condition – you need to choose the right size. Often girls, wanting to be beautiful, make great sacrifices. In this case, they buy shoes one or two sizes smaller, and then suffer and aggravate their health. Remember that the problem is easier to prevent than to solve.

Fashionable shoes for the summer of 2021 on a problem foot

A wide foot and bone require a lot of attention when choosing shoes. We offer you the most suitable shoe models that will prevent your defect from developing:

  • sneakers. You should pay attention to shoes with lacing, because in this case you have the opportunity to adjust the pressure on the foot. Slip-ons with an elastic insert are also suitable.

  • Sandals and slippers. If your main problem is bone, then you should not buy shoes with a narrow toe and high heels. Also unfortunate will be the choice of patent leather shoes. Alternatives are leather or suede, as well as sandals with rubber straps or flip-flops.

  • clogs. An excellent choice would be clogs with a slight rise. Their heel should be stiff, and the products themselves should be spacious and comfortable. Clogs are very easy to incorporate into different looks, because they are in fashion in the summer of 2021.

  • gladiators. Shoes called gladiators are trending in 2021. With the described defect, you need to choose open models that do not squeeze the foot. That is why gladiators are great for people with wide feet and bones.

  • Moccasins. Moccasins must have orthopedic properties. As you can see, this shoe contains a rubber band to regulate pressure and also has a slight instep.

  • Sandals. Take a look at the sandals, which will definitely be comfortable for people with a wide foot and bone. They are finished in trendy white, have velcro fasteners for pressure adjustment, and are complemented by a rise at the heel.

  • Sneakers. Sneakers for daily use or for sports should also meet all the recommendations. Perfect fit with an open heel and instep. In addition, this product has a mesh that provides additional ventilation.

The choice of shoes for wide feet and bones today is very large. If earlier people had to buy not very aesthetic products, today specialized shoes look very stylish, and a person can move without pain and discomfort.

If you choose for yourself really comfortable summer shoes with a wide leg, you can forget about your problem. In addition, you will not let it develop further.

How to buy shoes if you have problem feet

A person with problem feet should spend more time choosing shoes than healthy people. From this will depend on his further sensations when walking, as well as the progression or getting rid of the defect. Pay attention to the following tips for choosing shoes:

  • It is better to choose shoes for a problem foot in the evening, because by the end of the day the legs usually swell and become larger. If you buy shoes in the morning, then in the evening they will seem tight to you.
  • It is advisable to measure shoes with insoles to understand if you are comfortable in them. You need to walk around the store, walk in place, and listen to your feelings.
  • Do not rely on the fact that shoes wear out over time and take on the desired appearance. It is better to immediately buy a product of your size and not suffer.
  • Models with thin straps and bindings should be abandoned, because they can squeeze the feet and shins, as well as focus on the problem.

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Now you are convinced that summer shoes 2021 for wide feet can be beautiful and fashionable. If you have the problem described, try to do everything to alleviate your condition in order to prevent progression. Fortunately, today there are many options to make our life more comfortable.

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