Fashionable summer shoes without a heel

What will be the most fashionable women’s flat shoes in the summer of 2020? Definitely very stylish, light and comfortable. You will see this by reading our latest review!

Color palette

Many readers are probably interested in the question, what fashionable shoe colors will be the main favorites in the summer 2020 season? The most practical and at the same time stylish solution will be a soft range of beige tones. This is a good solution for a full leg, as well as for short stature – it is known that a pair that matches the skin tone as much as possible visually slims and stretches the silhouette.

Among the classic and versatile colors appear black, brown, caramel and white shades.

In the current collections, loudly declared themselves and emphatically bright colors that can easily turn into the most stylish accent of the image. You can pick up your personal favorite among blue, orange, red, yellow, green, light green, pink and blue shades.

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Fashion for the summer of 2020 does not skimp on a rich palette of pastel colors. Any representative of this range will look gentle and aesthetically pleasing – lilac, lavender, lemon, light blue or pistachio. These shoes are so easy to make friends with the most feminine summer outfits.

Couples with a floral print are absolutely charming. It can manifest itself in a drawing or in embroidery – each decision is equally relevant.

In the design of summer shoes, the animalistic motif, which is called the loudest trend of the current season, actively manifested itself. In addition to the usual python, fashionistas can turn to the colors of the zebra in an unusual color scheme. If the pattern prevails in the design of shoes, then laconic plain clothes will be an ideal companion for it.

[stextbox id=’info’]Crocodile embossing is also a hallmark of the 2020 fashion footwear season. This technique can enhance the status of any couple and add elegance to it.[/stextbox]


Wicker elements

The main character in the design of shoes can be wicker elements. They look reserved, but at the same time they are often the center of attraction for others. Women’s legs will look fragile and elegant and framed by lacing, which creates an interesting pattern on the shoes. You can also take into account the relevance of the ropes – such a trendy decor looks very organic in the design of sandals for every day.

Greek style

The Greek style often appears in the design of stylish summer shoes. Such pairs have several thin straps that emphasize the fragility and elegance of the owner. According to fashion trends, the main hit of the 2020 season is shoes in which the ropes wrap around the ankle several times.

Flip flops

One female sign says that thanks to stylish summer shoes, not only the image, but also the gait and mood can change. Perhaps such a favorite pair for you will be flip flops in an underlined elegant design. Models with suede and leather elements will look especially stylish and elegant. Fashionable flip flops are also often complemented by bows, woven and voluminous elements. Any option demonstrates a successful combination of comfort and style, so it is also optimal for women over 50.

flip flops

A stylish choice for the summer of 2020 can also be flip flops, which are famous for their convenience. But the design of such shoes in the summer season took a very unexpected turn – the brands abandoned the classic silicone elements and presented a new version of flip flops – elegant and stylish. The main role in the design of the novelty is played by trendy eye-catching decor – leather or thread weaving, flowers, stones, embroidery or long ties around the ankle.

Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes are unique shoes that have not lost their demand among fashionistas for many years in a row. However, most models are already at risk of looking out of date. If you want your ballet shoes for the summer of 2020 to please not only with comfort, but also with a stylish look, choose graceful models with a pointed toe. But the rest of the variations should be postponed until better times.

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Does not leave shoe trends and trendy sandals with a massive and stable platform. Sports models in youth style look especially creative – designers often decorated them with neon inserts, contrasting decor, buckles and all kinds of straps. Such a pair will look stylish not only paired with jeans and shorts, but also in a contrasting mix with romantic dresses.


In search of beautiful and comfortable summer shoes, you can also look at espadrilles. This model is literally saturated with the idea of ​​carelessness and the desire to travel. Many fashionistas will not be indifferent to the fact that materials of natural origin appear in the design of these shoes – this is ideally in line with the current and responsible commitment to sustainability.


If you have not had time to try on the high-profile novelty of recent seasons – elegant mules – then you can fix it in the summer season. Such shoes may well be presented at low speed, which in no way deprives them of their characteristic elegance and sophistication.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season presented a wide variety of summer flat shoes with chain decor. Such jewelry can be safely called the key hit of the year, so they guarantee the most accurate hit in trends. A fashionista can choose shoes with a modest narrow or extraordinary massive chain – both options are equally relevant.

A very creative move by designers is the use of chains as a strap. An interesting idea was also the coincidence of the color of shoes and decor. In creating a spectacular and relevant look for the summer, you can safely use golden shoes, decorated with a similar chain.

It is curious that trendy chains can look quite harmoniously on classic and discreet shoes. For example, they are often used to decorate loafers, a model that designers gave a second life to in the 2020 season. Such a novelty can be adopted by girls who need to follow the dress code at work in the summer. The laconic design of loafers will perfectly fit into business outfits, and fashionable chains will not allow them to be boring and predictable.

wedge heel

Designers decided not to leave fashionistas in the 2020 season without their favorite pair – wedge sandals. Most often, a high rise is made in the form of a cork sole or weaving. At the same time, the top can be presented in colored suede. These sandals may well claim to be your favorite shoes, because they are surprisingly comfortable, stable and elegant.

hand made

Among the current trends of the 2020 season, a large variety of new products for needlewomen is presented. So, girls who love to knit can diversify their summer wardrobe with a handmade dress, top or skirt…

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