Fashionable summer skirts 2019: trends, photos

In the next season, the summer fashion for skirts dictates not only bright motifs of the color palette, but also muted, matte shades of dark colors with various tints and streamlined mixed colors. One can talk endlessly about what will be fashionable in the summer of 2019, because the hot season of this year gives us a variety of relevant ideas embodied in reality by eminent couturiers. Of course, summer is a time of smiles, warmth and joy, so in this sultry season, avid fashionistas still prefer to dress in light warm colors without burdening themselves with dark colors. In this article, your attention is given to the fashion trends of summer skirts (photo) 2019.


Summer skirt 2019, which one to choose

Designers of well-known fashion houses do not change the old traditions, offering us the same bright prints on fabrics and interesting decorated models of fashionable skirts. Since summer is a hot season, materials should be chosen light, flowing and pleasant to the body. For example, a skirt made of natural chiffon, cambric or silk will be a great choice not only for evening meetings, romantic dinners and going to the movies, but also a great option for daytime walks and shopping trips.

Summer skirt should emphasize female beauty

Designers offer different styles of summer skirts for 2019

The skirt is able to create a light and romantic look.

The summer skirt is the most feminine, along with the dress, and the most variable, because at present there are many models of this type of clothing. The main task: to mask the flaws of the figure, emphasizing its advantages, making the woman truly magnificent.

  1. Mini skirt for young and slender representatives of the beautiful half of humanity
    Her version is a skirt-shorts, more relaxed, but also limited in use. The shorter the skirt, the smaller the heel should be, it is better to prefer shoes without a heel at all. To balance the image, the top should be extremely closed and simple.
  2. Tulip skirt, usually above the knee

    Usually the tulip skirt is slightly above the knee and is worn with heels.

    This model can be chosen for office style

    It shortens the height, so it is worn paired with high-heeled shoes. The skirt model visually enlarges the hips, which is useful for girls who are flat and bored in this place. Usually combined with a simple tucked-in top.

  3. Bell skirt
    Fitted, expands downwards and holds its shape well, because it is sewn from dense materials. Almost does not touch the skin, which is good in the summer. This model can enhance narrow hips and hide wide ones, but it should show slender legs. Bright patterns and decor look good on this model. It is combined with a laconic bulky top and heels.
  4. Year skirt
    A very feminine version, which, thanks to clear lines, makes the figure lighter and stretches it vertically.

    A year skirt is ideal for women with a pear-shaped figure.

    A casual summer option is good with a lightweight jacket and a blouse that can be worn both as an outlet and tucked under the belt.

  5. Skirt sun
    The most feminine option, giving its wearer additional charm and lightness of being. This model will add volume to the hips, which is a positive thing for skinny young ladies and highly undesirable for beauties with lush hips. The cut of the skirt suggests a simple top on the figure.
  6. Mid-thigh pencil skirt for slender legs
    Suitable for shoes with or without heels. If you choose boots, then be sure to high, so as not to divide the figure, visually landing it. This model is worn with a tucked-in top, and the waist is successfully emphasized by a belt.
  7. Classic knee-length pencil skirt
    The main thing is to choose a model with a perfect fit, otherwise all the advantages of the skirt will be lost in unnecessary folds.

    Designers offer different colors for pencil skirts

    For an office dress code, it is enough to choose the right top

    Such a model creates the necessary vertical, stretching the figure. Paired with heels, this high-waisted model is a great look idea for petite beauties. If there is not enough volume in the hips, you can choose such a model with a low waistline.

  8. Puffy flared skirt to the middle of the calf
    Model for tall ladies with slender hips who want to create a romantic, slightly flirtatious look. This model lands short beauties, and wide hips visually become even more massive. A simple tight-fitting top without additional decor is combined with this model.
  9. Flared maxi skirt
    It will make the figure bigger, therefore it is preferable for thin young ladies of medium height.

    Becoming fashionable in the summer of 2019 is easy – the main thing is to choose the right skirt

    Flared maxi is suitable for thin women, visually creating volume to the hips

    It goes well with a simple top on a figure and shoes with wedges or low heels. The skirt option is not for the office.

  10. Mid-calf skirt
    Very specific due to the fact that the hem ends at the widest part of the leg. Therefore, the model is not suitable for women of short stature and those who have full legs, as well as too thin. Therefore, this model is for tall beauties with perfect legs. This skirt needs to be combined only with elegant shoes with heels.

Choose your perfect skirt or a few close-to-ideal designs and wear it to enhance femininity and beauty in our pragmatic world. Below are the fashionable summer skirts of 2019: (photo) and fashion trends for your attention.

In the summer of 2019, you can play not only with a long skirt, but also with its color

In the fashion of the upcoming season, a variety of styles of skirts

Mini skirts are back in trend

6 ideas for summer outfits with a trendy skater skirt

Sonya Henie is considered the founder of short skirts for figure skating. This trend was later adapted to modern everyday life in the form of skateboarding skirts. This style broke into the fashion environment only after Lauren Conrad released a collection of short leather skirts paired with silk blouses. This image immediately won many fans around the world with its stylish and feminine look. The next summer season is no exception, skirts continue to conquer the world’s catwalks.

[stextbox id=’info’]Being a fresh and daring trend, the skater skirt is more suitable for the summer season. However, this does not associate it with elements of a purely seasonal wardrobe. In combination with a colorful top, this model will turn any woman into a fashion diva for all occasions.[/stextbox] The slightly tight A-line cut of this skirt makes it a fairly versatile piece of clothing. A variety of colors, fabrics and summer prints will satisfy even the most whimsical taste.

The skater skirt creates a chiseled silhouette

Many celebrities choose this style

The main advantage of this style lies in its ability to give any figure a more chiseled and slender silhouette. All thanks to the high waistline and loose,…

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