Fashionable summer skirts 2021: season trends

Fashionable skirts are considered one of the most sought-after wardrobe items for the summer of 2021. In the closet, the girl always has several models of skirts. This is especially true for the warm season, when you want to show others your beautiful legs.

What women’s skirts are in fashion in summer 2021

This season, designers and stylists offer to pay attention to the following options for skirts.

With flounces and frills

This romantic item tops the summer rankings as it is great for creating romantic, playful looks. Ruffles can visually add weight to the hips, so this skirt is best worn by slender girls.


Long products are considered an indispensable favorite of ladies. Specialists have created narrow, loose, multi-tiered maxi, so the skirt can be chosen for girls with any type of figure. For example, a white loose model with lace will visually lengthen the legs and narrow the waist. A top in the same design is perfect for her.

Short trapezoid

Fashionable short skirts conquered girls a few seasons ago. If earlier at designer shows you could see straight minis, like belts, then in 2021 the trapeze model has become a trend. For an evening walk, you can wear a cherry button-down skirt with pockets and black golf. This style is considered universal. At one time, trapeze skirts were often seen at Chanel shows.

Pencil skirt

This is a classic version: time passes, fashion changes, but the pencil skirt remains. The favorite product of many stylists will not soon lose its relevance. In the summer, this style can be worn to work or to gatherings with friends / art events. In the latter case, designers are advised to choose bright summer colors. For example, a yellow skirt with a simple cut and a white jacket with blue sleeves.

Trumpet skirt

The midi skirt of this cut is considered one of the most sophisticated and feminine. This style became popular in the twentieth century. The upper part of the product is tight-fitting, and the bottom is flared to the bottom, reminiscent of a trampoline. This is where the name of the skirt comes from. For a date, use a white skirt of this style and a black and white top. This combination will give the image of lightness and tenderness.

With slits

This model appeared in the summer collection since spring. Designers have created a variety of options: with one or more cuts, with deep or small ones, etc. If you are invited to a restaurant in the evening, then put on a long silk skirt with a deep slit on one side, a light matching sweater and a belt. Complement the bow with shoes with steady heels and a small bag.


The pleated skirt also represents fashion trends for summer 2021. Stylists advise choosing a midi or maxi length. So for a walk in the park or meeting with friends, you can choose a blue pleated skirt, a white graphic T-shirt and white sneakers.

With asymmetry

Things with such a cut were relevant in 2013, and this season they again took a leading position. Asymmetry will perfectly complement the image for an informal event. A soft purple skirt with a black element will be a highlight for visiting a contemporary art exhibition. The effect of asymmetry can be created by oblique frills, smells and cuts. For the most daring, designers have provided options with different lengths in front and behind.

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Sun skirts

Another fashion trend this summer. This cut of the product made it universal. A thing can create a frivolous look, so it is better to complement it with discreet blouses, shirts or strict jackets. Try on a sun skirt with circles in the form of planets, a beige blouse with a V-neck and pumps of the same color. Experts recommend choosing skirts from organza, silk, chiffon, linen and crepe de chine.

If we talk about materials, then this season the most trendy are transparency, leather and jeans.

  1. Transparency. The most extraordinary material that causes a lot of controversy. If you decide on such an experiment, then choose products from lace, chiffon, tulle or mesh. Polka dot mesh skirt over short shorts paired with a sparkly burgundy top will make a splash at a gala event.
  2. Leather. Products made from this material have been at the peak of popularity over the past few seasons. This year, designers offer a better look at meek leather skirts with locks in front.
  3. Denim. The most relevant are models with buttons located in front. If you want to buy a denim skirt, then choose with a raw hem. Skirts without scuffs and holes will look more presentable with such a bottom.

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Women’s skirts: trendy colors and prints for summer 2021

Summer fashion 2021 involves a variety of colors and patterns. The classic options are skirts in white, black, blue and gray. In summer, you want more warmth and relaxation, so you can also use light pastel colors: from beige to pale pink.

Experts are sure that among the prints, floral, geometric and checkered will be relevant. For a trip to a cafe, you can choose a short skirt in a wide red check. A pastel-colored piece with yellow roses will be a great addition to a date. A skirt with strange blue squares on a yellow background is suitable for going to the beach.

Now you know what fashionable summer skirts will be relevant in 2021. You can pick up a few options you like, create fashionable outfits with them and enjoy admiration.

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