Fashionable summer sundresses 2019

When choosing the styles of summer sundresses 2019, you should pay attention to the new items that fashion houses offer this season. Let’s look at the photo and figure out what design details in sundresses are now in trend. After all, in order to look stylish, you must take into account fashion trends and use them in your outfits.


Fashion trends

The collections on the catwalks for spring-summer 2019 show the general trends that famous couturiers offer.

Fashion house Max Mara showed this season A-line sundresses with woven straps and an asymmetrical one-shoulder bodice. I also used fabrics with a satin sheen. Flounces, frills and large bows were present both in this collection and in others.

Max Mara

Elisabetta Franchi uses translucent or shiny fabrics decorated with sequins in her sundresses. She uses classic thin straps and an American armhole in styles, which looks very piquant.

Elisabetta Franchi

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Oscar de la Renta dressed his models in loose sundresses, decorated with long fringe, ethnic embroidery and animal prints. And it looked very colorful.

Oscar de la Renta

Note the fashionable details that are relevant this summer:

  • large bows, frills and flounces;
  • braided straps;

  • corrugation and pleated;
  • fringe;
  • translucent fabrics;

  • fabrics with satin sheen;
  • lace is a must have of the summer season, seam, knitted or macrame;
  • patch pockets.

Draperies, a clasp with a smell, an asymmetric cut remain relevant. I would also like to note the return of boiled denim, as memories of the fashion of the 80s of the last century, and fabrics dyed with the tai dai technique.

For this technique, the fabric is knotted or twisted into a tourniquet before dyeing. It turns out a kind of pattern that never repeats. Dresses and sundresses, skirts and tops made of such material were in the collections of Emilio Pucci, Valentino and other fashion houses. Fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri paired the taidai with a floral print. Long sundresses made of such fabric are spectacular and dynamic.

Actual styles

What summer sundresses will be fashionable in 2019? And what novelties and trends of the season will make you irresistible? Let’s look at the styles and see them in the photo.

Loose fit sundresses

Such sundresses are comfortable and very democratic. Suitable for ladies with magnificent forms, and for women over 50 years old. Straight, flared, trapezoidal shape – they will smooth out figure flaws. Made from natural fabrics of linen, cotton, flowing viscose, such models will come in handy in the summer in a hot metropolis and for relaxing in a resort.

These can be boho-style sundresses, decorated with embroidery, fringe and frills, A-line with trendy patch pockets or models made of light flying corrugated fabric. Shoulder straps are narrow, wide or the original American armhole, choose to your taste.

Spectacular free-cut sundresses made of fabric dyed with the taidai technique. Rainbow patterns appear in this style in all their dynamic glory.

Fashionable length in 2019 midi or maxi. But for girls with a slender figure, summer mini-length sundresses are not prohibited.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Details such as braided straps and high side slits will make the look fashionable and interesting.[/stextbox]

Dress in a romantic style

Frills, frills, bows should be big this summer. This is how stylists see a fashionable image.

Large bows can adorn the shoulder or side, located behind or in front, adding extravagance to the bow.

Wide frills and flounces adorn sundresses on the bottom or in the form of a peplum. The original style of the sundress, as it were, made up of frills along the entire length, resembles retro models of the 30s. When using flowing fabrics, the silhouette is light and airy. This style can become the basis for an evening summer outfit. In any length – mini, midi, maxi, it has its own charm.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note: Ruffles can adjust the figure. A wide frill along the neckline of a sundress, which can be lowered below the shoulders, will emphasize their beauty, and the waist will look thinner. A frill along the top line of the bodice will increase the volume of the bust.[/stextbox]

Sports style sundresses

Sports style is now everywhere. And summer sundresses are no exception. Tight-fitting sundresses of a clear cut with stitched details, metal buttons and studs, with patch pockets will organically fit into a dynamic city bow, both girls and older ladies.

They can be either fashionable beige and pastel colors, or bright saturated colors, because in summer the soul asks for bright colors.

Idea: This sundress can be worn over a top or t-shirt on a cool summer day and you get an up-to-date multi-layered look.

Wrap sundresses

Wrap models are at the peak of popularity, thanks to the uniqueness of the style. The diagonal line of the scent creates a visual silhouette of an hourglass, adding elegance to the figure and charm to the image. And in sundresses, this style looks relevant and stylish.

Such models are spectacular from light fabrics with a floral print or polka dots. On thin straps, with frills, they will create a feminine romantic bow.

Sundresses made of plain elegant knitwear, decorated with draperies, will become an elegant evening dress.

Backless sundresses

In summer, when in a hot city or on vacation at sea, a sundress with a bare back is a must have for fashionistas. These are styles on one shoulder strap on the neck or with various combinations of ropes on the back. They can be wide or tight, the main thing is to emphasize a beautiful back, especially a tanned one.

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Lace theme

Lace is very fashionable this season. Lace for summer is a suitable material in all its variations. Whether it is a cotton seam for every day or expensive silk lace for an evening bow, such a fabric will make every woman irresistible.

Lace is used in detail or a sundress is completely sewn from it, in any case, the outfit acquires elegance and charm. Even for women in their 60s, this outfit is suitable. Since elegant fabric adorns older women. Put on a light translucent balero, jacket or scarf only on your shoulders to cover your bare arms and shoulders.

It can also be attributed to lace models hand-knitted sundresses. Handmade is stylish and fashionable. You can add handmade lace or fringe to the style and your outfit will become individual and unique.

Asymmetry in cut is always interesting

The asymmetrical cut adds flair to the outfit. Whether it is a one-shoulder bodice or an original bottom line, women in such an outfit always stand out in the crowd. Such techniques can be used for summer sundresses of both a romantic style, for example, by placing frills or frills asymmetrically, and for a boho style that gravitates towards asymmetry.


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