Fashionable summer trousers 2021

If you are an admirer of classic style, then we bring to your attention a selection of the most fashionable trousers for the summer of 2021. Such a stylish thing as trousers should definitely take pride of place in your wardrobe.

What summer pants will be in fashion in summer 2021

Pants have long ceased to be part of a strict look, suitable only for an office or business meeting. Modern models of this thing radiate freedom, lightness and even originality. Therefore, in addition to the above events, trousers can also be worn for a walk, for a meeting with friends, for a date and, in general, wherever you want.

The most trendy trousers of next summer are presented in this selection:

  • Classic. Where without the classics? Pants in a classic style, that is, having a medium fit, straight cut, with or without an arrow, have always been and will be in fashion. If you already have such a thing in your closet, then you can safely wear it this summer.

  • high rise. This trend has not bypassed a single thing that represents the lower part of the image. High-waisted pants look just perfect – they define the waist, make it thinner, and also lengthen the legs. Some new models surprise with their unusualness – they have interesting cutouts in the waist area or a whole range of buttons.

  • Shortened. Models of cropped trousers are presented in both loose and straight versions, but in any form they look very stylish. The shortened model allows you to open a graceful ankle, as well as demonstrate new shoes in all its glory.

  • Culottes. These are wide, cropped trousers, which should be mentioned separately, because they really deserve it. It is fashionable to combine such stylish summer trousers in 2021 with tops or T-shirts, and sandals with thin straps and mules are best suited as shoes.

  • Bananas. This model has distinctive features – trousers are wide at the hips and knees, narrow at the bottom, and also have pleats at the waist. For tall and slender girls, this version of the pants is just perfect.

  • Wide. The wildly popular palazzo pants and other loose-fitting styles continue to disappear from fashion boutiques. Girls who have considered all the beauty and unusualness of this thing, now cannot part with it. Among the existing models, you can find more suitable for business style and those that can be worn as a casual option.

  • Flared trousers. They differ from wide ones in that they begin to expand from the knee. They usually have a high rise. You can find very wide and long models, under which the shoes will not even be visible.

  • Skinny. For young girls, skinny pants are a great option. Most of all, they are suitable for slender girls who can show off their legs in all their glory. You can wear them with loose shirts to balance the look.

In summer, any trousers can be worn with blouses, shirts, tops, t-shirts. As a second layer, a jacket or cardigan is suitable here. Shoes that are most successfully combined with trousers are pumps, sandals and mules.

Women over 50 should choose fashionable summer trousers with a straight cut and a high waist. They most successfully hide figure flaws and make the silhouette more correct. Also among the models for this category of women there are both wide and cropped trousers. Most importantly, when choosing trousers, consider the features of your figure.

Original and bold trouser models for summer 2021

Some of the trousers demonstrated by the designers are distinguished by their special originality and stunning appearance. For example, we would like to include leather trousers, which this year are very diverse. The most trendy trousers for the summer of 2021 include loose-fitting models with a wide corset-like belt, as well as interesting trousers with an elastic band that imitate a sporty style.

Actual in the summer of 2021 will be pants made from fabrics with shiny elements. These models will make you, without exaggeration, a bright and radiant woman. Sequins, lurex and a metallic effect look appropriate in these trousers. You can wear them anywhere – for a walk, to a party and even to work, if the dress code allows.

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Colors and prints of summer trousers

The fashion trends of 2021 regarding summer trousers for women show us a huge variety of color schemes. The most common pants colors are classic black and white. Pastel shades are also popular – beige, cream, pale pink, beloved by girls.

But, since summer is a time that allows you to experiment with your appearance, there are a lot of trousers in bright colors. Most popular shades:

  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • red.

As for prints, they were also present in large numbers on fashionable summer trousers in 2021. The cage remains invariably fashionable, and it can be of different sizes, as well as a strip. Some designers surprised us with very original ornaments and floral prints.

The photos that you see here show only the most fashionable summer trousers of 2021. Get inspired by the ideas of pairing trousers with other clothes, because in this case it will be much easier for you to create your own looks.

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