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Fashionable summer tunics 2020

The tunic is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Convenience, practicality, beauty, the ability to wear women of different ages and body types are the main reasons for the popularity of this wardrobe item. By the summer of 2020, designers have developed new tunic models that are distinguished by elegance and simplicity of cut. Acquaintance with fashionable models, colors, styles of an unusual blouse will help any girl to stay in trend in the new summer season.

Summer tunics

current models

When developing new models of tunics, designers tried to take into account several fashionable styles that allow you to create different looks.


Summer models reflect one of the most fashionable styles, considered “rebellious” – grunge. These clothes are chosen by girls who want to attract attention. Things sewn in this style create the effect of being worn and slovenly. This is achieved with:

  • frayed edges;
  • tears, cuts, patches;
  • faded paints and prints in the form of dirty spots;
  • raw edges and uneven stitching;
  • asymmetries.

The cut of such a product can be anything: free, in the form of a women’s combination on thin shoulders, with a large neckline or a high neck. Any form is in trend, as there are no strict rules and restrictions in grunge.

Grunge Tunics

Men’s cut

In many models of tunics, designers used a straight cut and equipped them with collars, buttons, cuffs on the sleeves. Such styles are similar to classic men’s shirts, but slightly elongated. A print in the form of a masculine check or a strip of soft colors further emphasizes the masculine style of such clothes. And patch pockets, large buttons fastened at the very throat, wide cuffs and other masculine details are reminiscent of the military style popular in the new season.

Some products have straight or rounded cuts on the sides. Such models can be worn over clothes in a free form or with a belt. A thin shirt looks especially chic, in which one bar is tucked into a skirt or trousers, and the second hangs freely. Such a bow in the new season is considered super fashionable.

Thin tunic shirts

Sports look

Fashion designers have not forgotten about sports fans who prefer freedom of movement and ease. Such models of tunics are most often elongated, similar to T-shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts. They come with or without sleeves. Some models can be supplemented with a hood and pockets.

Sports tunics are not only for sports. They can be worn just for a walk, used to create a casual look, such clothes are very convenient when traveling.

Sports tunic


One of the main trends of summer 2020 is the asymmetrical form of clothing, which gives the image style and originality. For this purpose, new models of tunics with an asymmetrical hemline, neckline, and shoulder line were developed. A deep neckline, a blouse lowered to one shoulder automatically lengthens the hem from one side, creating asymmetry.

Fashion designers went even further and used fabrics of different textures in one product to give asymmetrical shapes to the outfit. In this outfit, any female figure looks slimmer. Contrasting fabrics combined with an asymmetrical cut will create a stylish look. In addition, this makes it possible to emphasize the most advantageous parts of the figure, thereby distracting from less attractive areas.

Asymmetric tunic


Among the fashion trends of 2020 were multi-layered products. Therefore, several tunics worn on top of each other will become the squeak of the next summer season. At the same time, a variety of styles can be combined in one model, sewn from several layers of fabric.

Layered tunics are versatile, so they are perfect for creating any – classic or romantic – look.

Layered tunic


New for the summer season 2020 will be loose tunics designed by designers based on the popular oversized style. Sizeless models are suitable for both slender girls and women with curvaceous shapes.

To diversify the style, stylists supplemented the model with various original details:

  1. A deep low-cut neckline that allows you to look attractive, despite the fact that the figure is hidden from prying eyes.
  2. Asymmetry, characteristic mainly for the hem.
  3. Pleating – the cut of the “flared sun” skirt was taken as the basis, in which the belt moved much higher than the waist, and in some models even replaced the neck.

The dimensionless tunic does not hinder movement, allows you to move freely and easily. In addition, such clothes hide any figure flaws.

loose tunic

Oversized tunic

Beach tunics

It is impossible to imagine a beach holiday without a light tunic that has replaced the pareos familiar to everyone. Designers gave the beach products the outline of a short dress, equipping some models with sleeves and clasps. The fabric used is light and flowy.

The trend of the summer beach season 2020 will be tunics made of transparent, translucent fabrics. They will look especially impressive in combination with a swimsuit, and the light-colored fabric will well emphasize tanned skin.

Beach tunic

Tunic for the beach

Models for full

The original purpose of creating tunics was to hide figure defects. That is why many girls with a magnificent complexion prefer this wardrobe item.

This summer, the trend will be free elongated models with an asymmetrical hem. An original find for obese women will be products with lowered sleeves, leaving a bare shoulder line. This model will allow you to demonstrate beautiful shoulders.

Among the fashionable summer trends for overweight women, poncho tunics trimmed with fringe also stand out. In such clothes, full girls will feel comfortable and confident.

Tunics for full

Model for full

Colors and prints

As in previous seasons, classic colors (black, white) remain in fashion in the summer of 2020.

Among the colors of summer tunics, the prerogative is also given to bright shades:

  • red;
  • blue
  • pink;
  • orange;
  • burgundy;
  • green.

The hit of the season will be tunics with a metallic tint, including those made in gold and silver. Such models are suitable for creating an evening look.

For those who do not like uniformity in clothes, designers offer products with drawings. As before, the top of the charts are occupied by:

  • geometric shapes – a cage, a strip;
  • “animal” prints;
  • floral patterns;
  • abstraction.

The novelty of the season is ethnic motifs that adorn summer tunics. A bright print will make you look irresistible, and a variety of colors – you can choose a shade that matches clothes of any color.

Tunic color


For sewing summer tunics, light fabrics are most relevant – silk, chiffon. They do not hinder movement and give the image femininity and sexuality. For those who prefer…

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