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Fashionable summer wardrobe for obese women of the season 2020

Fashion is a changeable lady, new trends are formed every season. In 2020, the style of minimalism becomes relevant in summer. Obese women, adhering to it, will be able to pick up a beautiful and comfortable wardrobe.

fashion for full


The absence of unnecessary details makes the figure slim. Aged silhouettes, expensive fabrics of understandable colors, simple cut are the basis of a fashionable summer bow. There is one dark spot in the center. Its color should emphasize the dignity of appearance and visually remove extra pounds. Dresses in cherry, burgundy, deep blue and gray cope with a similar task. Lightweight, with a free cut, A-shaped silhouette, with a “robe” style are especially relevant this year.


An obligatory detail is a cutout in the shape of the letter “U”. It lengthens and stretches the neck, makes the figure slimmer, intriguing (opens the neckline, but not much). In the 2020 season, combinations of such clothes with jackets, denim jackets, and knitted vests are considered fashionable.

fashion 2020

Emphasis on a full waist is another fashion trend. To create it, a simple thin belt is suitable. In a duet with a dress, an elongated belted jacket looks great. It distracts attention from excessive fullness, even in the presence of a picked up middle.

summer dresses

Basque is also in fashion – a frill along the belt line. Designers in the collections presented not only dresses, but also jackets, blouses, trousers. The flounce at the waist gives volume to the hips, which means it distracts attention from other figure flaws. The silhouette becomes feminine and elegant. The bow ends with light sandals with a small heel, classic pumps or shoes with an open toe.

Dress Basques

Couturiers use the entire arsenal to create new collections. They slim and elongate the figure, add vertical lines to the growth: cuts on the back of the skirt, deep folds, undercut barrel, print stripes. They bring a stylish zest to the bow, while not overloading the figure.

fashionable summer dresses


When creating them, couturiers use the same principles as when sewing dresses: loose tunics with belts, with a U-neck, peplum tops, with vertical deep folds or stripes are suitable for full women. They are made from fabrics that hold their shape well and do not stretch in inappropriate places. Length – to the middle of the thigh: it covers the protruding places. Sleeves are three quarters. In summer collections, there are no blouses with stand-up collars, as they visually shorten the neck.

fashion blouses

Pants and skirts

Classic cut trousers, cropped and flared, practical pencil skirt with stripes in the vertical direction or with a slit in the middle are back in fashion. From it did not think to leave and overalls with a high fit. Such models can be safely included for full women in their everyday wardrobe. Shoes with a high platform or square heels, sandals, moccasins are ideal for them.

trousers for overweight

Modern fashion offers full women a wide variety of summer clothes. In order for her to sit well, it is important to choose the right sizes: do not buy overly loose dresses, trousers or blouses that are very tight to the body.

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