Fashionable sundresses for summer 2021

If you don’t have a trendy sundress in your closet in the summer of 2021, then your wardrobe can be considered unfinished. A sundress is the most summery and most feminine thing that allows you to create not only a beautiful, but also a very comfortable look. To make it easier for you to choose a stylish sundress for next summer, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this selection.

What sundresses will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

A big plus of a sundress is that it is very easy to pick it up for any type of figure. For the most part, summer dresses have a loose, flowing cut. They also have different lengths – mini, midi and maxi will not be difficult to find.

Fashionable long sundresses in which every girl will feel like a queen will be relevant in the summer of 2021. The silhouette in this style turns out to be fragile and elegant, and the existing flaws are very successfully hidden by the flying fabric.

Trends in the world of sundresses are represented by such models:

  • Pleated. Small folds of fabric can be located along the entire length of the product, or start only from the waist. This cut gives the image of mystery and lightness. Very interesting and original is the model with bare shoulders.

  • With ruffles and flounces. These are perhaps the cutest and truly girly details that adorn a large number of things. On summer sundresses, frills and flounces look especially appropriate, because the image with them turns out to be laid-back, which should be the case in summer.

  • Lace. Women really like the presence of lace details on sundresses, which give the product lightness and tenderness. Models show us very bold translucent options, sewn from only lace. But you can also find sundresses containing these details only as decoration.

  • Asymmetry. This style can appear in two versions – either the top or the bottom can be asymmetrical. If the emphasis is on the upper part, then one shoulder is exposed, which makes the image more interesting. Asymmetry is also applied to the skirt. In this case, the bottom line is uneven, or the sundress is long in the back and short in the front.

  • With bare shoulders. The off-the-shoulder sundress is perfect for summer. Bare shoulders and neck always look very gentle and attractive. Her one plus of this style is the absence of stripes from straps on the skin, often appearing as a result of unplanned tanning.

  • Boho and ethnic motifs. For carefree, original and romantic girls, we can offer sundresses in ethnic motifs. It is difficult to describe them, because these products can be created in muted colors, or they can surprise with a riot of colors in the most original prints.

For obese women, a fashionable sundress will be a very good thing for the summer of 2021. The most suitable models for them are wraparound, with a high waistline and with a V-neck. The length is better to choose midi or maxi to hide imperfect parts of the body. Prints full girls can choose any, but the most appropriate for them would be a vertical strip, which can be a little slimmer.

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trendy sundress colors for summer

In the collections of 2021, one could notice a large number of black sundresses, which convinces us of the huge popularity of this color. If you like discreet colors, and especially black, then the onset of summer is absolutely no reason to give up your preferences. Feel free to buy a black sundress and wear it with pleasure.

The fashion trends of 2021 for summer sundresses should also include white products. The most beautiful color, the color of purity, fragility and innocence. In summer, it is more appropriate than ever, and it is lace sundresses that look especially beautiful in this color. But, you can buy yourself any model of a white sundress that you find in the store, and you will already look great in it.

If you prefer brighter colors for summer sundresses, then opt for shades like red, blue, green, sky blue, pink and yellow.

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Actual prints 2021

Nothing brightens up an outfit quite like prints. Just in the summer you can afford everything and even more! A sundress is a thing that in most cases is decorated with bright and attractive colors. The most popular prints of this summer are:

  • Floral and tropical. Bright bouquets of flowers familiar to us or images of some exotic plants look just fine on sundresses and add a few points to femininity.
  • Strip. The good old stripe has been on the runway for many, many years now, which is why it is present in black and white and bright options on the new 2021 sundresses.
  • Peas. A print that is loved by many women for its simplicity and at the same time huge appeal. To choose from, peas come in different sizes – from large to the smallest.

The imagination of designers is limitless, so in addition to those already described, you can see many other prints – cage, abstraction, geometry.

Choosing a fashionable sundress for the summer of 2021 is very simple, because even here in the photo you see a huge number of dissimilar options. Such a thing must be present in your wardrobe and not in the singular. Allow yourself a little more this summer and show how beautiful you can be!

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