Fashionable sweatshirts for women 2020

Fashionable and stylish women’s sweatshirts are the undisputed trend of 2020. These warm and practical sweaters should certainly be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista, regardless of her age, features of the figure and the main style of clothing. From the article you will learn about the trends and novelties of the season, see photos of attractive images.

Sweatshirts – fashion trends 2020

The street fashion of large cities is replete with an abundance of female images with sweatshirts. Moreover, this type of clothing has many varieties, allowing you to make the outfit as original and unique as possible.

In 2020, don’t be afraid to pair sweatshirts with any kind of clothing. They are worn with various styles of jeans, trousers, skirts.

As for shoes, modern fashion is so democratic that it allows tandems of sweatshirts not only with flat shoes, but also with heels.

As outerwear, a leather jacket, raincoat or coat is suitable. Therefore, problems with what to wear a trendy sweatshirt in the new season should not arise.

Sweatshirts are sewn mainly from warm knitwear, which includes natural cotton, wool and synthetic fibers. No less popular are sweatshirts made of fleece – a synthetic fabric that allows you to keep warm for a long time and at the same time is highly wear-resistant.

Those girls who like glamor or elegance can rejoice. In 2020, sweatshirts decorated with rhinestones are in trend, as well as completely plain products. Do not forget about the fashion for an unusual combination of textures and styles.

Actual colors

As for colors, in this case, designers are also quite democratic. When choosing a sweatshirt, pay special attention to the following:

  • black – the most practical and versatile option;
  • white and beige – stylish and original things that will certainly attract attention, make the image not boring;
  • gray – a basic thing that can be combined with things of brighter and more catchy colors;
  • pink – allow you to create a romantic and delicate outfit;
  • red – suitable for bold and extraordinary fashionistas who are used to standing out from the crowd;
  • khaki is the trendy color of 2020, which automatically turns any bow into a trendy one.

Next, let’s talk about what types of sweatshirts will be in fashion in the new season, as well as how to make the most attractive bows with their help.


Hoodies are a kind of stylish sweatshirts that can be either with or without a zipper, but always with a hood. It is this detail that gave the name to these sweaters.

Most often on the fashion catwalks in 2020, women’s sweatshirts with a hood without a zipper flickered. This option is considered the warmest and able to protect from bad weather even on the most dank day.

The optimal length of such sweatshirts is just below the hip line.

They wear hoodies with leggings, long skirts, straight and tight jeans. Jackets, jeans, down jackets and even coats are put on from above. As shoes, sneakers or boots are selected.


This is another stylish hoodie. Sweatshirts are sweaters without a zipper and a hood, with elastic bands on the sleeves and at the bottom of the product. They fit freely on the figure, which makes them incredibly stylish, practical and warm.

Unlike more sporty hoodies, sweatshirts make the perfect outfit for skirts and jeggings. Such images are great for gatherings with friends and youth parties.

Sweatshirts can rightly be attributed to the most attractive and feminine options for sweatshirts.

With inscriptions

The usual sweatshirt for us is most often associated with sportswear. However, such a wardrobe item is suitable, of course, not only for those girls who are actively involved in sports. Especially today. In 2020, no one canceled the sweatshirt as a comfortable and stylish item used in creating a cool sports bow.

In addition, a fashionista does not have to limit herself to a classic plain sweatshirt. Every girl who wants to stand out from the crowd and create a really stylish and original look can add a couple of sweatshirts with inscriptions to her collection. This, at first glance, an insignificant element, is able to create a truly interesting and somewhere even intricate outfit.

Often the inscriptions on sweatshirts are the name of the company. But the modern world does not stand still. Each person can order a sweatshirt with absolutely any inscription. It can be some kind of motto, slogan or graphic design. Finding a text or picture printing service on the Internet is not difficult. And, having got a unique sweatshirt, the girl can be sure that she will always and everywhere be a magnet for the interested views of others.

In general, 2020 is a time for experiments. And a unique, printed sweatshirt will be a great wardrobe item to create an original bow.

Crop sweatshirts

Fashionable in 2020, cropped women’s sweatshirts look more feminine and romantic, primarily due to the fact that they are sewn without fasteners, and most often without a hood.

Shortened models are a win-win option for almost every girl. The fact is that they look very good in outfits with jeans, as well as high-waisted trousers. This will certainly emphasize the attractiveness of the forms.

If we talk about color solutions, cropped sweatshirts look simply irresistible in nude tones. Classic dark and white options will also be in trend in the new season.

With a zipper

These are classic models of sweatshirts with a zipper. Such sweaters are usually supplemented with voluminous pockets called kangaroos.

According to the fashion trends of 2020, such sweatshirts are versatile and ideal for both slim and overweight women, complementing casual and sports outfits with jeans and jeggings.


In fact, this is a symbiosis of fashionable sweatshirts with zippers and slogans. However, in this case, the inscription is necessarily the logo of some sports company, for example, Nike or Adidas. Such sweatshirts are no longer suitable for making a casual look in a casual style, but will become exclusively an attribute of sports outfits and emphasize the owner’s commitment to an active lifestyle.

Typically, these sweatshirts have a loose fit and a zipper. Ideal to combine with pants, sneakers, sneakers.


These sweatshirts are incredibly popular. They are perfect for both slender girls and ladies with a problematic figure. The additional volume of such sweaters perfectly hides flaws. At the same time, slender young ladies with the help of oversized sweatshirts will only emphasize the fragility and elegance of forms.

They wear such sweaters with tight jeans, leggings and even as loose dresses.

With fur

Sweatshirts are so popular that designers have invented models with fur that allow you not to part with your favorite sweatshirts even in cold weather. Hoodies and traditional sweatshirts with fur can easily replace a jacket, while being…

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