Fashionable swimwear 2021 that hide the belly and sides

Still do not know which swimsuit to choose at sea in 2021 so that it hides the stomach and sides? We will try to fill this gap and suggest the most successful models that will make the flaws invisible.

One-piece swimsuits 2021 that hide the belly and sides

If this year you are going on vacation, but your problem areas do not allow you to choose a swimsuit, then do not rush to get upset. Right now we will introduce you to the styles of swimwear that can hide the belly and sides, and make them visually smaller. Let’s start with one-piece swimsuits:

  • Completely closed. In such models, the entire abdomen, sides and part of the back are hidden from prying eyes. They can have different colors, and are also often decorated with decor – ruffles, bows, ties.

  • Mayo. This beach outfit does not have a special frame that supports the chest, and also has sewn-on straps. Looks good on any body type.
  • Tankini. A swimsuit of this type consists of a T-shirt and shorts. Due to the fact that the top is free and reaches the beginning of the bottom of the swimsuit, problem areas remain hidden from prying eyes. In this outfit you will feel as confident as possible.

  • Swimsuit-dress. This model is similar to a regular one-piece swimsuit, but below it is a continuation of the skirt. Thanks to such an interesting style, you can hide not only the stomach and sides, but also the butt and hips.

  • Halter. This swimsuit has additional ties at the neck. Thanks to this, the chest is better supported, and all imperfections are hidden.

  • With a deep neckline. If you have beautiful breasts that you want to show to others, then look at the model with a deep neckline. Sometimes the neckline on a swimsuit can even reach the navel. With this technique, you can divert attention from problem areas.

  • Sports. All models of sports swimsuits are made of dense fabrics and perfectly mask imperfections. They are most often made simple, without decor and flashy colors.

  • With drape. The fabric with drapery is quite dense, so it perfectly pulls in and distracts attention from problem areas.

  • with mesh. Such a detail of a swimsuit as a mesh is also capable of correcting the figure. It can play the role of an insert at the waist, chest or back. In any case, it looks original and bold.

When buying a swimsuit, pay special attention to the fabric from which it is made. To tighten the figure and make the silhouette correct, you need a high-quality, dense fabric with a corrective effect. It is also important to choose the right size bathing suit, because if it is too small for you, it will cut into the skin and further emphasize the flaws.

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Separate swimsuits that cover the belly and sides

If you have a problematic figure, this does not mean that you cannot afford a separate beach outfit. Some of the two-piece swimsuits that are fashionable in 2021 also successfully hide the stomach and sides.

Look for a separate swimsuit with high shorts. Such models belong to outfits in retro style. With special care, you need to approach the choice of size so that the fabric does not stick into the sides. This style of bathing suit has another plus – it visually makes the legs longer.

The swimsuit with fringe looks interesting. It is located on the top of the outfit and hangs so low that it covers all the bad areas. The bottom in this case should also have a high fit.

To divert attention from the waist and abdomen, you can buy an outfit with an original top. You will achieve the desired effect if the bodice is decorated with ruffles, has a beautiful neckline or a contrasting shade.

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How the color and print of a swimsuit can hide problem areas

It is very important when choosing a fashionable swimsuit for the summer of 2021, to buy a thing with a good color. The color of a thing can radically change the perception. You can visually hide a protruding belly and sides using a number of effects:

  • Vertical stripe. Both clothes and swimwear with such a print are able to stretch the figure and make it more slender. You can choose both a one-piece and a separate vertical striped beach outfit.

  • Original stripe. The photo shows options for stylish striped swimsuits, which are located in the most original ways. You will be visually slimmer if you wear an outfit with stripes that converge towards the center.

  • Contrasting inserts. Look at the print in which the swimsuit has one color in the center and another color on the sides. Usually these inserts on the sides are radically different from the main color, they can be white or black.

  • White top black bottom. The black bottom of the swimsuit will hide the belly and sides. The top can be either white or some bright. It will divert attention from the bottom with its brightness and originality.

  • Black color. Everyone knows that black color in itself is able to slim. Therefore, if you need to correct your figure, then just buy a black swimsuit. It can be fused or separate with a high waistline.

At the moment, you should no longer have a question which swimsuit to choose in 2021 so that it hides the stomach and sides. We hope that the tips written here will be useful to you and you will feel like a real queen on the beach.

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