Fashionable swimwear for obese women 2021

In 2021, it will not be difficult for overweight women to choose a fashionable swimsuit for themselves. And all because the designers in the latest collections presented a lot of interesting models that fully demonstrate the beauty of a magnificent figure.

What styles and colors of swimwear for obese women will be in fashion in 2021

The time has passed when plus size beauties hid their curves under strict closed swimsuits. Now, styles are in fashion that not only mask flaws. They also focus on the merits of the figure, making the image more feminine and sexy.

  • Monokini. Forget about the simple styles of one-piece swimsuits and turn your attention to the monokini. They have a bright printed color and many cutouts that adorn the side or front of the product. If such swimsuit models seem too open to you, we recommend that you take a closer look at more discreet options with lacing or zippers. No less popular will be piece-packed slimming swimsuits with decorative mesh inserts located on the sides.

  • Strapless. Strapless swimwear can also be attributed to the novelties of the season. It can be either piecework or separate, plain or printed, with a simple design or decorated with flounces along the bust line.

Important! When choosing a strapless swimsuit, be sure to consider your bust size. The larger it is, the more difficult it will be for the bodice to hold it.

  • Separate with top. At the peak of fashion trends in 2021 are two-piece swimsuits with a top instead of a bodice, which are also perfect for overweight women. At the same time, the top can be classic, with wide straps or without them at all. But panties should be selected on a high or medium fit.

  • Swim dress. A mini dress swimsuit is ideal for girls who want to hide an overly bulging belly. As for the style itself, in this case there are no restrictions. You are free to choose both products with an undercut waist line and a straight cut, gathered into a drapery with the help of side drawstrings. The colors of such swimsuits should be bright. Ideally, choose a printed version. A combined model would also be appropriate, in which the bodice is decorated with patterns, and the bottom is designed in only one color. With monochromatic swim-dress styles, it is better to be careful, as they tend to visually fill up.

Important! Girls with curvy shapes can safely wear swimsuits with animalistic, geometric and floral prints. However, you should pay attention only to models with small patterns, as large ornaments visually increase the volume.

Halter. Beauties who want to visually reduce their shoulders, enlarge or emphasize their breasts, can stop their choice on halter swimsuits. Their peculiarity lies in the triangular bodice, tied at the back of the neck. Another advantage of the halter is that it can be worn instead of a top when going for a walk or a pool party.

  • On the smell. Wrap swimsuits with a V-neckline will help you create a truly stylish beach look. The trend will again be monophonic models in black, white and blue, decorated with mesh inserts or beads. Options decorated with colorful floral or abstract prints will not be prohibited either.

  • Tankini. A tankini swimsuit will help you hide such figure flaws as a bulging belly and sloping hips. It consists of two parts: T-shirts and swimming trunks. Some models may have shorts. Basically, tankinis have a simple design. But you can also find products with decorative inserts, buckles, lacing and frills.

  • Sports. Fashionable in 2021, swimwear in a sporty style of red, burgundy, blue, yellow and orange is ideal for overweight women. You can purchase a one-piece swimsuit with an open back and additional cutouts placed on the sides or front. Separate swimsuits with an underwire bodice or a tight top will not be prohibited either.

  • In retro style. You can recognize the retro swimsuit by the bodice with rather wide straps and high-waisted bottoms, which perfectly hide the big belly. Also, this model can be worn by the fair sex with large breasts and narrow shoulders.

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Features of choice

Plus size women should approach the choice of a swimsuit with special responsibility. After all, an incorrectly chosen style can ruin not only the figure, but also the mood.

  • Give preference to swimwear of your size. Products that are smaller or too slim visually will not fix anything, but at the same time they will create significant discomfort.
  • Forget about bikinis and thongs, as they focus on problem areas.
  • Although shiny swimwear is now in fashion, it is better to refuse full of them. They draw attention to the shortcomings and visually increase the proportions even more.
  • Choose models made from high-quality dense fabrics that will hold their shape and fit the body beautifully.

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We hope that the photos with examples of fashionable swimsuits for obese women in 2021, given in our selection, will help you decide on the style and choose the product that will emphasize the dignity of your figure.

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