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Light turquoise shade has long been known in the jewelry industry. And all thanks to Charles Lewis Tiffany, who in the first half of the 19th century called it the main color of his fashion house. Since then, the Tiffany brand and turquoise have been inseparable. In 1998, Pantone specialists finalized the color scheme, giving it the 1837 Blue marking, after which Tiffany & Co patented it. Today it is one of the most popular shades in the fashion, design, jewelry, and wedding industries. The trend has not bypassed the nail segment. What can be a Tiffany color manicure? We’ll tell you in today’s review.

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How to combine Tiffany with other shades

Tiffany is a cross between mint, light turquoise and forget-me-not blue. It is quite difficult to define accurately, but its contemplation causes great aesthetic pleasure for many. Bright color attracts the eye, refreshes, adds dynamism to the image, looks non-trivial. Both brunettes and blondes can wear it equally successfully.

In the segment of manicure, Tiffany also proved to be impeccable. Moreover, it is magnificent both in monochrome and in combination with other shades. And with which, we will now list.

  • With white. A combination that is considered a classic. And nail artists are inspired by the white ribbon that traditionally ties up the box of the Tiffany & Co brand. It’s so simple, but with great taste.

  • With black. Also quite an interesting tandem. Black and turquoise manicure can be safely worn for evening outings. When creating a design, you can limit yourself to geometric patterns, veils, drawings made on a black background.

  • With silver. Silvery sheen makes a good neighborhood with a rich shade of Tiffany. It is enough to apply a scattering of sparkles, foil, silver stripes on the nail to make the manicure even more transformed.

  • With gold. If you like it when nail design looks pompous, then we advise you to pay attention to this duet. Turquoise with gold is catchy, elegant in its own way, original.

  • With pink. A good combination for the spring-summer season. You can apply pink flowers on a turquoise coating, use a gradient technique, or simply define a different color for each nail.

  • with yellow. Combine two trendy shades in one design – what could be more interesting? A Tiffany-colored manicure with yellow splashes is a moderately bright and successful solution for the summer season 2023.

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Tiffany cannot be called a universal color, as it is rather capricious in terms of combination with other shades. We cited the most win-win options as an example.

Tiffany Manicure Design Ideas

Tiffany nail art will always draw attention to your hands. Therefore, take care of the flawless design of nails. The plate should be perfectly flat, symmetrical, well polished. Otherwise, any irregularities will be noticeable.

And what design you can choose, now we will tell.

  • With a bow. And again we turn to traditions. A painted white bow on a light turquoise background is the real Tiffany-style manicure. Variations of bows are different. For example, they can be lined with rhinestones or printed with a stamp, painted or molded from acrylic powder. And each one is interesting in its own way.

  • In the gradient technique. Another popular solution for creating a non-trivial design in a complex light turquoise color. As a rule, shades stretch from darker to lighter. But it could also be the other way around. Use in nail art, in addition to Tiffany, white, yellow, pink, light green, beige, lavender or other colors of your choice.

  • With drawings. Fashionable manicure must certainly have some kind of “zest”. This could be a drawing. Just don’t go overboard with being overly sophisticated. In 2023, the trend is minimalism, and stick to it. Dots, stripes, flower buds, hearts, geometric shapes, inscriptions will look best here.

  • French. Tiffany manicure and French design seem to be made for each other. Combine two trends to surprise everyone around. The simplest and most elegant solution is to highlight the free edge of the marigold with turquoise. However, you can do the opposite, completely covering the nail plate with a bright mint top, and traditionally mark the “smile” line with white.

  • With rubbing. A very beautiful design that will look equally attractive on both short and long nails. Manicure in Tiffany color with rubbing is so self-sufficient that it does not require additional decorative elements. Moreover, they will be redundant here. Rubbing with mother-of-pearl will show itself luxuriously against a turquoise background.

  • Matte. Matte nail design is the absolute favorite of the season. Due to the lack of glossy sheen, it looks noble, elegant, stylish. Such nail art is flawless both in a monophonic version, and with a minimalist pattern or with a rhinestone decor. An excellent solution in a matte Tiffany manicure will be strips of silver.

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Tiffany color manicure is a luxury available to every woman. Don’t miss out on this amazing shade. And the photos that we shared in the review will help you decide on a suitable design.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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