Fashionable tights for autumn 2020

If you like to wear dresses and skirts even in the cold season, then our today’s review will definitely be of interest to you. After all, we are talking about the most fashionable tights for autumn-winter 2020, getting acquainted with trends, studying current images, highlighting models that definitely deserve attention. Go!

The latest fashion trends in the tights segment

There are never too many tights. We think that every modern woman will agree with this statement. After all, they are absolutely indispensable when creating fashionable bows. Without difficulty, tights can also be entered into the styles that are popular today – business, casual, romantic, casual, bohemian, evening. Unless it is problematic to combine them with sports things. However, for many advanced fashionistas, it will not be difficult to make such a tandem. And what models of tights should you look at this season? Now we will talk about this in detail.


The most delicate lace will never go out of fashion, and this is a generally recognized fact. Eminent designers and ordinary fashionistas willingly give him preference. And all because this pattern is the personification of femininity itself. It emphasizes the lady’s taste, her sophistication and unsurpassed sense of style.

However, stylists recommend wearing tights with an openwork pattern carefully, because if you don’t guess with the top, the image will turn out to be vulgar. Therefore, remember the recommendation: you can wear a lace bottom only in combination with a concise, calm, non-provocative outfit. For example, a monochrome dress. This is the most simple and win-win combination. If you want to create a more complex bow, call on all your sense of style – you will need it.

smooth gradient

This is one of the most sought-after novelties of the coming season and a great alternative to classic models. A smooth gradient on tights looks very interesting and at the same time unobtrusive. It looks from the side as if the color flows down the slender female legs to the ankles. As a result, the upper part of the tights is almost transparent, and the lower part acquires a very specific shade. Stylists call this solution ideal for everyday or evening total bows.

However, in the segment of tights, you can also find other, more pronounced manifestations of the gradient. For example, from black to bright acid colors. Of course, they are far from appropriate for every look, but young women of fashion can easily afford to wear them in the coming cold season.

With prints

A fashionable print on tights in the fall of 2020 will be very appropriate, because it will add extra flair and creativity to your look. And here are some patterns to look at.

  • Floral motifs. Drawings in the form of flowers on thin or dense matter will not leave indifferent any real woman. After all, like openwork, they look incredibly sophisticated and seductive. Flowers can “grow” both over the entire surface of the tights, and on the sides on each side, thereby emphasizing the slenderness of women’s legs.

  • polka dots. Stockings with polka dots look very cute and girlishly charming on ladies. Moreover, this print is quite appropriate for everyday wear. The main thing is not to choose too large peas, otherwise the onion will be overloaded. And don’t forget about the laconic top.

  • Camouflage. Very unusual in the autumn-winter image will look like tights made of thick or nylon fabric with a camouflage pattern. However, choosing such a model, you definitely will not lose, because it is considered a hit in the current fashion season.

  • Hieroglyphs, letters or logos. Tights, which depict oriental hieroglyphs, Latin letters or logos of famous brands, are in high demand among fashionistas who value style and their own individuality. Take note of such models and you.

  • Animalism. A leopard print has not surprised anyone for a long time. But, surprisingly, it is still relevant. Including in the segment of tights. And with it, animal prints under a zebra, a tiger, and even a giraffe are popular. The latter, by the way, are a fresh novelty.

fantasy drawings. Any other drawings on tights will help draw attention to your legs. Moreover, they can be the most intricate. It all depends on the imagination of the fashion designer. The most common tights with hearts, stars, kisses, abstraction, geometry, bows, zigzags.

It is considered special chic to have tights with vertical stripes in the collection. Moreover, there may be several of them, or one on each leg. Recognized classics include stockings with a vertical stripe at the back. However, you can be like Sarah Jessica Parker and choose tights with a wide stripe in front, as she did in one of the TV interviews in 2017.

under stockings

Another incredibly feminine model that will definitely appeal to all sophisticated fashionistas. Tights that mimic stockings also fit well with most popular styles, and at the same time look very seductive, which makes them ideal for a date.

The main feature of tights-stockings is the presence of a clear division into two parts. This line passes, as a rule, just above the knee, and it is indicated by openwork patterns, a simple strip like an elastic band, or unusual patterns. The upper part of this model is either completely transparent or strikingly different in color. Combining tights-stockings in the fall of 2020 is recommended with cropped skirts, shorts and dresses. And as shoes, choose the fashion trend of this season – square-heeled ankle boots. Get very stylish.

Discreet mesh

For some, these tights are the height of vulgarity. But, trendsetters have decided that in 2020 they will be in trend. We’ll have to learn how to wear them. Let’s start with colors. So, beige fishnet stockings look very restrained, so they can be safely added to strict office and business bows.

But the black grid is much more expressive. But if you want, you can fit it into any everyday look. The main thing to remember here is one rule: stylists recommend combining a large mesh only with skirts, coats, raincoats or midi-length dresses. But for a small outfit, you should choose a concise and slightly above the knee. Then the bow will not be vulgar. By the way, leather or denim shorts will fit perfectly here.

As for multi-colored fishnet tights, they will only be appropriate for walking with girlfriends and in evening or club looks.

With decor

The trend in the fall and winter of 2020 will also be tights with various types of decor. For evening and romantic images, these are, of course, rhinestones. They can strew matter everywhere, or be located, for example, on the ankle in the form of an elegant pattern. The vertical stripes formed by shiny stones also look very nice. True, here you need to understand that wearing such a model should be done with caution.

Jewelry in the form of pearls look no less feminine and sophisticated on women’s legs. Like rhinestones, they can…

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