Fashionable turtlenecks 2020 season

Fashionable turtlenecks of the 2020 season give a huge scope for creating stylish outfits. Choose which new items you prefer first!

Key trends

Fashion cut

The turtleneck is an iconic piece of women’s wardrobe that can be the star of a variety of looks. This clothing has not undergone significant changes in style for a long time, but recently the fit of the fashionable turtleneck has changed. Stylists suggest that in accordance with the current trends of the 2020 season, this item should have a loose or semi-adjacent cut. Accordingly, a fashionable turtleneck must certainly imply the presence of space between the body and the fabric.

However, this does not mean at all that tight and tight long sleeves should be categorically included in the category of anti-trends. Such products can be given a new fashionable life if they are used in actual multilayer ensembles. For example, in the 2020 season, a combination with a shirt, overalls, dress, sundress, jacket and even a T-shirt will be a stylish solution.

For a turtleneck to really become an adornment of your wardrobe, it must take into account the features of appearance. For example, a variation with a wide and high collar is ideal for girls with a clear facial contour and a long neck. With a small neck and a round face, it is better to bet on a product with a low collar.


An oversized turtleneck is definitely an unexpected turn in the world of modern fashion, because for a long time such a product itself provided for a tight-fitting style. But designers like to break stereotypes and give fashionistas freedom of action, so they elevate the oversized turtleneck to the rank of a stylish trend. Such a product should give the impression that it is large by 2-3 sizes, but at the same time the shoulder lines should be in the right place.

Stylists give useful advice to girls of short stature, as well as owners of the “inverted triangle” figure type – such ladies should wear an oversized turtleneck only when combined with shoes with high, stable heels.


The most seductive novelty, emphasizing the beauty of the female figure, is recognized as a bodysuit turtleneck. The practicality of such a product is definitely on top, because the thing sits perfectly on the silhouette and never treacherously crawls out.

The choice of a stylish turtleneck-body should directly come from the purpose of its purpose. Casual fashionable bow in 2020 season can be made with a basic knitted ribbed turtleneck. If a fashionista wants to make the usual outfit more expressive, she can adopt a novelty made of velvet or leather. For special occasions, a product with lace or mesh inserts is ideal.

The colors of body turtlenecks can be very different, but from the whole wide range, fashionistas especially liked the original models in neon colors – sometimes cool inscriptions appear on the collar of such models. Such novelties will perfectly fit into bright youth images.

with a straight collar

Another important change in the fit of fashionable turtlenecks is the absence of the classic golf collar. Of course, this feature of the cut has not gone away from longsleeves, but it is gradually being replaced by a more concise straight collar. Such a novelty is more versatile, plus it is not able to distort the proportions of the neck. Gotta take it!

With lightning

A decorative zipper becomes a stylish highlight in the performance of a familiar turtleneck in the 2020 season – most often such an ornament cuts the collar of the product right in half. By varying the depth of the neckline with a zipper, a fashionista can play with the mood of the image in an interesting way. That is, we can make an excellent conclusion that such a decor is not only a tribute to beauty, but also a bonus to the treasury of functionality.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season also suggest adopting fashionable turtlenecks for autumn in guipure terms – they are good both on their own and in multi-layered ensembles. Such novelties look sophisticated and elegant, therefore they are especially appreciated by fans of romantic and delicate images.

Since such a texture is transparent and frank, it requires a combination with things made of dense fabric. For example, a stylish solution would be a combination with a jacket, sundress or dress.


Right from the top fashion shows, you can take on luxurious turtlenecks made of sparkling texture – for example, from sequins. Such models can be advantageously beaten even in a casual bow – a combination with jeans and a midi coat is perfect for this. There will definitely not be any difficulties with combining images for a special occasion, because a shiny turtleneck is successfully played up with any things from the evening style.

With accent sleeves

An interesting style of sleeves has reached the design of all knitwear in the 2020 season, and turtlenecks, beloved by many fashionistas, are no exception. The choice of the perfect novelty directly depends on the level of modesty of the girl – some are content with concise lanterns, while others play fashion big and prefer extraordinary puffs with transparent inserts. The golden mean is the cut of the “bishop” sleeves, which involves a wide cut and narrowing to the cuff. A turtleneck with this design looks quite extraordinary and at the same time easily fits into various images.

Without sleeves

If you don’t like products with voluminous sleeves, you can choose a turtleneck for yourself without this cut element at all! Such models, due to their unusual design, hint at a touch of retro style, due to which they look even more unusual.

The key advantage of a sleeveless turtleneck is its lightness and adaptability to weather conditions. For example, in the cold season, this novelty can be beaten in combination with a jacket, cardigan or denim jacket and it will look like a full-fledged turtleneck. With the advent of heat, such a thing will look stylish in a self-sufficient form – especially in a tucked variation.


Fashionable women’s turtlenecks of the 2020 season can also be performed in a shortened version. This is a more elegant and fitted variation of the current crop sweaters, which plans to linger in the world of trends for a long time. This is not surprising – the novelty in this design perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the female figure and makes the bow more seductive and piquant.

Fashionable images with a cropped turtleneck in the 2020 season always involve a combination with a high-rise bottom. For example, a duet with trousers, jeans or a skirt with such a waistline promises to look advantageous. For more expressiveness of the bow, you can always add a leather belt to the bottom harnesses.

Turtleneck dress

An alternative option is an elongated turtleneck, which is quite capable of replacing an elegant dress. The classic and at the same time universal cut of such a product in the 2020 season should not completely fit the silhouette of the figure -…

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