Fashionable two-piece swimwear 2021

If you are planning a vacation in 2021 on the beach or want to visit the pool, you will not be able to do without a beautiful and fashionable one-piece swimsuit, because a well-chosen model will allow you to demonstrate beautiful female forms and turn you into a goddess.

Which one-piece swimsuits will be in fashion in 2021

We present an overview of the most feminine, sexy and elegant models: the perfect bikini, pure white, high bottoms, animal print and many other trends.

And, as we already have, we will show photos of fashionable one-piece swimsuits in 2021, which all women will definitely love and will look for in online stores.


And the first favorite is a swimsuit with a mesh. It is perfect for those who have slightly “burnt” shoulders or décolleté. It is a separate version of a swimsuit with a mesh that reveals the beauty of the figure and emphasizes its harmony.

With dropped shoulders

A gentle and romantic look is easy to get with a swimsuit that has dropped sleeves or flounces. For perfect breast support, such models have additional straps. They can be detached to get an even and beautiful tan on the shoulders and draw all the attention to the décolleté.

T-shirt-top high neck

High neck tank top swimsuits are an attempt to copy the perfect fit of high neck jumpers. The most original model is made by additional decorative elements or special cut, as, for example, in the following version:

  • Droplet neckline;
  • Overlapping under the bust;
  • Straps at the back crosswise;
  • Gold clasp.

Sports theme

Sportswear will never go out of style. They have already won the love of many women, and now they conquer with their convenience, comfort, colors and styles.

high rise

Swimming trunks with a high fit – a must-have:

  • Hide the belly
  • Make the figure slimmer;
  • Draw attention to the waist;
  • Hide skin defects, stretch marks, scars;
  • Emphasize the ideal “parameters” of thin girls.

Animal print

One of the trendy prints of 2021 is animal motifs. It emphasizes your desire to always be on top and conquer everything and everyone!

Do you know what idea to use animal-print came to Yves Saint Laurent. It was he who defended everything creative, mysterious. And it is clear why: such a drawing emphasizes the incredible femininity, playfulness and at the same time the firmness of the female character.


If you still want to get an even tan, then look at the no less trendy and beloved by many bandeau swimsuit model:

  • Draws special attention to the neckline;
  • Emphasizes fragile shoulders;
  • Helps to balance body proportions.

Top T-shirt

Swimwear with a classic “T-shirt” top will be appreciated by those for whom comfort comes first:

  • No bones;
  • No push-up;
  • No clasp at the back.

simple decorative elements

For those who do not want to wear a simple two-piece swimsuit, designers recommend paying attention to styles with small decorative elements: bows, flounces, rhinestones, stones, etc. And if such a model is complemented by high swimming trunks, then the image will turn out to be very slender and elegant.

Combination of different collections

Eclecticism has also penetrated into swimwear: in 2021, it is fashionable to combine tops and bottoms from different collections. And it turns out quite stylish and beautiful image!

With rings

Metal rings are another decor option for a trendy swimsuit in 2021.


Swimwear with a balconette bodice should be chosen by sophisticated women with large breasts.

This cut rounds the chest and creates a spectacular hollow.

Therefore, designers are especially fond of this style: with its help, they help girls of different builds to stay in trend along with everyone else.

Asymmetrical fit

Asymmetrical cut is something unusual. You always want to look at such a swimsuit, because it is not completely clear how it was sewn. Therefore, be sure to choose such a model if you want to be the center of attention on your next beach holiday.

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For full

Staying fashionable when there are a couple of extra pounds is difficult. But probably. And here’s why: the designers have created a special molded swimsuit model that gathers the breasts from the sides, giving them a spicy rounded shape. Such models usually have a wide waistband that provides proper fixation. A one-piece swimsuit with a molded cup for obese women allows you to feel comfortable, and most importantly, to comply with the fashion trends of 2021.

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And what about those who are already over 50? Let’s take a look at the following models:

To keep the one-piece swimsuit in line with the fashion trends of 2021, stylists recommend that women over 50 be wary of choosing too bright colors. Ideal companions are pastel shades. If the top is colored, then the bottom is solid and preferably black or dark blue.

But as all these photos show, you should not refuse fashionable colors and styles: the main thing is to choose your model.

Now you know everything about fashionable two-piece swimsuits for 2021: every woman will be able to choose several options at once to remain gentle and luxurious.

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