Fashionable umbrellas 2022 – a stylish addition to the image

In 2022, a beautiful and spectacular women’s umbrella will become an indispensable fashion accessory. Leading brands offer a huge selection of interesting models suitable not only for rainy but also hot weather.

What women’s umbrellas are in fashion in 2022

This season, designers offer women to make an umbrella an integral part of a stylish look. The collections for 2022 include models that differ in design and size, as well as assembly features (automatic, semi-automatic, mechanical). Well-known brands were looking for new forms and used not only the usual polyester, but also eco-leather and polyvinyl to create women’s umbrellas.

Let’s look at what models will be in trend in 2022:

  • Classic. Designers still do not abandon the traditional round shape of the dome, beloved by many fashionistas. Classic umbrellas are versatile, because they go well with any outfit.

  • Cane. This model will become a favorite in 2022. Elegant canes add a touch of sophistication and aristocracy to a fashionable look. Such a stylish umbrella looks very catchy and impressive.

  • Non-standard form. A memorable fashionable image will help create umbrellas with an unusual dome. In 2022, heart-shaped models will become popular. Such umbrellas look very bright and will appeal to young romantic girls. Ladies of respectable age will also be able to treat themselves to a stylish novelty and choose a rectangular or cone-shaped umbrella. Non-traditional models will create a memorable and spectacular image. Stylists warn that in this case, you should choose umbrellas of discreet shades.

  • From the sun. Increasingly, leading brands look to the past for inspiration, and now, after a century, openwork parasols are back in fashion. This model adds a stylish image of femininity and romanticism. The umbrella is ideal for both young girls and older fashionistas.

  • Wedding. An openwork summer umbrella will be the perfect completion of a stylish bridal bow. With this accessory, a fashionable look will turn out to be more elegant, delicate and refined. The collections for 2022 feature a large selection of wedding models with hand embroidery, precious rhinestones and stones.

  • Leather. The novelty of the season will be umbrellas made of eco-leather. These catchy models have an original appearance and are great for the demi-season period. Best of all, such an umbrella will look with a leather jacket or trench coat, a classic coat.

  • Transparent. Models made of polyvinyl look impressive and unusual. Transparent umbrellas are becoming increasingly popular, and this season will be in great demand among women of all ages.

The photos on our website will tell you which women’s umbrellas will be considered fashionable in 2022. Choosing this accessory, you need to remember that it should be not only beautiful, but also easy to use.

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Umbrellas for women 2022: trendy colors and prints

This season, designers have approached especially carefully the choice of fashionable shades. Among the stylish novelties are bright umbrellas, the colors of which coincide with the main fashion trends in clothing and footwear. The favorites of the season will be models in:

  • purple,
  • blue,
  • pink,
  • yellow,
  • red,
  • green,
  • emerald,
  • purple tones.

Such spectacular umbrellas are sure to cheer you up in bad weather.

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Designers did not go unnoticed and classic black and white shades. In the trend in 2022, fashionable women’s umbrellas in pastel colors: beige, milky, light brown, gold, peach, gray.

Umbrellas with a spectacular decor in the form of shiny rhinestones and stones, lace appliqués and embroideries, original ruffles and rivets will become a fashionable hit of the season. Accessories with a decorated handle look beautiful.

Models with an unusual print deserve special attention. A stylish trend in 2022 will be not only an animalistic pattern, but also other patterns on umbrellas:

  • Vintage flowers. Models with this print are loved by many women, because umbrellas decorated with large and small flower buds look very romantic.
  • Newspaper. This stylish print in 2022 will be in fashion not only in clothes, but also in accessories. Not surprisingly, many designers have introduced similar models in their collections for this season.
  • Cell. Geometric print does not lose its leading position. This season, the classic plaid adorns dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets and even bags and umbrellas. Laconic checkered models look very elegant.
  • Watercolor. In the top in 2022 will be umbrellas with watercolor abstractions. Such models will appeal to romantic and creative personalities.
  • With animals. Umbrellas with faces of kittens, puppies or tiger cubs look cute and funny. This stylish novelty will certainly be in the center of attention of fashionistas.
  • Urban landscapes. Accessories with the image of paintings look very nice. In 2022, the designers transferred the landscapes of many world-famous artists to the umbrella dome.

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In 2022, fashion trends offer the fair sex a lot of beautiful and stylish women’s umbrellas that will be a great addition to any bow.

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