Fashionable wardrobe 2021 for a holiday at sea

If you are going on a seaside vacation in the summer of 2021, then you definitely need to make a fashionable wardrobe. Summer things are light and take up little space, so take plenty of bright and stylish clothes on vacation. We will help you create a basic wardrobe for the sea, and most importantly, we will tell you what styles and colors are in trend this year.

Trendy Leisure Wear in 2021

You need to carefully pack your suitcase at sea so as not to forget anything. We have compiled for you a list of things that you definitely need to take with you in order to feel comfortable on vacation:

  • Swimsuit. This is the most important thing at sea, so you can even take several swimsuits. This season, both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits will be in fashion. Trendy models are decorated with ruffles, rings, all kinds of ties and bindings, and they may also have asymmetry. Among the one-piece models, pay attention to those that have a deep neckline and high-waisted options.

  • Sundress. A light sundress made of flowing fabric or a shirt dress will definitely not stay in your suitcase. On vacation in such clothes you will be very comfortable and not hot. Sundresses of any length are in trend, but it is still worth highlighting the midi length separately. Choose bright colors, floral prints and other juicy colors.

  • Shorts. Shorts made of natural fabric – a thing in which you can comfortably walk in the summer. Loose models look the most attractive, for example, Bermuda shorts. Even full girls can afford shorts – you just need to choose the right length.

  • Evening Dress. Rest on the sea is not only a beach and swimming. If you go to a resort or stay in a hotel, you will have the opportunity to go to a party, a restaurant or any other event. There you will need an evening dress. But it must be summer – light, bright and free. You can look at models with lace details, with ruffle cuts or bare shoulders.

  • T-shirts and T-shirts. In order not to suffer from the heat on vacation, choose the most open T-shirts and T-shirts. It is desirable that they be sewn from pleasant materials, and also be your size. A T-shirt and shorts are the perfect outfit for both the beach and summer outings.

Back in town attire??

In addition, you should definitely take more closed and warm clothes on vacation, because the weather can be unpredictable. Jeans or other trousers, as well as a cardigan or jacket, may come in handy. This trendy basic wardrobe is suitable for a holiday in the resort in 2021 for girls with any preferences in clothing.

Shoes and accessories at sea: trends 2021

It is also important to choose the right shoes. On vacation, you will need beach shoes – flip flops, flip flops, sandals. For romantic and evening looks, you need to take sandals – with heels or platform. If you are going to walk a lot, for example, go on excursions, then do not forget to take sports shoes – sneakers, sneakers or slip-ons.

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Each accessory on vacation not only helps to create fashionable images, but also fulfills its important role. From accessories take:

  • hat. Straw hats and wide-brimmed models look most appropriate on the beach and during walks. They will protect your head from the effects of the sun and also make your looks more interesting.
  • Glasses. Glasses are a must on vacation, because the sun will not spare your eyes. Trendy models of glasses – “cat’s eye”, oversized, with a wide frame and multi-colored glasses.
  • bag. Probably not a single girl will leave the house without a bag. And on vacation, this thing is vital. You can put sunscreen, a bottle of water, tissues and other necessary things in it. In this case, a wicker bag is best, as well as shapeless oversized models.
  • Accessories. On vacation, you can afford the brightest accessories, including those on a marine theme. Take your favorite earrings, bracelets and chains with you.

It is also worth taking capes and pareos for the beach with you. You can buy mini-dresses, pareos that are tied at the waist, or scarves.

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5 summer looks for a seaside holiday

Fashion for summer 2021 is quite diverse, so we want to show you five ready-made beach looks that you can repeat:

  • The first image is represented by a white swimsuit, in which the bottom is connected to the top with a thin strip of fabric. The bow is complemented by a long white cape, as well as a hat and glasses.

  • The second photo shows the image in a trendy blue color. Here you can see a blue swimsuit, over which they put on a long beach cape in the form of a sundress.

  • A beautiful white sundress is suitable for walking along the beach and around the city. It is light, translucent and has beautiful lace inserts. A straw hat goes well with such a sundress.

  • A simple but very stylish look – high-waisted striped shorts and a white t-shirt. Not without accessories – they are presented in the form of a small bag and glasses.

  • As an evening dress on vacation, a chic dress, which you see in the presented photo, is suitable. It is completed with heeled sandals, a hard round bag and a straw hat.

The fashionable wardrobe for a seaside holiday in 2021 is quite simple – all of the items listed can be found in every woman’s closet. Taking care of your appearance before the trip, you will feel more confident on the vacation itself. We wish you a pleasant pastime!

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