Fashionable warm sweaters for spring – trends 2020

Every year, in anticipation of spring, ladies are in a hurry to update their clothes, replace warm jackets with light dresses. But sometimes the weather at this time is not generous with warmth. At this moment, we recall such an element of the wardrobe as a jacket. Such a thing will be indispensable in the image.

Sweatshirts can be divided into 2 categories: with a zipper and with buttons. Each type has its pros and cons.

Jacket with a zipper – still relevant

If it seems to you that such sweatshirts are outdated, then try to look at them from a different angle. Due to the variety of styles, each girl can choose her own thing, which will be combined with a sports style, and with an office, and with a festive one. Also, such a jacket can be worn all year round, depending on the material. Such a thing is combined with jeans and trousers, but this does not mean that it cannot be worn with other clothes. To create a gentle or romantic look, it is enough to combine a jacket with dresses and skirts made of different fabrics. Such a jacket is most relevant in the off-season, when one day the wind is replaced by the sun. In such a situation, it is fastened to the end, and with the onset of warmth, it is unfastened.

Jacket with buttons – comfortable and practical

Button-down sweaters are more popular with girls because of their versatility. This option is suitable not only for young, but also for middle-aged women. In stores you can find many models – shortened, elongated, with a belt, with small buttons or large ones that are needed for beauty. In the closet every girl should have such a jacket, because with its help you can diversify the image.

What colors are in fashion now

Color options give girls a lot of choice. Things will become universal in white, black, brown and gray. Thanks to these colors, the jacket can be worn over any clothing, be it a dress, T-shirt or blouse. Courageous girls are given the opportunity to purchase a thing of a colored, bright shade. It can be burgundy, olive, blue, pink and other colors. There are no rules in wearing, but the main thing is to observe the color balance. Another purchase option is a sweatshirt with a print or pattern. A universal option suitable for almost everyone will be things in narrow stripes, peas and animal print, for the most extravagant looks.

Will it suit everyone

A jacket is a universal element of clothing. The style of such a thing is better to choose based on the type of figure. Slender girls will suit clothes made of wool, fitting the figure completely or partially. If a girl wants to emphasize her waist, it is enough to gird a sweater. Owners of magnificent forms, it is desirable to give preference to elongated things, with a three-quarter sleeve, which visually slims the figure. If a girl has lush hips and has a desire to balance volumes, you need to buy things that will visually increase the bust. It can be sweaters with flounces, a collar or lace.

What to wear

Sweatshirts with buttons and zippers are basic items. By combining different clothes, you can create many looks. For a classic style, straight-cut trousers, a blouse and a button-down jacket are suitable. Under an elongated jacket with a collar, you can wear tight jeans or leggings. If a solemn event is coming, you need to wear a dress made of light fabric and a jacket with a zipper. For a sporty style, give preference to leggings and sneakers. A turtleneck over which you can wear a jacket will be a universal choice for windy weather. Such a bow can be diluted with a shoulder bag or jewelry. It is not necessary to button the jacket completely, you can leave it half unbuttoned.

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