Fashionable ways to carry a handbag

Have you ever thought about how to properly carry a women’s handbag so that it looks as stylish and appropriate as possible? Regardless of how you answered this question, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the most interesting ideas that have been collected especially for you – stylish women with great imagination.

How to wear a handbag: fun ideas

A women’s handbag is a thing that a modern fashionista can hardly do without, because it not only performs a useful practical function, but also significantly changes the image. You may not have realized before that you can experiment not only with the shape and color of the handbag, but also with the way you wear it. We offer you some very successful ideas on how to most harmoniously introduce a handbag into the image:

  • If your bag has an oblong shape and short handles, then you can carry it by sticking your hand into the hole in the handles, and with the same hand support the bag from below. In this case, the handles will emphasize your wrist and even serve as a bracelet. This method is not only beautiful, but also safe – the bag is pressed against your hips and will definitely not open at the most inopportune moment. In addition, there is an inflated quilted bag that contains the necessary hand opening.

  • A flat bag with a small amount of things can be carried under the arm. Naturally, a large or bulky bag in this version will look ridiculous, and it will be difficult to grab it. This way of carrying a handbag is most suitable for business and serious girls. That is why it will ideally fit into discreet looks with classic suits or dresses.

  • Quite familiar, but very popular is the way of wearing a bag on the forearm. But, it can be improved with one common trend – the use of several bags in the image at once. At the same time, handbags can either be similar to each other, or radically different. A tandem of bags of different sizes, colors and textures looks best.

  • The next method concerns those bags that have a long loop – for example, a sack bag. To make the image with it boring and really interesting, try not just picking up the loop with your hand, but winding it around your palm and holding it in this form. This method can be combined with the previous one and thus carry two or three bags at once.

One of the most interesting and extraordinary models of bags are microbags. They cannot be called practical, however, they have their fans who introduce them into their bows. These handbags are so small that sometimes they just play the role of key rings. They can be worn around the neck as a chain with a pendant, on the wrist as a bracelet, or simply in the hand. Plus, they look great when worn over the shoulder. Often they are combined at once, several pieces in one image, or added to larger bags.

The most stylish ways to carry a shoulder bag

A shoulder bag can become a part of absolutely any outfit, because it goes well with different things. For example, if you want to add a shoulder bag to your casual look with jeans and sneakers, you can choose a bright model that will become the centerpiece of the bow. The same goes for any outfits in discreet colors and monochrome looks.

A women’s shoulder bag can be worn directly over the shoulder, or it can be hung on only one shoulder, and in any case it will be correct. But, in the second option, you will have to hold it with your hand. The place where the bag ends is always the focus of attention. Therefore, shoulder bags come in different lengths – they can end at waist level, at the belt, or even reach the hips.

It is very important to choose the right bag size to suit your body type. For example, it is better for thin girls to avoid bags that are too large, because they can get lost against their background. Full women, on the contrary, should abandon miniature handbags, because they only emphasize fullness.

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Belt bag: how to wear and what to combine

Belt bag is another very popular model that women love for its convenience and original appearance. If you thought that it was right to wear such a handbag only on a belt, then we can bet. Wearing on a belt is just one of the options. A fanny pack located in such a place can visually add volume to the hips, so consider the features of your figure.

The second, no less interesting way is to wear a bag at waist level. This option is ideal for owners of an aspen waist who want to emphasize their dignity. In this case, the handbag even plays the role of a belt that you can wear over a dress, jacket or blouse.

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If the bag is “waist”, this does not mean at all that it can only be worn on the belt. Bold fashionistas began to wear it over their shoulders, and this method also became stronger and gained popularity. In this version, you only need to increase the length of the strap so that it is enough to throw it over your shoulder.

The photo selection that you can see here will help you more clearly understand how to carry a women’s handbag in the best way. Such a wonderful accessory that performs several functions at once can radically change the holistic perception of the image. Therefore, do not forget about it and introduce it into your wardrobe!

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